Baby legolas and thranduil relationship

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baby legolas and thranduil relationship

Legolas wants to make Thranduil proud of him so he disobeys his father's strict orders I've wanted to write something about their father/son relationship for a while so, yeah. "You continue to treat me as if I am but a child!". Thranduil objects to the relationship between Legolas and Tauriel .. But, of course, I couldn't blame you, a child, for the crimes of your mother. Legolas and Thranduil's Relationship ((These were both multi-question asks, so I blocked out the other questions to keep this post focused.

His skills as an archer had greatly improved since the last patrol he had accompanied last summer…when things hadn't gone according to plan: Orcs attacked, his weapons were forced from his hand and, before he knew it, he was lying on the cold ground with a bleeding temple. He'd trained so hard since then. He knew what he was capable of; not Ada.

Thranduil had only been present at a small number of his practise sessions and Ada had hardly looked impressed with his son's skills. More than anything, Legolas wanted to see the proud look on his father's face when he returned from a potentially-dangerous patrol with the most experienced soldiers. The young elf stepped into his room and closed the door behind him as quietly as he could.

His bow and quiver lay on his bed, his twin-knives lying adjacent to them. The calm, Mirkwood wind blew his white, voile curtains inwards as he moved to stand on his balcony. His soft hair swayed in the breeze as he stared over the trees of his father's large realm. The patrol were due to take their leave within the hour and they were still under the impression the young Prince was attending their outing, so why shouldn't he go?

All he had to do was find a way of getting to the patrol's meeting point without his father noticing. Down the balcony and across the gardens, Legolas planned. He stepped back into his room and knelt down to re-fasten his boots, brushing down and straightening his clothing as he stood up to his full height.

He strode over to his bed and fastened his quiver around himself, thrusting his bow over his right shoulder and tucking his knives into their place at his hips. He felt strong, a newly-found streak of self-confidence suddenly rushing through him. Whatever creatures lurked at their borders, Legolas now felt he could handle.

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He would gain his father's approval. He was sure of it. The Prince glanced out of one of his bedroom windows onto the ground below. As silently and as agile as his slender figure could manage, he climbed atop of the balcony railing and over it, his boots fitting nicely between the bars on the other side. He slid down gently, taking his time as one bad step meant that he would crash to the ground below. Though it did not seem like a long way down when one was simply looking from behind the safety of the handrail, Legolas now realised that, when one was dangling from it, the drop was rather large.

Still, he was more than capable of landing safely without too much of a serious injury. Shifting his weight, the Prince managed to cling on to what was the floor of the balcony, and released his grip, making sure to bend his knees as he impacted upon the ground.

With no time to think of his paining ankles, Legolas swiftly took off into a brisk jog towards the stables where he knew the patrol would be waiting for him. X Halther was getting impatient. He'd agreed to allow the young Prince into their scout group once again, the memories of what had transpired just a year before still fresh in his mind.

What would he, as the leader of the group, have done if Legolas' life was lost during the ambush? Kethor, the oldest of the trio, scoffed. You know what happened last time. He's a burden…nothing more. They suddenly heard fast footsteps approaching and in jogged the Prince, looking as confident as ever. Whenever Thranduil would find out about his son's disappearance, Legolas knew he would be in for it.

X The group trotted calmly through the northern part of Mirkwood, being on high alert for any kind of threat. Why his Captain encouraged the elfling in the first place, he did not know. Surely his concentration should be fully focussed on the surrounding area and not on the King's inexperienced son. The Captain and the Prince were torn from their giggling, however, when Amthal spoke.

Silver webbing could be seen in the near-distance as well as cocoons dangling from the trees branches yet no movement or sound could be seen or heard. The group all dismounted and brought their weapons to their hands: Suddenly, the group heard a rustling sound coming from above them and Amthal was ripped from his position as a terrified shriek left his mouth and his hands clawed for his friends to aid him.

