Orbite et sinus maxillaire. Anatomie humaine. Date, 9 August (upload date). Source, travail personnel d’après Gray’s Anatomy public. Anatomic basis of the maxillary sinus approach for implantology. Christian Vacher Mots clés: Sinus maxillaire / anatomie / implantologie. Key words: Maxillary. peuvent déclencher une infection du sinus maxillaire supérieur qui entretiendra secondairement des maux de tête (Quillet Méd, p. ).Sinus sphénoïdal.

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Del FabbroS.

Maxillary sinus septa may complicate sinus elevation procedures, especially when they are not diagnosed prior to surgery. The authors had for aim to review published data, to analyze the etiology, the prevalence, the localization, and the size of maxillary sinus septa, and to determine what were the best preoperative radiological examinations.

Sinus maxillaire

The search was limited to studies published in English from to January Twenty-two articles were analyzed. The prevalence of maxillary sinus septa ranged between There was no maxiillaire geographic distribution within the sinuses.


The mean heights of septa ranged between 2. It is recommended to systematically use preoperative CT or CBCT scan imaging because of the prevalence, the variable anatomy, and the bad contribution of conventional X-rays.

Les septums du sinus maxillaire. T1 – Les septums du sinus maxillaire. Prevalence and anatomy G. Translated title of the contribution Maxillary sinus septa. Keywords Intraoperative complications Maxillary sinus.

Sinus Maxillaire by guillaume royer on Prezi

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6 cours d’anatomie de 2ème année d’études supérieures de chirurgie dentaire

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