Baekhyun and chanyeol relationship trust

baekhyun and chanyeol relationship trust

Friends that have a lot of memories Chanyeol, D.O(Chanyeol) Baekhyun and I We have a lot of memories and he is a friend that I can trust and depend on. An example would be Baekhyun and Taeyeon's relationship. The amount of prejudice they received and experienced was purely unnecessary. In context of. Baekhyun is closest with Chanyeol, the group's main rapper. his secret relationship in with Taeyeon of K-pop group Girls' Generation.

We fool around a lot whatever we do, if we do it together, I feel good. He is the only Chinese friend I have amongst the members. Luhan I like Xiumin. Chen Both of them seem like dongsaengs. They are so baby-faced. He said to pay him 50,won per hour for tutoring me. Kris has never opposed to anything I have said and has never put out an opposing suggestion. Thank you for trusting me and because he has a big frame, I feel he is dependable.

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Kris I really like Suho. Suho helps a lot. Seeing how we went through a long trainee period together, we became good friends. O Chanyeol Baekhyun and I became close in about 20 seconds and when D. O first came in the company, the first person he got closest to was me. We got close so fast that it was to the point where on the first day we met, we got on the subway and went home together. When I have worries or have something I need to talk over seriously with someone, I usually talk to D.

I also learn a lot about music. We have a lot of memories from when we were trainees. The route home was the same way for D. O and I, so we would go to Apgujeong station often to eat takoyaki.

baekhyun and chanyeol relationship trust

We have a lot of memories and he is a friend that I can trust and depend on. We have a lot of memories. Even till now I think of him as a master. Because Kai is so good at dancing, I often learn and ask him. Later, I think he can become the best dancer. Chanyeoovhad a change of clothes in the back so he changed in the back of the car while I stood in front as a lookout. I looked up at the mirror and saw chanyeol shirtless, damn he us hella hot. Chanyeol; focus on the outside babe.

Who said I was looking at you. I was looking in the mirror because there were people behind the car. Chanyeol; yea sure whatever U say. Here keep this gun in U back pocket and put this mask on.

He hands me a gun and I put it in my back jean pocket. Then I take the Marci gras looking mask and put it on. We get out of the car and we are behind the building.

Chen and Xuimin were already here with a white van filled with tech and guns.

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Then I look fully in the van to see Jongin in there behind the computers. What are U doing here? I told Chanyeol o wanted to be sort of his world Chanyeol: Alright so to take over this casino we need to take out the thug guards in ever entrance.

There are only six entrances,Xuimin and Chen will go inside and take them out. Jongin will be in the van controlling all of the security cameras and locked doors. Me and Lay are going for the guy. I heard the whole thing.

I'll help set it up Everyone nods and I turned it on but I have no idea how to put it on. Xuimin helps me and winks after. I laugh and shake my head. Then the pale guy with perfect skin named suho approached me. Suho; So your the guy that's so precious to chanyeol Precious? Suho; yup he basically claimed you as his in front of the whole city.

Well the flip side of the city at least. What did he say???? Chanyeol; Baekhyun and suho go change then go in the casino. The clothes are in the can change in there.

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We both nod and everyone starts the mission. Once we were done changing me and Suho went in. What did chanyeol say about me hyung? Suho is also older than me by a year and his birthday is two weeks after mines. We went inside the casino and there was a bunch if people in it.

It was more of a club than a casino if U ask me. Suho; ill tell U later, we cant be distracted on a mission I nod and try to act serious but suho laughs. I look at him confused and he shakes his head.

baekhyun and chanyeol relationship trust

I nod then i look down and whisper to suho. Those three guys in the corner have been watching us for a while. They also have ear piece and have been talking to someone Suho; thats perfect lets go to them What?! Suho; yup, we all are. Just play along He grabs me by wrist and drags me towards the huge thugs.

What does he mean play along? Oh god we are about to die. When we got there suho just started flirting with them. Suho;We saw when we walked in and the my friend here caught U staring. We think U are pretty good looking but my friend here is new to this type of life. Wanna help us get him used to it? So this is what chanyeol meant by distracting them. Once I got the gist of the situation I played along. I started flirting with the second thug. Yeah won't you help me? I let my hand lingerie around the second thug and I saw him getting flustered.

He cleared his throat and I giggled. I leaned in towards his ear and whispered Wanna help me have fun and cause a little trouble? I back away slowly as I bite my lip. The two things look at each other then back at us. They nod and take one step forward but suho stops them. Suho; no need for those big guns, well besides the ones on your arms. They not smirked and they followed us to one of the private rooms.

I didn't do anything with them tho. Thug 2 ; you know your a flirty little thing but you sure are all talk What do you mean? Thug 1 ; we mean that we came here to get some action They both got up and sat next to me so I was in between them.