The spider responsible descended from the tree above them and pulled Amthal into its clutches, hastily stabbing him through the chest with its venomous stinger. It proceeded to wrap the young elf in its web before moving away in order to add him to its collection of cocoons in the trees meters away. Halther cried out for the loss of his friend, whereas Legolas could do nothing but stare. Kethor drew another arrow from his quiver and attempted to shoot two at the spider but it was to no avail.

Instead, the beast turned around, dropping the newly-spun cocoon to the forest floor and screeching at them. Kethor copied and the two made haste. However, Legolas' steed had had other ideas. It did not wait for its master to mount and it took off in gallop, leaving the Prince standing alone on the woodland path.

He attempted to break into a sprint, but his efforts were futile. He could feel the spider's legs tearing against his clothing as it pulled him closer and closer towards its devilish body. The Prince struggled and kicked out as much as he possible could, trying to avoid the spider's deadly pincer. The two elves came about and charged back to where Legolas had been left, only to see the beast stab the young Prince in the stomach. Legolas let out a strangled cry and moaned as he felt his consciousness fade.

They began to fire trios of arrows at the beast. Luckily, four out of the six fired arrows hit the spider square in the face yet it continued to spin its sinister web around the limp body of the young archer. The spider spun him round and round, encasing him. Slowly, the Prince could no longer be seen. Instead, a thick layer of web suffocated him.

In a desperate attempt, Halther grabbed his dagger from his belt and threw it at the spider, the weapon embedding itself into its skull. With a shriek, the beast dropped the body to the floor and scurried off back to its nest. Breathing quickly and heavily, Halther and Kethor leapt off their horses and flung themselves next to the body of the Prince, the eldest taking his knife from his belt and ripping the webbing away in any place he could hack at.

Legolas' eyes were closed, with trickles of blood seeping from the left corner of his mouth, painting a section of his pale lips an unnatural shade of bright red. They proceeded to remove all of the webbing encasing Legolas' body and cast the empty shell aside. However, he quickly pushed that out of his mind and reclaimed his ruthless mask. After Tauriel had been taken away, he tried to reason and somewhat comfort Legolas, "I know it hurts now, but someday soon you will find a she-elf more suitable for your status.

Either way, you were only with her a little while, and that is less than a mere blink in the life of an elf. I know you think love a wasteful, ridiculous concept, but I truly love her.

She is the only elf for me.

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She understands me in ways you could never hope to understand. I don't even think you have a real issue with her being a serving elf.

You just can't handle the fact that she could take me away from you, because I'm the only elf besides Artie, who isn't even fully an elf, that will actually listen to you! You can't handle that after I'm bonded you will be all alone! And of course you could never think Artanis your confidante, even though that's what she really is. The Elven King of Mirkwood could never have a half-breed as a companion, could he?

His son had never spoken to him that way before.

It just wasn't the way of the Elves. Elves were subtle and sly. They didn't have sudden outbursts like this. It had to be Tauriel. She had corrupted his son into this impulsive, rebellious creature. Thranduil shouted for the guards once more, "Guards!

You are to take the elf, Tauriel, to the executioner's cell. She is to die at dawn tomorrow. You cannot do this, father!

She is no threat to anyone in this kingdom. You can't kill her.

baby legolas and thranduil relationship

I can do whatever I please. One day, when you are king, you will understand. But, for now, you'll have to trust me. She is a danger to you. She has made you impulsive and irrational. With her by your side, you would become an unwise king. Is that what our gods, the Valar, the caretakers of Middle Earth, would have wanted? Is that what Morgoth, our most beloved deity would have wanted?

Legolas and Thranduil’s Relationship

So, she will die and you will let it happen. In time, you will look back on this and remember the wisdom of your father. You will remember how I have prevented you from making the biggest mistake of your life.

You are still young in Elf-Years. You will learn that life isn't just about love and passion. It's about propriety and status. You can't just do whatever your heart wishes, you have to put away your emotions and lead with your head. You will always have to do what is best for this kingdom. Someday, you will learn, my son. Suddenly, his thoughts turned to Artie. Oh, Morgoth, she would not be happy with him.

