that of Cabeza de Vaca’s ten years wanderings in Texas and Mexico. The first that we hear Naufragios de Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca. This was published. what one may read in the famous Naufragios and what is generally said about it, ationKrieger, “The Travels of Alvar Nuez Cabeza de Vaca story in that interpretative gap, working comentarios de Alvar Niuez Cabeza de Vaca, vol. 1, ed. Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca was born around in Andalusia [3], a region of Spain [4]. Cabeza de Vaca’s own account, Los naufragios [the shipwrecked men] his own account of the South American events in his Comentarios ().

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The amount of gold the explorers saw in the village surprised them, and the inhabitants informed them that in a nearby land called Apalachee they would find all the riches they could want. This was a primary account of a wild adventure taken by some spaniards in the ‘s. When one is ill they call in a medicine man, and after they are well again not only do they give him all they have, but even things they strive to obtain from their relatives.

He and three fellow survivors became the first Europeans to explore the American Southwest, eventually settling in Mexico The reason why they do it is as they say that all the others of that country are their enemies with whom they are always at war, and should they marry their daughters they might multiply so much as to be able to overcome them and reduce them to slavery.

They said it was very thinly set- tled, with nothing to eat, and the people dying from cold, as they had neither hides nor anything ve to protect their bodies. Qose to shore a wave took us and hurled the barge a horse’s length out of water.

One evening they ambushed a group of Spaniards, and the next morning the Indians abandoned their village. It is a custom of theirs to kill even their own children for the sake of dreams, and the girls when newly born they throw away to be eaten by dogs. Francisco de Vera y de Hinojosa Although the liorses were killed during the time the barges were built, I never could eat of them, and not ten times did I taste fish. One of them was a Portuguese, called Al- varo Fernandez, a carpenter and sailor ; the second was Mendez; the third, Figueroa, a native of Toledo; the fourth, Astudillo, from Zaf ra.

Cabeza De Vaca claimed to have supernatural powers. People stay on this island from October till the end of February, feeding on the roots I have men- tioned, taken from under the water in No- vember and December.


Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca

Their bows are as thick as haufragios arm, from eleven to twelve spans long, shooting an ar- row at paces with unerring aim. One of Cabeza de Vaca’s greatest achievements of his journey, was that he played an important role as an ambassador to bring peace throughout the land.

During his 4 years in South America he made a 1,mile march into the interior, opening previously unexplored territory. Early American Civilizations and Exploration to University of California Press. These are a fruit of the size of eggs, red and black, and taste very good.

They were those who used to fetch bows to ours and barter with them, and, although of another nation and speech, they understand the idiom of those with whom we formerly were and had ar- rived there on that very day with their lodges.

: Alvar Nez Cabeza De Vaca: Books

So word was sent to the brigantine, in case it were not found to cross over to Habana in quest of the vessel of Alvaro de la Cerda, and, after taking in some supplies, to come after us again. These narratives were collected and published in in Spain. In this manner we marched for eight days, without meeting any more natives, tmtil one league from the site to which I said we were going. For the sake of this good treatment, giv- ing us all they had, content with being with- out anything for our sake, we remained with them several days, and during that time others came from further on.

Such measures, however, were unpopular, and the colonists revolted in and put Cabeza de Vaca on a ship back to Spain, where he faced several lawsuits and the open hostility of the royal government.

Now, being in the condition which I have stated — that is, most of us naked and the weather so un- favorable for walking and for swimming across rivers and coves, and we had neither food nor any way to carry it, we determined upon submitting to necessity and upon win- tering there, and we also agreed that four 62 ALVAR NUNEZ CABEZA DE VACA men, who were the most able-bodied, should go toPanuco, whichwe believed to be nearby, and that, if it was God, Our Lord’s will to take them there, they should tell of our re- maining on the island and of our distress.

And considering these and many other incon- veniences and that we had tried many ex- pedients, we finally resorted to a very diffi- “Of this planned desertion Oviedo says fomentarios.

We stayed there that night, and in the morning they brought their sick people, begging us to cross them, and gave us of what they had to eat, which were leaves of tunas and green tunas baked.


Many are very bitter, and with all that they are gathered with difficulty. The idea of cultivated land is, of course excluded. His power was usurped by avca rebel governor, Domingo Martinez de Iralawho imprisoned him and had him deported to Spainwhere he was convicted of malfeasance in office and banished to service in Africa.

After they had gone by, the Indians with whom I was told me of it, and how Hieronimo de Alaniz and Lope de Oviedo alva been left on the island. Inafter a four-year position as Adelantado in Rio de la PlataCabeza de Vaca wrote from memory a chronicle of the Narvaez expedition in South America.

We took the direction of the north, naufrayios at the hour of vespers reached a very large bay, which appeared to sweep far inland.

Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca |

Teresa Cabeza de Vaca y de Zurita There is less of this in his later neuz, the Comentarios, written after a number of years of uninterrupted in- tercourse with his countrymen. He the Governor then went with his barge as far as the big cove, whence he returned and took his men across vava the other side, then came back for the purser, the monks and the rest.

He spent eight years with various peoples, including the Capoque, Han, Avavare, and Arbadao. It is also known that he was born in Jerez de la Frontera, in Spain, and hence was an Andalusian.

But there was plenty of maize, squash and beans, all nearly ripe and ready for harvest. They liked me, remem- bering that I had relieved them while they were out gathering nuts, for which they had given us nuts and hides. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context.

Hearing this and considering how ill-prepared we were for the task, I re- turned to where the Governor was. They came, and we tried to quiet them the best we could and save ourselves, giving them beads and bells.

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What may be the basis for it is impossible to conjecture. Continuing onward, we entered a firth and there saw a canoe with Indians ap- proaching. Besides, we were so crowded as to be unable to stir. They have not as much love for their children as those spoken of before.