Which test series is at par with difficulty levels of the CAT: AIMCAT, Handa Ka Funda, Cracku, What is the difficulty level of the current AIMCAT? 1, Views. DIRECT DOWNLOAD! time aimcat pdf повідомлень: . Aimcat pdf pdf Aimcat pdf Aimcat pdf DOWNLOAD!. AIMCAT Schedule AIMCAT Schedule AIMCAT Ref. AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT

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And how to learn the shortcuts?? Hey sir, Amicat want to enroll for the aimcat All the chapters are imp, you cannot afford to ignore any areas.

Aimcat 1015 discussion(Please Dont Click if you have not taken the test)

Please can you guide me to handle the DI easily: So, don’t think of leaving any of the topics. Contact the centre director on this. Chat on queries aimdat to Quantitative Ability.

My friend got Try and understand why you did not get selected. Do the foundation level test of a topic once you have completed basic prep on that topic.

Chat Transcript

Last minute preparation tips for NMAT. Last min preparation tips for XAT. Yes provided you analyse your aimvat in AIMCATs, realise why gaps in performance are happening and strive to improve them. I know, you must be thinking this person is mad, how can it be not worth it for Rs.


Chat on preparation tips for CAT Hi Asim sir, Any one you can suggest among the two Can average student crack CAT? What are the contents to cover QA? No time to click and read all questions.

You may solve the questions provided in our Speed Maths text books. Aimcatt as soon as the timer stops, i start getting all answers Just check it out yet again.

The speed Maths Concepts taught during the speed Mathematics sessions needs to be practiced a lot. Any of the top 30 B schools will give you a good grounding for this. TPBs are test paper booklets; one for each test area.

Chat on preparation tips for CAT You need to squeeze aimmcat more time into prep. CAT has always surprised everybody in the past. It 13122 depends on the level of difficulty of that section or of the complete test. The idea is to maximize the number of attempts with maximum accuracy.

That is a very good way to keep revising 13122 concepts. I am a strong believer that one should NOT quantify ones quality of preparation in terms of number of hours of study, rather you should look at your preparation in terms of number of topics covered,number of concepts learn’t and so on.


Please send your query to postal time4education. How do u rate this score? Have loads of self confidence. Work on the intermediate level LA online tests. If needed you may also revise the concepts from the study material.

I’ll try my best Preparation Tips for CAT Chat on application guidance and preparation tips for NMAT My point of view DI preparation is slightly difficult. I desperately need some suggestions regarding this I think I’m an average student whereas CAT comes into picture krishnakumar: What could be the possible reasons for him not getting into IIM s? What you should be asking is that ‘Which test series is good for you? You should’ve attempted the DI qns from the 1st section as there were a few very easy qns in DI too and that would’ve improved your score.

But still a good sart.