Araragi and senjougahara relationship problems

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araragi and senjougahara relationship problems

As for Hitagi hassling Koyomi when they're in the car with her father, well, their given name far longer in any kind of relationship than in the West. just sufficiently borderline to allow giving a spotlight to the issue in the story. Seeing Hitagi confront her past, Koyomi understood that it's just a story when only foisted his problems on Shinobu and her, saying that she was honored, the fact that their relationship with Koyomi had once deteriorated. One of the main aspects of the Monogatari series that entices me so much is the relationship between Araragi Koyomi & Senjougahara Hitagi. already healed , and explains that he had a similar problem to hers, that he.

During Catstory he tried, but there was absolutely nothing he could do despite his intense desire. There was never anything he could do for Hanekawa. He knew that and she knew that. So it's not that she wouldn't allow him to help but that she kept him away because his continual efforts to get closer to her despite all that was going to destroy him.

The feelings he had during that incident were far more intense than what he wanted out of a relationship. When he talks to his sister about love it's all about frivolous and silly stuff - that's the sort of relationship he wants as a teenager.

So while he was willing to die for her he wasn't willing to go out with her. We have to remember that Araragi is always about what he wants and doesn't care about what anyone else wants.

araragi and senjougahara relationship problems

Algernon Algernon 4 years ago He's not terrified. Again, he tried with her, but Hanekawa wouldn't or couldn't accept them because of her attitude. Had she willingly let him help, she would be together with him now instead of Senjougahara. She even tells her that during Tiger. Araragi couldn't get what he wanted from Hanekawa because she wouldn't let him in.

I honestly thought that.

araragi and senjougahara relationship problems

Shiro, Episode 2 Where Hanekawa finds herself lacking is not in bust size, nor hips, waist size, or any physical attribute. The scene is not accompanied by the traditional lack of consent and forced sizing up, so to speak.

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Recognizing that Senjougahara cares about her as a friend, Hanekawa acknowledges how difficult it must have been for Senjougahara to trust other people, especially when Hanekawa herself trusts no one. Then, Araragi is forced to wait for her. Shiro, Hanekawa is expressly invited to join Senjougahara in an intimate setting, another reflection of how far she has come since the days of Hitagi Crab. Conversely, Hanekawa has barely advanced emotionally, eschewing her internal stress, bitterness, and jealousy into two oddities: At the start of Nekomonogatari: It would be a false friendship built on their mutual love of Araragi — which naturally pits them against one another anyway — and proximity.

You know, you always accept anything and everything as it comes your way. To have something you detest is about as important as having something you love. Yet you accept everything that comes your way, right? As it was given to her by Kaiki, he figured that she should also be able to give it to him.

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And so, after hearing the method from Shinobu, he nonchalantly kissed his little sister and took some of her illness. After their lighthearted conversation, he complained about his sisters trying to serve justice but not doing it right. Then Hachikuji told him that he was the same, yet she was walking around freely thanks to that, implying that his sisters had helped many people too. Following the topic they talked about growing up, it was so perfect for him to discuss this topic with the embodiment of his childishness.

Then he persuaded Hitagi by saying how much he loved her and so would want to always be by her side, which was similar to something she said back in Bakemonogatari, and a duty bestowed upon him by her father. Before going out to search Karen, he told Tsukihi to stay home because if she found her, Karen might persuade her to go along.

araragi and senjougahara relationship problems

This scene showed both of his traits of worrying about and being harsh on his dear ones. When he was desperately thinking where to find his sister, Shinobu once again appeared and remarked that Karen was as reckless as he was, and that it reminded her of the time he was looking for Shinobu.

As Araragi finally understood her approach, he ordered her to find Karen using her ability. After the reconciliation and help through information, this was one step forward to the development of their relationship.

Then as Shinobu located Karen, Araragi rushed towards her, telling her to go back home, which she refused to do. So he finally persuaded her to leave the matter to him and get back home.

He told her that he was even angrier at Kaiki because he hurt someone he was proud of, referring to his sisters. He told her that even though her justice was fake due to seeking conviction from others, if she was prepared to live with that sense of inferiority, then it was the same as being real.

And so he proceeded to meet Kaiki with Senjougahara to make him pay for what he did. When he replied that he thought that she was right but not strong, Kaiki agreed but also added that denying her kindness would be a mistake.

He added that his business as a con man was still around thanks to girls like her, showing how proud he was of being a fake. Araragi saw him gallantly admitting how he was overestimated and nothing more than a pathetic, middle-aged man. Even as a con man, he was minor and shabby one; he was no one special.

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Even so, and despite having resentment towards him, Araragi respected Kaiki and was later seen asking his opinions. From this encounter with Kaiki, he also learned that the past is merely the past and there is no value in catching up to it.

She said that she was glad that Araragi was her savior, but still, this conversation enhanced his prior feeling that he was taking advantage of her debt. The implication was narrated because Araragi was narrating this part real-time and she said it so suddenly, which was why none of the stories he narrated since then were narrated real-time; the beginning of the very next arc was narrated a while after its story took place, proved by the information he provided.

In the next episode of Nisemonogatari, aka episode 8, the legendary toothbrush scene took place.

araragi and senjougahara relationship problems

This event pointed out his overprotective nature clearly through his assumptions of Karen being bullied seeing her wearing a skirt. His assumption that she was cosplaying displayed his thoughtlessness around his family, and his choice of challenge showed his cleverness as Suruga might also pick such fetishistic method if he introduced them. Koyomi previously had different interactions with them that were quite suggestive but he never saw them in sexual manner.

He even said in Bakemonogatari that only those without sisters are into incest. But after this incident, his relationship with his sisters took a weird turn, and he described it as a point from where he and Karen got along slightly better.

Although Karen had more buildup for this change, Koyomi was unaware of being in the incest arc. And so his development through this climax of his incest arc was his whole new paradigm shift. As Karen won the game, Koyomi agreed to introduce her to Suruga as per the deal. Then as he saw Kagenui Yozuru standing on top of a mailbox, he wondered who among them seemed weirder, and Kagenui took his delayed response as rudeness.

Shinobu spoke in a traditional style rather than casual, which relates to a child learning to speak properly before speaking normally. Childhood is considered a golden period and she had golden eyes and hair; and she was reckless like a child, as was Araragi while connected to her. There are more proofs supporting these theories further in the story.

As he conversed with Hachikuji, the aforementioned display of him doing proper ad-lib response was shown. Then Ononoki Yotsugi appeared acting her usual, as predicted by Yozuru. When she kept repeating her usual catchphrase, Araragi thought it to be a stupid phrase showing how he could be quite judgemental at times.

araragi and senjougahara relationship problems

After giving Yotsugi the directions, as she thanked both Koyomi and Hachikuji, he noticed that she could see Hachikuji. He learned from Kaiki that Kagenui is an exorcist and from the way Kaiki spoke of them, Araragi assumed that he knew them, though Kaiki denied so. When he learned that the duo specialized in immortal oddities, he assumed that the two were targeting him and Shinobu. But his assumption was proven wrong as he encountered them in front of his house and instead of doing anything to Shinobu and him, they killed his younger sister, Araragi Tsukihi.