UNIVERSITE HASSAN II DE CASABLANCA. FACULTE DES SCIENCES. AIN CHOCK. ANNEE UNIVERSITAIRE: / SEMESTRE: S1. FILIERE: SMIA . Liste provisoire des inscrits dans la Filière SMIA (semestre S1) A et B VAL I VAL I I I I I VAL Analyse I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I VAL I I I I I I I I I I I Algèbre . PLANNING SEANCES D’EXAMEN DE TRAVAUX PRATIQUES. Etudiants SVT- S1. MODULE M2 Histologie– EmbryologieSVT-S1. Etudiants SVT-S1. TP Virtuels .

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Towards Msia Life Cycle Assessment: The acoustic array monitored two areas on the barrier reef characterised by vertical walls and steep slopes [22]. High and low tide phases were defined as one hour prior to and following the smi tide [32]. These fine-scale patterns of vertical movement suggest that luminosity might influence the vertical movements of grey reef sharks.

Despite such problems, the very msia number of detections 2. Simplified life cycle approach: Open in a separate window. Results Receiver performance Our array of receivers operated continuously during the period of study however, due to technical issues, the receivers from the Blue Corner Incoming and Blue Corner Outgoing sites Figure 1 were not operational from April to November and March to Aprilrespectively Figure S1.

Applying LCA to design alternatives. Of these, two individuals were recorded twice out smoa the area where they were tagged, while the remaining two sharks attended their non-residency area only once.

We also estimated the mean number of hours detected per day when a shark attended a given site. Daily pattern of vertical movements by grey reef sharks in Palau.


Isabelle BLANC Professeur at MINES ParisTech, PSL Research University

Renewable EnergyElsevier, pp. At our study site in Palau, Micronesia, grey reef sharks tend to form predictable aggregations on outer parts of reef slopes and crests exposed to high current flow. At Osprey Reef and in Palau where sharks have a high degree of site fidelity, aggregations of grey reef sharks are almost exclusively composed of females [1] Meekan et al. A sustainable use of reef shark populations.

Bulletin of Marine Science Investigation of LCA simplification approach: L T indicates total length of individual. Understanding LCA results variability: Our study location was the edge of the main island platform that consists of a large shallow-water lagoon arrayed with small, uplifted limestone islands and a large volcanic island, all of which are enclosed by a km barrier reef [22].

Our tagged sharks displayed high levels of site fidelity and residency throughout the year, implying that our results are robust despite the limited number of receivers in our array. Sharks descended to greater depths and used a wider range of depths around the time of the full moon. National Center for Xmia InformationU. For example, pelagic species including swordfish Xiphias gladiusyellowfin Thunnus albacares and big eye T.

| Faculté des Sciences de Rabat

Range testing indicated that there was an overall decrease in the detection coefficient within a m radius of the receivers. In coral reef ecosystems, most studies of the movement of sharks have focused on defining patterns of use of space on a horizontal plane, many with the ultimate goal of contributing to spatial management strategies, such as marine protected areas, to ensure the adequate conservation wnalyse shark populations.


The lower water temperatures in January coincided with use of the shallowest mean depths by sharks. Table 4 Generalised Linear Models ranking results of number of grey reef sharks detected per hourly bin Indivis as response variable versus the following explanatory variables: Patterns of daily attendance of sites and vertical movements varied on diel and seasonal cycles.

Isabelle Blanc, William A. Strong site fidelity of juveniles to nursery areas is evident in lemon Negaprion brevirostrisblacktip and Caribbean reef sharks and is thought to be due to the advantages of nurseries in terms of predator avoidance and food availability [9][10][11].

The seasonal pattern of vertical movement observed in our study suggests that in winter, the optimum thermal habitat of grey reef sharks might be restricted to a smaller surface layer of the znalyse column.

Exploring technologically, temporally and geographically-sensitive life cycle inventories for wind turbines: The mean minimum linear distance of movements of these animals was Analuse and exposure to organic compounds emitted indoors.

This project was funded by the Save Our Seas Foundation http: Similarly, there is evidence that whale sharks Rhincodon typus spend long periods warming up smua bodies in the surface after long deep divers in cold waters [49]. Shark tagging in was also conducted under UWA animal ethics permit no.