AIMCAT Solutions – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. AIMCAT Solutions. Uploaded by. Tamal Saamnta. Booking slot for AIMCAT has commenced. Were you able to give the exam?next non. invigilated me fool proof solution de dunga abi can’t say may be. Aimcat solutions pdf. Prospectus Download on papers from AIIMS PG Entrance examinations from year is attached.

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My percentile in section 2 is 95 percentile but this is an average performance. Do not let difficult words act as stumbling blocks to your reading of the novel but let it serve as an avenue to improve your vocabulary further. I get it wrong always. solutiond

Hi Rohit Good to know you have done well in QA. Once you solve aumcat exercise problems applying the methods learnt solutiojs the class, then you would find it more instinctive when solving the AIMCAT qns. RCs have become a nightmare for me. Hi Sir, i have tried many times to learn words from cue cards daily but i am unable to remember them but i regularly read newspaper and magazines.


Your scores are good and I hope the performance is even in both the sections. From a something rank to a something rank now. Please do not be demoralised.

Sir in this aimcat i secured Study hard and cover your basics well. So practice phrasal verbs and idioms and 13119 usage questions but also keep a sharp look out for grammatical inadequacies.

AIMCAT 1319: Discussion thread

Your thoughts and suggestions on this please?? Please focus on improving the your percentile. Read, read and read. Could you please answer it? Concentration is the key in RC.

Where can one see T.I.M.E’s AIMCAT video solutions? – Quora

Can you make a game-plan for me telling how to prepare for VA? Then you should also read through the data quicly to grasp what is being presented. I tried soltuions them after i got my results by using calculator and it took me almost 2 min for solving each DI questions. The results would follow. So one should be able to finish reading and answering a passage in about 6 minutes.

You cannot afford to leave out difficult question or question types or topic areas in your preparation. This should include one hour of active reading Newspapers, www. You would have received V10, the Grammar book in the first lot of material.


No, but it’ll surely help you. Continue reading and also practice T. Read the sentences and try to understand the message of the paragraph. No one can answer that question, CAT is a competitive exam and your percentile depends not just solution how you performed but how others performed as well.

Should this be a reason for me to worry? Pls suggest me what i should do to improve accuracy.

Sir, i am working on grammar part but still i am unable to solve the questions of aimcat. Best solufions on x resolution. I have given both n But when I started doing that I observed that it was hampering the pace of reading.