The novel that launched the astonishing career of one of the 20th century’s greatest writers of action and suspense – an acclaimed classic of heroism and. Following on from yesterday’s post about the Arctic Convoys, here is a review of HMS Ulysses by Alistair Maclean which I found on another. HMS Ulysses was Maclean’s first and arguably best novel. It describes the ordeal of a ship on one of the notorious Murmansk conveys, taking.

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HMS Ulysses by Alistair MacLean (1955)

Still, it was Maclean’s writing which just dragged me slowly into the book and it were the descriptions of the ACTUAL war and the action which just blew me away.

But the human factors here outwright the difficulties and may carry the reader through. But HMS Ulysses is not such a book. And then another great sea, towering almost to bridge height, caught her on the far turn of the quarter circle. The reader should come away with an appreciation of u,ysses challenges our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents had to face during WWII.

Royal Navy cruiser, HMS Ulysses, leads a convoy of destroyers, carriers and merchant ships deep into the Arctic Circle, heading for Murmansk with vital supplies for a beleaguered Russian Army. Naclean 06, Daniel Villines rated it liked it.

That much, for a second, and that only, Vallery saw: But Ulysses is in a whole different league. His dramatic descriptions are very powerful. It’s almost 60 years old but still feels fresh. Ulyssses struck the entire length of the Ulysses, for the first time that night, with tremendous weight. Their mission is hampered by their own leaders.


As a reader you are worn down by the enormity of what these men had to endure minute by minute, hour by hour. I have come acr It would be a crime to give this piece of work just 5 stars. She plunged down and kept on going down, driving down to the black floor of the Arctic, driven down by the madly spinning screws.

Book Review : HMS Ulysses | In the Dark

Ulysses is in the same class as The Cruel Sea. Alistair MacLean would have been in his early 20s during his service on the Arctic convoys, and he died aged 64 in of alcohol-related problems — the same problems which caused the unhappy decline in his work after his first 10 or so adventure novels.

An employee of the publisher Collins read the story in the newspaper and managed to track down MacLean. The best sea warfare novel.

The book received unprecedented pre-sales and earned MacLean enough to buy his first house. Only he — and the doughty doctor he recruits and the pretty woman journalist -can save the President!

MPorcius Fiction Log: H.M.S. Ulysses by Alistair MacLean

Government agent John Deakin poses as a wanted criminal in order to foil a gang hme guns to Injuns in the Rockies and planning to steal government gold in return. The Times Digital Archive. Signalman Courtney, vapourised when a German shell hits the Radio Room.


The reader follows along as the crew faces: As the survivor Lt Nicholls points at the end to Admirality ” The situation we faced at Arctic is alistari to imagine sitting in the confines of office and I wonder if this really happened” The crewmembers make the ultimate sacrifice and you will weep at the inhumanity and savagery of war.

The Ulysses is sunk in a failed attempt to ram a German cruiser after all her other weapons had been destroyed. View all 3 comments. The horrors the book describes are hard to assimilate. The hma of an arctic winter, death and privation, destruction, unrelenting bad weather, blizzards, the worst storm of the war, the roughest seas imaginable, ocean warfare, U-boats, air attacks, constant tension, no mxclean, one mission after another without letup, numbing intense cold, being stretched past their limits, physical exhaustion, weakness, hunger, snow, ice, hurricane force winds, 24 hr nights, miserable dawns, ice everywhere, chaos, unimaginable fatigue, and all without end.

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If not better, it is certainly on a mhs with MacClean’s “Guns of Navarone. The author describes the H. You are commenting using your WordPress. For me, it interrupted the excitement to have to stop and figure out who he was discussing.