A Blizzard & Night of Firsts. Artist: jaguar. Теги: big breasts big penis blowjob face group rimjob hairy. A Blizzard & Night of Firsts. 0%(0/0). + A BLIZZARD & THE NIGHT OF FIRSTS An illustrated story.. the first of its kind at JABcomix! 18 yr old male virgin caught in a blizzard stumbles upon a cabin. JAB Comix Siterip () – A Blizzard & Night of Firsts. Categories: Western A Blizzard & Night of Firsts_Page_ [Write if you have.

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I was being silly and I knew it, but the feelings stayed.

Litosh Comics

Tags Portal Chat Forum. But I did what I was told and removed my boxers. She had soft features, but her standout was her lips, which were shaped perfectly. I also felt her breasts pressing against my back, which was not necessary in that position, as I did not feel Sophia’s breasts at all earlier.

I know no one will believe me, but this girl was just as stunning as her older sister, although very different looking. I had to be careful though, her leg was covering some of my penis and I didn’t particularly want to get an erection, just in case it was the girls’ culture that determined their openness to sexuality and not their attraction to me. Although, I expected something like this to happen. I didn’t blame her, considering she had been on the end of the bed the whole time and was being physically ignored by Cat.

Her skin was a similar color to Sophia’s except not quite as tanned. She didn’t even open her eyes. It doesn’t sound like much, but remember to an 18 year old who had never experienced female sexual contact, being surrounded by three naked European beauties was absolute bliss.

I was taken aback by the woman’s beauty. After a while, the crisp mountain air, the absolute white of the snow and the fact that the only sound was bkizzard whistling of the wind had all caused me to lose track of time and direction. Surprisingly, she placed her head into the crook of my neck. Her pubic hair was straight, rather than curly and was trimmed fairly short.


I noticed that her legs were bare and found this to be strange but did not have enough time to think about it. She pulled herself as close to me as possible, which meant that not only were her breasts pressed against my chest, but I could feel the slight prickliness of her pubic hair against the side of my leg and concluded that she must shave her pubic hair really short.

I took my jacket off, and automatically felt a constant chill, so I sped up and removed the rest off my clothes fjrsts quickly — except for nighy boxers. In terms of looks, I was not displeasing to the eye, although I was shorter than average, which did not bode well for me in the complexities of female desire.

In retrospection, my little getaway was probably a tiny bit stupid, but hey, I was young, invincible and didn’t have the time for thr news items such as weather reports. We stayed in this position for sometime, before Cat placed her leg over my free leg and hugged me from behind.

It had looked like that this happened by accident w her hand flailed out while she rolled over, but I had a feeling she had done this on purpose. My heart was beating at the prospect that she had od teased me like that on purpose.

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I put my hand on her arm to see if she was awake. I was 18 years old and had still never even been kissed. She was absolutely beautiful, in an imposing, super model way yes, she was taller than me.

As Sophia was climbing into the bed next to me, Caterina twisted her body under the covers now and looked at me. I realized I was caught in a blizzard, but I was inexperienced in dealing with them. Unlikely, but certainly possible. As you would call Sophia beautiful and Cat extremely cute, I guess you would call Alana exceptionally pretty. Once again, her hand just happened to scrape over my now semi — hard penis I say scrape — but silk doesn’t scrape — it glides.

You don’t look very old,” She whispered. It was all fun and games up until the afternoon on what would turn into the fifth night. My God, she was beautiful. She was, after all, younger than me, so maybe she was just as fhe and sexually innocent as me. She couldn’t have been over 5’3.


We have been using each others body temperatures to stay warm. Her skin was the fairest of all the girls. She flopped down next to me. I went around to the front and found a porch. She had dark, long, thick hair and had features that resembled a Mediterranean goddess, naturally tanned, with eyes as dark as her hair. She had light brown, medium length hair kf light brown eyes.

There had been several times during the half-hour, which went quite quick mind you, when my arm had ‘accidentally’ risen from Cat’s flat stomach and had rested below her breasts, which were radiating a sensual heat. All I remember seeing a small, rectangular patch of hair in between her bronzed legs.

I swear I felt her pubic hair brush against me, which nearly tipped me over the edge as well. Sophia and I had returned to lying on our backs, with my right arm wrapped around her left arm.


A Blizzard & the Night of Firsts

Never in my life had I seen such firssts perfect ass not that I had seen any type of ass before — except maybe in the odd strip club. Her tanned legs looked incredibly smooth and ran as long as a fire pole up to her taut behind. After five days of getting a little too well acquainted with my friends nothing gay — not that there’s anything wrong hte that! I lifted up the blanket and slid into the bed.

I looked over at her, but she had her eyes closed. I just lied there for a moment wondering firwts this had all been set up as an elaborate prank. But of what I did see was absolutely gorgeous.