Android 18 and krillin relationship quiz

Do you think of DragonBall Z like I do?

android 18 and krillin relationship quiz

3. Who does Android 18 fall in love with and end up marrying? A. Goku. B. Kami. C. Krillin. D. Gohan. E. Dende. F. Piccolo. 4. What is the most. Take This Dragon Ball Z Quiz And We'll Reveal A Super Saiyan The dub was pretty bad, Goku was called Zero, and Bulma became Lena. .. of Dragon Ball as being a romance anime, there are a lot of relationships in it. How Well Do You Know DB/DBZ/DBGT. By SSJ4Jared. see our: Top 40 Quizzes Krillin; Vegeta; Piccolo; Others. Which of the following DragonBall Z relations.

She often appears as a playable character in various Dragon Ball video games. In the Xenoverse series, the fighters are forced to fight clones of their friends and loved ones. Android 18 has to battle against a clone of her husband, Krillin.

Though Android 18 puts up a cold appearance, she genuinely cares for her family.

Dragon Ball: 15 Facts About Krillin And Android 18's Relationship Only Real Fans Know

She admits that it will be difficult to fight him, but has to protect Earth. They are close because they're brother and sister, not because they are romantically involved. During the World Tournament in Dragon Ball Super, both fighters backed each other up during each round. During one intense moment, Android 17 was attacked by surprise. He was almost launched out of the arena, which is an automatic disqualification. Android 18 made it to his side quickly enough to launch her brother back into the arena.

She sacrificed her spot on the team to preserve his. They always manage to find a way to take down Earth's threat, which once included Android She made it clear that no Super Saiyan would hold her back.

Other fighters may underestimate her strength upon first glance. Android 18 is so strong that she damaged Vegeta's arms in battle. He tried his best to defeat her and lost. She took pity upon her opponent and abandoned him to take on the rest of the Z Fighters. Android 18 considered Vegeta a distraction to her primary goal, Goku. Their power levels in the main series gave the Z fighters plenty to worry about.

Android 18 hasn't focused on training like her friends, but she is always ready to take down a new threat. As the series progresses, her power levels only grow. It explains why she has become almost invincible in the future Earth timeline. They both had similar features, such as chin-length hair and Red Ribbon crests on their clothing. Android 17 commanded Android 16 and 18, so many assumed he was the eldest. Android 17 may take charge, but Android 18 watches over him because she is the eldest sister.

Android 18 knows that she can show her strength by her fighting abilities and not by commanding her Android brothers in battle. Other enemies have taken her out for good throughout the series. Android 18 and Marron were first eliminated after Buu began turning innocent bystanders into chocolate. After the transformation was complete, he ate his rewards.

Thanks to a wish, Android 18 and Marron were restored.

The mother-daughter pair would also be taken out when Frieza destroyed the Earth in Dragon Ball Super. Whis reversed the terrible act before the destruction became permanent. However before she left to find Goku, she shocked Krillin by kissing him on the cheek as a goodbye token. Krillin remained perplexed by the kiss and began questioning whether or not she was truly evil. Bulma created a detonator to shut down the androids and instructed Krillin to do it.

Krillin agreed to the task but when the moment came, he had doubts because he was haunted by the kiss and no longer believed she was evil, and thus didn't deserve to die. Krillin ultimately decided he had fallen in love with her and destroyed the detonator, and asked 18 to let him help her and 16 escape after Cell absorbed When Cell was losing to Gohan, 18 was freed from Cell and Krillin immediately took care of her, despite the protests of the other Z Fighters.

After Cell was defeated, 18 was ready to leave and refused to acknowledge Krillin, but she secretly stayed as Shenron was summoned and Krillin wished for the bomb inside 18 to be removed so she can be more human-like. Not only has she become a hero but also the wife of the loveable Krillin. We all know who wears the pants in that relationship.

They would become a huge asset for Frieza's empire by destroying or taking over other worlds.

After finding out that Raditz was eliminated on Earth, the two decided to go visit the place for themselves. While Goku is brash, impatient, and always acting before thinking, Piccolo is calm, cool, and collective. The two make quite the pairing, especially when it comes to strategizing for a battle. His is the final reincarnation of the Demon King Piccolo and would later fuse with Kami to become the Nameless Namekian.

True False After the battle between Vegeta and the heroes of Earth, a couple of our favorite fighters were killed. A certain group of characters decided they would bring them back to life by using the dragon balls.

Their journey would take them to the planet Namek. The planet belongs to the ternary star system within Universe 7 and is a pivotal location in the series. The planet would eventually explode due to a deadly battle between our hero Goku and the nefarious Frieza.

After arriving on Namek, he decides he would collect the dragon balls for himself. There was just one big problem and that was somebody trying to stop him. Cunning, intelligent, and resourceful are few a words to describe Zarbon. Do you remember if Zarbon and Vegeta fought over the dragon balls?

android 18 and krillin relationship quiz

As a Prince and proud Saiyan, Vegeta had a huge dilemma with Frieza. Arrogant and hard headed on the exterior, Vegeta can be somewhat of a mush on the inside. It has been a beautiful thing to see him go from villain to anti-hero, to hero on DBZ. True False As we mentioned in the last question, Goku and Vegeta had to fuse in order to match the power of Majin Buu.

Fusion is when two or more beings merge with each other. The fusion combines their abilities and strengths, creating a powerful energy level. DBZ is no stranger to fusion and there are several different ways to go about it. Known as the greatest warriors of Frieza's army, the Ginyu Force would be assigned to Namek after Zarbon failed in collecting all the dragon balls. This force has a wild entrance which is still talked about today. His determination to convince everyone he was the perfect creation would lead to him murdering a ton of people.

android 18 and krillin relationship quiz

Not only could he absorb powers but also transform into stronger incarnations of himself. Cell decided to test his and made a contest out of it. Do you remember what that contest was called? That's why we chant loudly when we pose, to draw attention to our magnificence.

android 18 and krillin relationship quiz

I'll just have to raise the stakes a little bit. Not only can Captain Ginyu strike a pose he can also switch bodies with another lifeform.

While trying to switch bodies with a powerful being he accidentally switches with which animal on Namek? True False After the battle with Frieza was over, our heroes got a small break before the next big threat would hit earth.

This threat would actually come from the future but no one would know that until another character would come from the future to warn them.

This warning would set up an epic storyline involving a whole bunch of new characters, including the infamous Cell.

android 18 and krillin relationship quiz

Do you remember which character would warn our heroes about Cell? The answer to that question will help you out with the one in front of you now.

Future Trunks did help Goku with his health but do you remember what the reason was? It was a very specific reason on the show and a no brainer if you remember the series.

Not only does Cell have the muscle but also brains to outsmart the best. There could be only one guy that could take on Cell, right? Cell would defeat a lot of our heroes, including Piccolo, Vegeta, and Future Trunks.