Aria and ezra relationship

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aria and ezra relationship

This allowed the two of them to open up about the foundation of their relationship. Aria was very clear she forgave Ezra long ago, but. Ezria is the name of the romantic relationship between Ezra Fitz and Aria Montgomery. It is one of the four major ships in the Pretty Little Liars fandom. In "The Jenna Thing," Aria asks Mr. Fitz to sign the slip giving her permission to transfer out of his class. Aria and Ezra's relationship started in an extremely scandalous way, when it turned out that Ezra was Aria's high school English teacher.

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When the request is denied by the school, they glance at each other longingly realizing the only chance they had to be together just slipped through their fingers.

Out of the rain Aria runs into Mr.

aria and ezra relationship

Fitz outside the movie theatre where she is seeing It Happened One Night with her mom. Fitz to join them. They sit next to each other uncomfortably for the duration of the film. Later, Ezra sees Aria walking home during a rainstorm. He pulls up next to her and opens the passenger side door. He drives to a secluded street and they give in to their feelings once again.

Taking risks at school In " To Kill a Mocking Girl ," Aria slips into Ezra's classroom between classes to ask what his plans are for the weekend. She suggests attending an opening at her mom's gallery, but he thinks it's a bad idea. She suggests meeting up afterward; she can tell her parents she's attending Noel Kahn 's party.

Ezra suggests she actually go to the party so her friends don't think she is losing interest in them. She touches his hand for a moment and they don't speak until another teacher walks in the room.

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Flustered, they pretend Aria was there to talk about a homework assignment and she leaves. After a distressing encounter with Meredith at her mom's gallery, Aria shows up to Ezra's apartment. He gives her a much-needed hug. Fitz riding his bike through town. She later mentions to him that her friends thought he had nice legs and that she felt embarrassed and awkward.

aria and ezra relationship

He invites her to dinner at his place to talk and she accepts. Dinner doesn't go quite as planned, though. They argue about Aria's way of dealing with the troubles in her parents' relationship.

She accuses him of looking at her as a child and leaves.

aria and ezra relationship

The tension is evident in the classroom the next day when Mr. She was totally in the right! So then Ezra tried to assure Aria that Jackie wasn't a threat But Aria told Ezra that Jackie was so obviously interested in him and that he wouldn't know a threat if "it sat in his lap and made him a gin and tonic.

Ezra tried to tell Aria that even if Jackie did have feelings for him, he didn't have feelings for her Once Ezra had left, Jackie told Aria that college would be a good experience for her as it would really help her "grow" And that one day, Aria would look back and realize just how naive she was.

aria and ezra relationship

Aria was NOT amused. But found that Jackie had already beaten her to it!

She overheard Jackie hitting on Ezra. And even though Ezra told Jackie that he was seeing someone, he never actually said that he wouldn't want to be with Jackie if he was single. Later, 'A' showed Aria that Jackie had plagiarized the paper that she was writing. And 'A' forced Aria to use it to get Jackie to leave Hollis! And even though Aria hated Jackie, she hated having to blackmail her!

'Pretty Little Liars' Addresses Its Statutory Rape Problem, But Not In The Way We Hoped

But Jackie was not an easy person to blackmail! After she got over her initial shock, she went to Aria's house and told Aria that if she ever told anyone about her paper, she would make Ezria's relationship known to the public, which resulted in Aria breaking up with Ezra!!

Later on in the season, Jackie found Aria in Ezra's office and so she asked her if she had forgotten about their deal.

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