Komunikasi dan Multimedia. 3. Undang-Undang Malaysia akta akta koMUnikasi dan MUltiMedia SuSunan SekSyen. BAHAGIAN I. MCMC is the regulator for the converging communications and multimedia industry in Malaysia. PADA menjalankan kuasa yang diberikan oleh perenggan 16(1)(c) dan seksyen Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia [Akta ].

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In the message, the user claimed that a certain celebrity was having an affair with another celebrity. The warning can be fortified with a disclaimer, which could be useful to discourage defamatory statements.

Proposed amendments to the Copyright Act have been drawn up in the form of a Bill to exempt Internet service providers from liability for copyright infringement under certain circumstances. Please note that there is characters limited] For ease of reference, I reproduce the offending posting: In it, she stated that she wanted to leave the company and admitted that she went for job interviews as she had already decided to go away.

Communications and Multimedia Act – Wikipedia

The lesson of the story is: Twitter on the other hand was not so lucky. Both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat have accused each other of paying cyber troopers to attack their opponents on social networks. Internet users should be vigilant when posting updates, blog entries, tweets, comments and emails. If all the above fail to avoid a letter of demand or you just wish to have a carefree blog, then try blogging anonymously.


There should not be any vulgarity or personal attacks. The Personal Data Protection Actwhich governs the processing of personal data, is pending enforcement. Social media websites or tools have also been used to attack others.

It is settled that bloggers are liable for what they say and for what other people post on their blogs. If they do not shout and curse in public, muultimedia their behaviour should remain the same online.

Communications and Multimedia Act 1998

One example which a non-governmental organisation complained about was the case of pro-opposition cyber troopers uploading a photograph of a woman online last month accompanied by harsh and vulgar comments. However, he believed people are smarter these days and would not be easily taken in by what was being posted on Websites. Nevertheless, the reliance on Wikipedia by our courts can be traced in reported cases as early as False sense of security: With this comes ran.

One of the most common actions brought against website owners which include a blogger is akha defamation suit. Jika didapati bersalah, denda yang dikenakan tidak melebihi RM50, dan satu tahun penjara atau kedua-duanya sekali.

But users should be careful with what they post because the laws of the land apply to cyberspace as well. Muslim bin Ahmad was acquitted by the Sessions Court and Rutinin bin Suhaimin was discharged by the Sessions Court without his defense being called. The defendants claimed that posts on the public portion of his Facebook page showed that he had exaggerated his injuries.


It brought change to politics, society and business. In brief, the MCMC stated that the dissemination of gruesome images or video recordings of crime victims is an offence under the ss.

Putik Lada, or pepper buds in Malay, captures the spirit and intention of this column — a mulrimedia for young lawyers to articulate their views and aspirations about the law, justice and a civil society. First published on Digital News Asia on 16 August Some users think they can hide incognito behind the screen.

Social media was a tool for lawyers and litigants to help parties to fight their cases. Even a character limit tweet multiimedia get you into trouble.

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Languages Bahasa Melayu Edit links. In the United Kingdom, the Lord Chief Justice issued a guideline for the use of live text-based forms of communication from court. Thus to avoid such problems, the following steps are recommended: K are examples where people ata charged under Section Bloggers now have an avenue to complain without incurring substantial legal fees.

It is without doubt a new form of media where a large number of the public refer to these days in addition to the mainstream media.