UHF Wireless System Diversity, 30 MHz Bandwidth, Up to 8 frequencies can be operated simultaneously per frequency band, Frequency scan, 50 mW. When you use the AKG WMS Presenter wireless system, you’ll enjoy easy operation, dependable performance, and fantastic audio quality. Just push one. Buy AKG WMS Presenter Set Wireless Microphone System Bundle w/Cable and Cloth: Wireless Headset Microphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY.

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Skip to main content. Compare list Wish list Recommend Seen cheaper somewhere else? The PT analogue professional wireless body-pack transmitter in a small, rugged housing provides the pilot tone transmission, which prevents unexpected start-up noise, continuously sending transmitter data, including low battery information, to the receiver.

The AKG WMS Presenter Set Wireless Microphone System delivers quality, reliable wireless transmission, flexible features and intuitive control for speech, presentations, sermons, instruction and more.

Its professional mini XLR audio connector makes it compatible with a broad range of lavalieres and headsets. Information on the supported frequency ranges Here you can see which frequencies are supported by this wireless system and the countries in which these frequencies are allowed in the future for wireless applications.

Its moisture shield ensures a high degree of humidity protection for the microphone. Rugged all-in-one wireless system for singers and presenters. The C L rests securely and comfortably on the head, and can be attached to the left or right side of the behind-the-neck headband as desired.


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Add to wish list. Lightweight and adjustable-headband construction: Choose Region By selecting a presentsr, the language as well as the currency of the online shop is changed. Both the bodypack and the handheld transmitters are powered by AA batteries, including rechargeables, and AKG offers the CU charging stand, as well, so batteries can be charged right inside the mics without the need [to remove] presetner.

Alternatively, please feel free to use our accounts on social media such as Facebook or Twitter to get in touch. The enhanced Auto Setup, Environment Scan and Rehearsal mode allows a very quick and easy system setup.

AKG WMS Presenter Set Band 10 – Thomann UK

He’s very animated, and when turning one’s head from side to side or looking up, the signal is attenuated and the high end rolled off, since the mouth is not located where it was likely located when level check was performed.

The backlit LCD displays in segmented bar-graph fashion the RF strength of the carrier to which it’s tuned, as well as audio level, on the left and right sides of the display, respectively.

True diversity half-rack receiver in a full-metal housing with intuitive LCD display for full control. Never miss a deal, always be up to date – get the most important deals, events and product news with our E-Mail Newsletter!

I then 740 the IR sensor toward the receiver at a distance of about four inches and pressed the input button. I installed the battery and applied power into the receiver.

  DORO 8075 PDF


Department Information – PA. I’m not a big fan of a lavalier mic on the pastor; my own pastor being a perfect example of why not. Add to wish list. Available immediately This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately.

DV Music Store in London. The C L high-performance head-worn condenser microphone is ideal for hands-free applications, including presentations or onstage performances. If a NiMH rechargeable battery is used, it can be charged while remaining within the transmitter using the optional CU A revolutionary power management allow up to 14 hours of operation with one AA-size lithium battery.

The microphone provides a professional three-pin mini XLR connector that fits the body pack transmitters of all AKG wireless microphone systems. An enhanced battery management allows up to 14 hours of operation on a single AA-size battery. I presumed that this is what I would find with the new variant.

Thanks to its small housing and the included durable metal clip, it can be inconspicuously and securely mounted on jackets and costumes. Both sounded great—these are condenser mics in a cardioid pattern to provide wks lot more gain-before-feedback than their omnidirectional counterparts would.

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