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The figure of Nelson Mandela towers behind UDM leader Bantu Holomisa, who had a special relationship with Madiba. Pictures: Simphiwe. In his post-Robben Island political life, Nelson Mandela has always risen above Because of the nature of their relationship, Holomisa, who is. UDM leader Bantu Holomisa says his party's relationship with the DA, at least in the Nelson Mandela Bay metro, has long been over.

Thabo Mbeki needs strong leaders like you. Going back to the ANC will be tantamount to selling them out. What if I mess up again and you expel me? Let's talk about co-operation. First he sent Makhenkesi Stofile, then Mosiuoa Lekota. Both came back empty-handed. I never asked to join the ANC. The ANC sent a delegation to me. I said to them they must go to the soldiers. In the early s, Holomisa was one of the most popular leaders in the country and revered for collaborating with the liberation movements despite being a bantustan leader.

How Holomisa turned down Mandela, Mbeki and Zuma

He formed bonds with ANC leaders, especially Chris Hani, and made the Transkei a haven for MK combatants and activists while he presided over a homeland where he'd seized power in a coup.

It was not surprising when the ANC recruited him soon after the end of apartheid. I said to them they must go to the soldiers," said Holomisa, then still a military commander in the Transkei. Holomisa recalls that the generals were suspicious of the ANC's intentions. We thought he was going to assist with the integration of armed forces because of his experience and training and so on.

We are worried that once you have a fallout with him you'll ditch him.

Courageous Mandela was like a father - Holomisa

InHolomisa appeared before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and his testimony irked some ANC leaders when he revealed that he had led the Transkei coup to oust the premier, Stella Sigcau, because she and her cabinet had accepted R2-million from casino magnate Sol Kerzner.

At the time of his testimony, Sigcau was in Mandela's cabinet. Stengel quotes Madiba speaking very unflatteringly about General Bantu Holomisa, someone he's always been seen to be close to, especially publicly.

Because of the nature of their relationship, Holomisa, who is omnipresent during functions at the Qunu homestead of the former president, understandably thinks of himself as Madiba's son. He publicly treated Holomisa as a son".

Holomisa cannot be faulted for thinking this was the case too. But this was a smoke screen, if the rest of the chapter is anything to go by. The coup de grace comes thus: He Madiba saw this immaturity as a symptom of insecurity. These men, to his mind, suffered from a lack of confidence. Says a demure Holomisa: In fact, I am convinced that the relationship between the two of us contributed immensely to a smooth transition for Transkei to be incorporated into SA, unlike the bloodshed witnessed in other former homelands.

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