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The New Places to Wear your Jewelry

Women have always been associated with the jewelry industry. There is always a piece hanging from their ears, around their necks or covering their wrists. Jewelry served the purpose of enhancing the life of an outfit, as well as displaying their sense of style. There have been ladies who report to feeling naked when they do not have any jewelry to wear. With each change in the fashion trends, there comes a new angle to how jewelry is made and worn. We are now seeing an emerging trend of wearing jewelry on body parts previously not considered. If a body part was not good enough for wearing jewelry; the tune seems to have changed completely.
There are back necklaces. Strange as it may seem, this is becoming a normal occurrence. As they gain popularity, they are quickly becoming an indispensable part of fashion. Back necklaces compliment beautifully dresses or tops that have a plunging back neckline, which leaves the back mostly bare. The effect has been found to reflect well, just as the front does.
There is also fingernail jewelry. What makes sense for most people is the materials found in new nail polish types, which is not what is being referred to here, but actual jewelry pieces to be worn on the nails. Their design caters to a wide range of tastes. Some of them can be used for defensive purposes, when they give off an aggressive and scary look.
There is a jewelry category for the teeth. There are grills which are worn on the teeth. The most common characters who can be seen wearing them are the celebrities and those accustomed to the limelight. The choice of material for making them include silver and gold. They are made to be as dazzling as possible. Your teeth become the center of attention when you wear them.
Another area that has been upgraded to jewelry status is the bicep. This is especially for giving off a Roman feel. Since the arms are most of the time open and those of ladies look nice and sculpted, they can also include this jewelry to enhance its beauty. Those with lean arms could benefit from this look the most. Since they fit the arms to an exact degree, the wearer has to be careful not to work the biceps too much, to avoid injury.
Hips were not forgotten when these new trends were setting in. It is advisable to try out hip jewelry after you have attained a fit and toned body. They work best when worn in situations that require less clothing items, such as at the beach, or tops that reveal the midriff. They give off a sexy vibe.
What these jewelry pieces show is a revolution in the way jewelry will be made. The ways of the past in the jewelry world no longer apply. There is room for experimenting until you get a look that works for you. No one body part was made for wearing jewelry. To view more pieces, click here.

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