Alpha male and beta female relationship names

PART I -- Why Alpha Males and Alpha Females Tend To Lock Horns

alpha male and beta female relationship names

In studies of social animals, the highest ranking individual is sometimes designated as the alpha. Males, females, or both, can be alphas, depending on the species. Beta animals often act as second-in-command to the reigning alpha or secondly, whether female-alpha status and relationship to the alpha- male can be. This article explains why alpha males and females tend to lock horns. The three prominent names that have kept coming up in the past few months are alpha can enjoy relationships with both alpha and beta females. The Alpha Code: The alpha male does not cheat on a beta female but is free to be or "sin" or “victim” in male/female relations and sex is natural and healthy. .. Here are some simplistic differences, presented in an easy-to-read bulleted list.

Or, maybe two words: The alpha female with the higher degree of alpha-ness usually takes charge and the second alpha female backs down. Well, she seethes, plots revenge and then backs down. In social groups most of the female drama comes when two alpha females are competing to be the social conductor and non-alpha females or alpha females to a lesser degree are not sure who to follow.

We all have experienced whether we knew it or not a group without an alpha female. Alpha females actually have the very important role of social lubrication.

Alpha females are social lubrication and business mediators We have very little awareness of how important they are and how much we do, in fact, rely on alpha females. They bring social ease to a group.

They smooth over business disagreements and take charge. They have many names, both good and bad: From a very young age girls are taught—far more than boys—to share, cooperate and play fair.

alpha male and beta female relationship names

Alpha females actually make it easier for a group of girls to interact because there is one unspoken leader. This leader sets the tone for the group and allows girls to get along without having a power struggle. Alpha females are the top of the hierarchy If I had to put a label on the different most typical female roles in group settings, here are what they would be: Side-kicks or enforcers of alpha leadership.

alpha male and beta female relationship names

The exact middle letter of the Greek alphabet, Nus are fillers. They provide conversation, gossip and support for the Alpha. The jokester, comic relief, clown, goofball of the group. Most groups have a female jester. See my article on Female Troikas. An obsolete letter of the Greek alphabet, often forgotten The Invisibles, the forgotten girls whose quiet or shy demeanor often means they are not included or counted.

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It is actually very helpful to know the alpha females in your life—or recognize if you in fact are one yourself. You will find yourself appreciating them in awkward social situations or, if you are an alpha female, avoiding other alpha females who challenge you.

alpha male and beta female relationship names

As for Anthony Weiner, he too is known for exhibiting traits, whereby he out-alphas politicians and dominates them. Below is a video clip of Rep. Anthony Weiner in his alpha male mode.

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Anthony Weiner out-alphas his opponents in the House of Representatives In relationships, it is not important to marry a good person, it is more important to marry the right person.

A good person may not be the right person to get married to.

alpha male and beta female relationship names

So many times, the right person may be rough around the edges, and may not be obvious. Most people in courtships pre-qualify their mates. In other words, if that person meets a list of certain criteria, we assume the person may be suitable, while if someone lacks what we seek in a mate, we may be tempted to dismiss that person, even though that person might be the right person for us.

Alphas always wait for the green light While beta males tend to be submissive or yes-men towards women in anticipation of reward, alphas tend to be assertive in the relationship.

In the many interviews I conducted, as to why some women will reject some men and pursue others, the common theme these women said was that they had little respect for men who allowed women to walk all over them. Women want a man who can decipher their behavioral patterns --men who have internalized the art of courtship and have a clear vision of what they want from the relationship. Almost all the women I spoke to said they did not want a man they would have to lead, they wanted the man to take the lead, because a man who took the lead was viewed as one with confidence.

These traits are exhibited by alpha males.

How to be 'The Man' with an Alpha female

Another characteristic of alpha males as opposed to betas is that alphas never hit on women. They make the initial presentation, demonstrate that they are worthwhile, then simply sit back and wait for the woman to send "buying signals" or give the green light.

By the time they are ready to close the deal, the woman is already sold out on the alpha.

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Sometimes it takes weeks or even months for a woman to surrender and lower her defenses. If on the other hand a woman rejects an alpha male, he doesn't take it personally.

He simply views that particular woman as someone who has bad judgment, therefore is not worthwhile, and then moves on. Alphas believe that a clinically sane woman will see the true value in a quality male, and respond positively.

All things alpha The biggest mistake unbalanced alpha males make is to court or marry an alpha female. Both will eventually end up locking horns since there is a power struggle over control. Most female executives or politicians in high ranking positions are used to taking the lead and managing large teams of people.