Araragi and senjougahara relationship

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araragi and senjougahara relationship

Senjougahara mentioned she was a virgin in the beginning when meeting Araragi on the playground where they meet Hachikuji, so Kaiki x. Who is the master and who is the slave in this relationship? Sometimes, Shinobu calls Araragi "master," and sometimes she calls him her "slave/servant." . Why don't Araragi and Senjougahara call each other by their given names?. It wasn't a relationship, but there was clearly something between them yes, but this is a discussion about Senjougahara and not Araragi.

And still, she asks Kaiki: Why do I think that "b" would also be a possibility?

araragi and senjougahara relationship

Something was definitely being implied there. Clearly we don't know what she's truly capable of.

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Or that she doesn't think of it as something unforgivable or bad. She would just not allow him to fall in love with someone else, that's something she couldn't forgive. That's what she thinks about it. Those are her beliefs.

araragi and senjougahara relationship

Therefore it doesn't just apply to Araragi, but also to her as well. If Kaiki had met her one more time, perhaps she would have really fallen in love for him. Maybe she liked him even more than Araragi, and she would have given up on her harsh attitude towards Kaiki and accepted her feelings. Yes, she would have been cheating on her boyfriend even according to her personal, less strict rulesbut that's how life works.

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Even in the previous seasons, she had her own ideals and beliefs, and the fact that they were a bit different from the norm didn't make her a bad character.

Maybe we will see her and Araragi confront each other in future seasons? I'm sorry, but this thread felt like "Senjougahara is bad now because she isn't the perfect waifu for our harem lead".

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Shinobu, or also known as Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade was the one who made Araragi a vampire, during the events that took place before Bakemonogatari Kizumonogatari, if you want to read the novel. Their relationship has always been weird, and it has been on the extremes from the very beginning. Araragi was willing to give up his life to save Kiss-Shot, and she even if she doesn't like to admit it was moved by his willingness to sacrifice himself to save her life.

So instead of killing Araragi drinking his blood to regain close to full power she decided to risk by making him a vampire and letting herself to become basically powerless. She still had the regeneration ability, but nothing else, no laser beams, no hyper jumps, no strength. She became the little girl we know from Bakemonogatari, but she was still called Kiss-Shot and not yet Shinobu.

Araragi risked his life again to serve Kiss-Shot and help her regain her full power.

araragi and senjougahara relationship

Once he succeeds in obtaining the stolen limbs and the heart, secretly being kept by OshinoKiss shot returns to her original form.

The two chit-chat for a while and get along quite nicely. Before Kiss shot reveals how she'll turn him back into a human, Koyomi goes on a trip to the store to get some snacks. Shocked and outraged, Koyomi runs away and contemplates suicide for reviving a monster that eats people.

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She nearly allows him to touch her breasts as means to "prepare him for the fight," but he changes his mind at the last minute, realizing that it's not something "friends" were normally supposed to do. He battles Kiss shot with the intent to kill her. The fight ultimately seems pointless, as the two regenerate at extremely rapid rates, healing all seemingly fatal wounds almost instantaneously. Through this fight, her true intentions are revealed.

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After sucking her blood to the brink of death, Kiss shot admits she planned on having Koyomi kill her. That way, she could finally find a proper way to die and allow a minion of hers to turn back into a human, as the death of the master causes the servant vampire to regain humanity. This would relieve her of her guilt regarding her first minionin which she was unwilling to save long ago.

araragi and senjougahara relationship

Instead, after having her plan revealed, Koyomi rejects it as he doesn't want to kill her. Instead of killing her completely, he would get her to the brink of death, weakening her power, making him as close to human as possible. In return, she'd be so weak that she wouldn't even be able to take the same name anymore, nor hunger for humans.