If she knew the extent of everything that had happened, she'd probably string him up by his toes in the courtyard.

baby legolas and thranduil relationship

If she weren't Artie and he weren't so fond of her, the answer would be simple: But, with Artie being half elf, half witch, she would be able to see through all of his lies. From his imprisoning of Tauriel to his argument with Legolas, she could see everything. Artie had no loyal family, so she was intent on ensuring his was as close as possible. As he walked into his chambers, he spotted her sitting on the huge, elaborately adorned bed with her legs and arms crossed and her hawkish gaze landing straight on him.

A shot of fear ran through his blood for the first time in half a millenium. Artie was the most powerful elf to ever arise out of Middle Earth. For she was the daughter of Galadriel and Gandalf, two of the most powerful and influential beings. She also had Fae blood in her from an ancient line of faeries spanning back centuries that had contributed to her power by way of her mother drinking it while she was in the womb.

She had been banished from the forest of Lothlorien by her stepfather 50 years ago. Since then, Thranduil had taken her into his kingdom and under his wing.

She was the only person who had ever attained his mercy. For some reason, the squalling babe who had been dropped on his doorstep by her father was his favorite person in the entirety of Middle Earth. She carried more decency and kindness in her little finger than his entire kingdom had, including him. As he walked up to Artie, she glared at him, the fires of Mount Doom blazing in her eyes. She quickly yelled, "You idiot!

You're no brighter than a lowly goblin, for all your knowledge! How could you prevent Legolas from being with the she-Elf he loves? Don't you see you're tearing your family apart? You will lose Legolas if you kill his beloved. Even if you just imprison or banish her, you will still lose him. He would follow her to the ends of Middle-Earth. Please, Thranduil, let them be together. But, he quickly pushed those thoughts out of his mind. His son needed to learn the importance of status and social responsibility.

If the only way he could learn that was through loss, then so be it. Sometimes, when being king, he had to be ruthless and his son needed to understand that. Emotions couldn't play a part in the well being of a kingdom. Therefore, he replied, "Artanis Lothlorien, be quiet! I am king and I can do whatever I want! He had to keep Artie here by whatever means necessary, even if it meant losing her friendship. You are a simple maidservant, you have no influence over what I do.

Not even my advisors are that powerful. Remember your place, girl," He hissed into her ear. All of a sudden, her flame-red hair flew up in a powerful gust of wind. Her normally calm, powder blue eyes iced over and hardened with offense. Her feet left the ground of their own accord and she was hovering at eye level, which was an impressive feat considering she was over a foot shorter than him.

Her arm rose up and her hand tightened into a semi-open fist.

baby legolas and thranduil relationship

Thranduil was thrown against the wall with an invisible hand choking him. He clawed at his throat, his eyes wide in disbelief. He struggled to speak, "Please, Artanis, let go. He relished the sudden influx of oxygen returning to his lungs. He dropped to his knees, holding his throat and gasping for breath, hacking up what he thought might be his spleen.

He stared at her in awe of her power. In an instant, any anger he held for her dissipated and was replaced with an overwhelming fondness. He remembered that, despite all her might, she was just a young woman who hadn't had much experience with the outside world.

Artie sighed, letting all the burdens drain out of her, her shoulders falling with exhaustion. She spoke with a exertion coursing through her tone, "Look, Morgoth knows I'm not one to tell you how to live your life, but if you don't let Legolas and Tauriel be together then they will run off, leaving you all alone.

Even if it's a mistake, it's their mistake and you have to let them make it. They are young, they don't know why you're so ardently opposed to their union. Perhaps you should tell them. She sat back on the bed and patted the spot next to her. Thranduil laid down and let his head fall into her lap.

As she stroked his pale, golden hair, she asked, "Do you remember the King of Gondor, Isildur? Well, while he was here, we became…," she searched for the right word.

He said he had never seen one so beautiful as me and confessed his love for me. He said he would take me back to Gondor with him and I would become his Queen," she scoffed bitterly. However, during the meal, he announced his new fiancee.