View and Download Lincoln Town Car owner’s manual online. Lincoln Town Car Town Car Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: Manuals and operating instructions for this Lincoln vehicle. Get Lincoln Town Car PDF manuals and user guides, View all Lincoln Town Car manuals. Products 1 – 37 of 37 Ford Motor Company Lincoln Continental Owner’s Guide. Pages: Lincoln Town Car Automobile Owner’s Manual.

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Page 7 Instrumentation will usually be drivable and will not require towing.

1998 Lincoln Town Car – Owner’s Manual (188 pages)

Do not bleach or dye the belts, because these actions may weaken the belt webbing. Page 95 Starting Have the exhaust and body ventilation systems checked whenever: How to turn of the genorator from my navagator.

Page 29 Controls and features display. Seating and safety restraints Ownerss the tongue into the correct buckle. Pull the wiper arm away from the windshield and lock into the service position.

Free Lincoln Automobile User Manuals |

See Guarding against exhaust fumes in this chapter for more instructions. It is extremely dangerous to ride in a cargo area, inside or outside of a vehicle. Roadside emergencies When driving with the temporary spare tire do not: This indicates the safety belt is now in the automatic locking mode.

Release the HomeLink control and repress to turn off the training light. Controls and features Flash to pass Lincolnn toward you to activate and release to deactivate. Press the other side rown the control to adjust softness. At high speeds, steering assist will decrease to improve steering feel. Page Maintenance and care Engine oil recommendations Look for this certification mark.


Page 19 Instrumentation Compass calibration adjustment Perform this adjustment in an open area free from steel structures and high voltage lines. Turn the oaners fan on in both vehicles to protect any electrical surges. This current average measure will change as the speed control system changes the engine speed to mnaual a constant vehicle speed. Page Roadside emergencies The fuses are coded as follows.

Page Maintenance and care 4.

Page 20 Instrumentation displayed for the following reasons: In normal operation, automotive brake systems may emit occasional or intermittent squeal or groan noises when the brakes are applied. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Seating and safety restraints Attaching safety seats with tether straps.

Check the safety belt system periodically to make sure there are no nicks, wear or cuts.

Lincoln Town Car 1998 Owner’s Manual

Page Driving portion of the system will shut down to prevent the rear brakes from overheating. Delivery Options see all. Town Car and Town Coupe.

The ABS operates by detecting the onset of wheel lock up during brake applications and compensating for far tendency. Maintenance and care Replacing the tires Replace the tires when the wear band is visible through the tire treads. Hold down both controls until the red light begins ownesr flash slowly and then rapidly. Page Maintenance and care many local automotive after market stores. Temporary malfunctions may cause your Service Engine Soon light to illuminate.

To tighten the belt, pull the loose end of the belt through the cae until it fits snugly across the hips. Also, avoid placing small objects on top of your instrument panel. Driving Wheel-speed sensors allow excess rear wheel spin to be detected by the Traction Control portion of the ABS computer. Page 47 Controls and features To close the moon roof: Skip to main content.


The reverse side of the sheet has interior color information. Blown fuses are identified by a broken wire within the fuse. Diagrams are in very good shape.

Children and air bags For additional important safety information, read all information on safety restraints in this guide. Page Maintenance and care If you do not use the proper fuel cap, the pressure in the fuel tank can damage the fuel system or cause it to work improperly in a collision. Always replace the cover to the Power Distribution Box before reconnecting the Instrumentation Electronic sound system; refer to Audio Guide pg.

Check all battery terminals and remove any excessive corrosion before you attach the battery cables. Refer to Engine oil in the Maintenance and Care chapter. Town Car Signature series. Index Index Aiming headlamps Page Lincoon and care To replace the wiper blades: Page toen Seating and safety restraints Combination lap and shoulder belts 1.

Maintenance and care If you do not use the proper fuel cap, the pressure in the fuel tank can damage the fuel system or cause it to work improperly in a collision. Seating and safety restraints special needs of your child with lncoln pediatrician.

The fact that the air bags did not inflate in a collision does not mean that something is wrong with the system.