Bassanio and antonio relationship tips

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bassanio and antonio relationship tips

Get an answer for 'Describe Bassanio's relationship with Antonio in The Merchant of Venice. Does he genuinely loves Antonio, or is he doing this to convince Antonio to continue lending him money?' and find Read the study guide. Relationship between antonio and bassanio essay life today (holiday in kazakhstan essay telugu) dissertation in management pdf tips the art. The relationship between Antonio and Bassanio in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice is one of deep love and respect. These two characters have.

Why do you think he is so sad? He is a good and generous friend to Bassanio. He is happy to lend him money, even though Bassanio is in his debt already and Antonio has to borrow money to do so. Solanio, describing Bassanio's departure to Belmont, says of Antonio and Bassanio's friendship, "I think he only loves the world for him". When news comes of his lost ships, Antonio asks Bassanio to come home, but does not force him.

bassanio and antonio relationship tips

He writes, "use your pleasure" When he believes he is going to die, he tells Bassanio, "Say how I loved you," and seems glad to be paying Bassanio's debt with his life. Antonio promises surety for Bassanio again in Act V, when Portia is questioning Bassanio about the loss of his ring, saying "I once did lend my body for his wealth, Some directors have suggested a homosexual relationship between Antonio and Bassanio.

Antonio certainly never makes any mention of wanting a wife.

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What do you think of this idea? He is apparently generous to other people too, as he never lends money for profit. However, he is vehemently anti-Jewish or anti-Semite. He has been cruel to Shylock over a long period of time, even though he is a Christian. Their friendship is not about money, but about loyalty and brotherhood.

Upon being asked by Portia that who Antonio is, Bassanio replies that he is not just his best friend and the kindest man but also the most honorable person in all Italy. He is a friend who is ready to sacrifice anything for him. Portia at once understands that Antonio is a noble person who has suffered for Bassanio.

What does Antonio and Bassanio’s friendship reveal about their characters?

She promises to provide Bassanio with as much wealth that he can repay twenty times the debt. The debt of the friend is really big and Bassanio postpones his marriage.

Things turn around when Portia intervenes. It gets clear that both the friends are really loyal to each other. It is not like Antonio is making all the sacrifices and Bassanio is using him to find his love. Had it been so, Bassanio would not have postponed his marriage to return and see Antonio.

bassanio and antonio relationship tips

Antonio is a honest young gentleman who believes in fair business and is equally kind hearted. Bassanio is also a true friend whose conscience is being weighed down with guilt. He remains honest in his friendship with Antonio and stands by his side till the end when things take a comic turn and the friends win the case against Shylock. Their friendship reveals that both are honest and honorable characters, true to their word.

Shakespeare has provided one of the best examples of friendship and loyalty through them.