So today i started the 6 day supermodel slim down that comes with the Beach Body Brazil Butt Has anyone completed this eating plan before?. Since 6-Day Supermodel Slimdown Plan is a looong and boring name we are going to call it 6-Day SSP, which is only slightly shorter:P Day 1. What Is The 6 Day Supermodel Slimdown Plan – Find out what this peaking for a photo shoot or special event is about.

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I substituted some of the slijdown with what I had at home to see if it still worked. Mouthwatering Meals for Every Occasion. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I chose to eat the full grapefruit instead of the English muffin. I am using fitnessmypal to track my calories. To get your own globally-recognized-avatar, please register at Gravatar.

Poached Egg with Asparagus and Grapefruit. Mail will not be published required. Besides resetting the way you think and being full of good-for-you foods, the Brazil Butt Lift 6-Day Supermodel Slimdown is also full of natural diuretics like lemon, vinegar, and water.

Recommended Grocery List Below is a list of must-haves to complete this week s worth of meals and many of the meals and recipes created by LIFE. There is a meal plan included for the Supermodel Slim Down Plan and that will be how I will be eating shpermodel the next 6 days.


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6 Day Supermodel Slimdown. Does it really work? | The Honest Room

Remember those jeans that were tight around the waist when you began this program? I lost weight consistently for the entire eight weeks. I started eating 66-day, working out daily with Brazil Butt lift program for at least 30 minutes burning an average of — calories with a heart rate of 6-dwy during workout. Bethany August 19, – 5: So here it is, one year later and this time I am full fledged committed to starting…However, I seem to have lost the 6 Day Supermodel Slimdown Plan: There may be some substitutes for certain types of fish, vegetables or fruits.

Does it really work? Bum Bum rapido is a ten minute workout to do if you are short on time. But then something happened…I needed to wait for the proper accessories to arrive weights, etc and then somehow there was just one more excuse after 6-eay I am not sure.

6 Day Supermodel Slimdown. Does it really work?

I hope to pllan in a few more days of C25K. Serve with 1 slice whole wheat toast. But, since I did not write superrmodel it, I think I must now have.

Easy to Digest dinner ideas Table of Contents Introduction Irritable Bowel Syndrome baked eggplant chinese marinated pork lemon carrots with parsley homestyle chicken barley soup watermelon banana split. In my opinion, the 6-Day Supermodel Slimown diet is worth the price of the workout program in and of itself. Thank you for your answer, your webiste, your advice, you explain it very well then we know what to expect, it is really helpfull! While it may not seem like a lot, you do repeat many of the items for two to three meals.


When you order the 6-dqy they will give you a booklet with a 6 day meal plan along with the work out for the day. Bethany Lyn May 21, – 1: Categories dietary supplements Featured Get Excited Headline latest news nutrition training ideas Uncategorized.

This meal plan is only intended for inspiration and ideas. Do not use the Brazil Butt Lift Slimdown plan for longer than 6 days. This plan will jump-start your progress and get you motivated to keep.

Hi Marie-Cha, you should be doing only the regular Bum Bum workout on supermodeo scheduled training day. In a nutshell, this training and diet routine was created by Leandro Carvalho. Pineapple and String Cheese. Is there someplace I can go for a replacement copy or something? My measurements and weight: This week I am reviewing the 6 day supermodel slim down program. I will dance it off and say goodbye to it forever.