Piramal deal will give Abbott India size Piramal, who is the chairman of Piramal Healthcare, said “the valuation of about nine times shows the. It took four hours for Ajay Piramal to negotiate a whopping $ billion valuation for his generics business with Abbott. Just how did he pull it off. Abbott to pay $ billion for unit of India’s Piramal Disagreements over valuation have prevented more deals from getting done. Abbott.

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At the same time, hopes have receded of a wholly Indian pharmaceutical major emerging as a global player. By comparison, Cipla trades at about 4. It will, however, continue research in drug discovery through an affiliate company.

Mr Piramal said he would pay a special dividend valuatjon pare debt, but otherwise declined to say much on how he planned to use the bonanza. This is no different for Chinese firms. A key differentiator here is that unlike in the U.

Danzon adds pirwmal the emerging business plan for generics companies is essentially around selling to pharmacists, not physicians. Your Reason has been Reported to the admin. The stigma of selling—that has been holding back promoters of Indian pharmaceutical companies—is gone after two large lucrative deals in the sector, said an investment banker who asked not to be named.

Abbott to pay $ billion for unit of India’s Piramal | Reuters

It is not so much a concern about the downside, but about how we maximize the opportunity. The earlier regime recognized patents on pharmaceutical processes but zbbott on pharmaceutical products, allowing companies to reverse-engineer copies of the branded and patented drugs vwluation western companies. Of its brands sold on Friday, at least 48 have sales of more than Rs 10 crore a year and are marketed by a sales force of 4, who reach more than 2.


As a global MNC, Abbott does. Read more on Piramal. These other players are not even interested in doing that. For consumers, the great value in generics is getting it cheaper. However, companies like Abbott and others getting into new generic drug markets must be watchful of the changing lay abobtt the land there as well, according to Danzon.

As part of the deal, around 5, Piramal employees and one manufacturing facility in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh will be transferred to Abbott.

Abbott snaps up Piramal’s formulations biz for $3.7 bn

Country Garden, one of the largest and most successful vertically integrated real estate[…]. Danzon points to Dr. The Indian unit of Abbott, which is a listed company, has a 2. The potential to expand with very high priced specialty products is seriously limited.

There is intense speculation that Mr Piramal will buy companies in some of these segments. This will alert our moderators to take action Name Reason for reporting: But new Wharton research provides better insight into the benefits of PE buyouts.

Forbes India Magazine – Print

Food and Drug Administration said in February Ranbaxy sold misbranded or adulterated drugs in the United States, its largest market, having abott banned imports of over 30 generic drugs from the firm. Indian companies can hope to become truly global pharmaceutical companies only through drug discovery, says Piramal.

Choose your reason below and click on the Report button. Yet, Piramal investors are disappointed. Its other businesses include third-party manufacturing and pathology laboratories.


According to Wharton faculty and industry experts, changing global business models and the resources needed to develop blockbuster drugs deall propelling Indian companies to join forces with multinationals through strategic alliances or as targets for acquisitions. Find this comment offensive? Globally, Abbott also faces the pressure of playing catch-up with its bigger rivals.

Innovation From Book to Bank: Will be displayed Will not be displayed Will be displayed. BOis booming as governments battle rising healthcare costs. To see your saved stories, click on link hightlighted in bold. Now, Piramal on its own has that opportunity.

This will alert our moderators to take action. Mr Piramal did not say what he will do with the remaining money. Expensive legal battles with patent holders, higher regulatory scrutiny after charges of poor manufacturing quality, and increased competition in the generics space have valuatioh Indian pharmaceuticals firms to look for buyers.

Abbott to pay 17K crore for Piramal generics business

Disagreements over valuation have prevented more deals from getting done. Many view private equity firms as villainous actors intent on the singular goal of profit. In the past few years, they have realized that those pipelines are running dry, and are trying to diversify.

It makes a lot of sense if they can pull off all the integration issues. Abbktt have to create a whole organization, and that takes time.

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