I quickly got up and shook my head. Oh no, that is the one thing that your not getting Thug 2 ; Aww come on sweet thing. Your body is just too amazing to pass up They both approach me again and I back up about two steps but I freeze in my spot due to fear.

Oh hell no, fuck this shit Suho I put the drugs in two cups for the thugs and put regular alcohol in the cup for baekhyun and Me. When I came back I was shocked.

I almost dropped the tray. Both thugs were on the floor dead with stab wounds everywhere. Baekhyun had a piece of glass covered in blood in his hand. He drops the glass as he breathes heavily. What the fuck happened Baekhyun; let's just say they tried to take something that was already claimed. He took one cup of alcohol and rinse the blood of his hand.

He did this over the dead bodies. I'm actually impressed, I thought he was soft little shit. Chanyeol Me and Lay went to the too floor and we loaded our guns in the elevator. We play this game when we are on missions.

Lay; I have a good feeling I would get more kills than you today Chanyeol;in your dream yixing. I always and always will get more kills Elevator dings Lay; let the best shooter win The elevator door opens and me and yixing start shooting all the guards and thugs in our way. So far I have five headshots, shot off someone's ear then shot him right in his chest. There was so much blood everywhere and I loved it.

It honestly made me happy. I looked over at Yixing and someone was sneaking up on him so I shot that guy. That's headshot number 6 Yixing; smh rookie, I have 13 headshots and in totals The leader was frozen and gave us a terrified looked.

I was having an adrenaline rush these are my craziest moments. I walk up to his desk and lean on it with on arm. Then i whisper Lets have some fun shall we???

Sangmin; No Yixing leave and go help Baekhyun and suho I heard him leave and i take out a huge knife from my back pocket. I look at it carefully. Its just an object but it has so much power over people. It could either drive fear in humans or drive violence.

A normal person would just see this as an kitchen utensil. Lucky for U im not normal. Sangmin; what do U want parker? Do U know that greed is a very bad thing? U have millions of dollars but still ruin other peoples life to gain more.

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Sangmin; what can i say? I love money I stabbed the knife deep in his hand pinning it down to the desk. He screams and i take off my tie and stuff it in his mouth. I then take off his tie and tie his other hand back. I take out the knife from his hand and he has tears running down his face. I think knifes look better with blood dripping off of them.

baekhyun and chanyeol relationship trust

I almost forgot knifes also inflict pain on people. Let me ask U a question Sangmin. Do U want to live? He nod furiously and i laugh. I wonder how far he could go before he actually dies but i need info first.

Tell me the name of the owner of Kill corps and ill let U live. I take out the tie out of his mouth. His head tilts back and forth because he is losing too much blood from his hand. I slam my hand down on the table getting impatient.

My company is just owned by Kill corp Then your useless to me. Well not that soon. He panicked and i stuff the tie back in his mouth and i start carving shapes into his arms then his chest and his muffled screams fill the room.

He stops screaming indicating he is dead but i kept going until his whole upper body was filled. I got to his neck and accidentally hit a vein and blood splatter. Luckily none got on me. I went to the bathroom and rinsed the blood that was on my hands. I waited about 10 minutes so i could come down from my high. I took the elevator back to the main floor And met up with everyone back in the private room that is mines. Baekhyun Where is chanyeol?

He said he would be here. Everyone was talking while i was watching the door. As soon as it opened and chanyeol came in my eyes lit up. Chanyeol; mission is complete, U guys could do whatever u want with the casino. Me Amd Baekhyun have somewhere to go. Your hands are shaking. He was slightly shaking, what happened. Why is he shaking but he looked so calm. He laughs at lay and I look up at him. I promise Oh he probably just smoked something Before coming here Lay nods and he grabs my hands and drags me to the car.

I get into the passenger seat. He warns me that he is going really fast. I wanted to take a risk and not put my seat belt on. He went 90 miles per hour on this high way.

When we stopped we were at some creppy warehouse. I asked him a bunch of questions but he stood quiet. We walked up at least 8 flights of ild wooden stairs until we got to this long platform. I went near the edge and looked over and gasped. I looked back at chanyeol and he had an serious face on.

He loves me too much Chanyeol ahthis place- Chanyeol: Do U trust me? Yes Chanyeol; are U willing to be my ride or die? Being my ride or die means willing to sacrifice everything even your life. Do you understand yes Chanyeol; fuck your so submissive, I love it Chanyeol harshly pulls me towards him to passionately kiss him.

Chanyeol wraps his arms around my waist and Chanyeols leads so that we walk backwards. I was unaware until he feels that we are on the edge of the platform. I let go of him and lean-backwards.