A lively and liveable Singapore: strategies for sustainable growth. Inter- Ministerial Committee on Sustainable Development, OUR VISION IS TO MAKE. A Lively and Liveable Singapore. Strategies for Sustainable Growth. Corporate author: Inter-Ministerial Committee on Sustainable Development; Date: A Lively and Liveable Singapore: Strategies for Sustainable Growth. Front Cover. Singapore. Inter-Ministerial Committee on Sustainable Development. Ministry.

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Nad have made significant investments in national infrastructure, environmental protection, water supply, transport and greenery, where the long term benefits justify the costs. Anf development for Singapore means being able to support future economic and population growth while maintaining a quality living environment that is clean, green and healthy. It will assess the effectiveness and benefits of the various options against their costs to businesses and consumers.

In addition, the IMCSD will be holding discussions with key stakeholder groups including non-governmental organisations and businesses in the coming months to seek comments on specific issues being studied.

To further distinguish Sngapore as a City in a Garden, new areas such as skyrise greenery, and measures to better document and protect existing biodiversity are being studied too.

It would also be a city that continues to be attractive to the foreign talent and investments which help us to grow the economy and high-value jobs.

New technologies will also have to be harnessed to improve performance and overcome current limits to growth. We would also wish to sustain economic growth and maintain our quality of life.

Efforts to encourage greater use of public transport contribute to sustainable development since public transport not only minimises land requirements but is also the most energy efficient mode of transport. Lively and Liveable Global City. To achieve this vision and address the domestic and international challenges which are emerging, the IMCSD will focus its efforts on three priority areas: The Committee will be engaging business and industry sintapore to discuss measures to enhance resource efficiency within business operations, with a focus on energy and water efficiency.

The vision for Singapore is to be a lively and liveable global city — a city that is distinctive in its ability ad offer a unique combination of economic opportunity, vibrant lifestyle and quality environment, for a cosmopolitan population, providing a good home for current and future generations of Singaporeans. Today many of us are concerned about higher fuel prices and ever-increasing demand for resources.


The Environment Pasir Ris: Climate change further compounds the challenges as it requires early action by all countries to simgapore carbon emissions, which cause global warming. Singapore can develop in a sustainable manner only if lifestyles and habits change.

A Lively and Liveable Singapore. Strategies for Sustainable Growth

At the same time, we have focused our effort on building a garden city, with good urban planning and pollution control as key considerations.

We breathe clean air and are able to commute efficiently. The IMCSD will take into consideration the current environment of rising costs in studying recommendations. Resource management Pollution control Quality of the physical environment.

wildfilms: Feedback requested for a Sustainable Singapore

Give your Feedback What else can the Government do to ensure Singapore continues to be a lively and liveable city? We should make our existing buildings more energy and resource efficient, as they form the bulk of our built environment. It will also study ways to make public housing in Singapore even more sustainable in its design, construction and maintenance.

As a small city-state that imports most of its resource needs, Singapore cannot be truly self-sufficient. The IMCSD is actively studying a range of measures to make the way we live, work, play and commute more sustainable. The public, community groups and industry play an important and constructive role in providing ideas and feedback on the most effective and practical means to achieve the desired outcomes.

A Lively and Liveable Singapore: Strategies for sustainable growth

Newer Post Older Post Home. We enjoy access to well planned parks and nature reserves. In addition, the IMCSD will be engaging leaders in non-governmental organizations as well as businesses in focus group discussions in the coming months to seek comments on specific issues being studied. Implementation will be carefully studied to ensure that regulatory changes that may be required are appropriately paced to minimize disruptive adjustments.

We hope that the public can offer us new policy ideas and practical suggestions on how the community and businesses can also contribute to efforts to make Singapore cleaner, greener and more resource efficient. Therefore, a key strategy is to encourage a x shift from private to public transport. As a responsible member of the international community, Singapore would want to play our part in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Links to media reports on the wildsingapore news blog Wanted: First, we can be more efficient in using resources to livdable our economy and stay competitive.



At the same time, we will invest in new technologies that will help us achieve higher environmental performance and transcend current limits to growth. Please speak up libeable our shores. Efforts to encourage greater use of public transport contribute to sustainable development since public transport not only minimises land requirements but is more energy efficient than other transport modes. The third area is improving the quality of the physical environment to ensure that Singapore continues to be a clean, green and attractive city, with green and blue spaces for all to enjoy.

It is a global problem which must be dealt with by the collective efforts of the international community, in a manner that does not unduly penalize the economic needs of individual countries.

A luxury we libely live without? Resource efficiency will also be actively promoted amongst industry and businesses, as well as within the transport sector. It will also consider how to facilitate non-motorized means, such as cycling, as additional modes of transport for short distances for intra-town commute purposes.

There was broad agreement that the effective management of scarce resources such as water, energy, and land will become even more important with rising resource costs worldwide. As Singapore grows and becomes even more compact, fiscal measures alone will not be sufficient to ensure that we can sustain a high quality living environment.

This report will serve as a blueprint for Singapore to achieve its vision as a lively and liveable lliveable.