Benzino and althea relationship advice

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benzino and althea relationship advice

I've been in situations where cheating has occurred,” Benzino tells Couples Court . up advice to a couple from New Jersey whose relationship is on the brink He and ex-fiancée/baby mama Althea Heart were one of 'L&HH. Lawsuit Drama: Joseline Puts Althea and Benzino on Blast to pick her and Benzino back up for another season (the couple was fired months. Althea and Benzino formerly of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta took to Labels: Althea, benzino, love and hip hop Atlanta · Newer Post Older Post Home · Tanea Moniquex | Celebrity Entertainment News, Fashion, Music and Advice I ndia Love is known for her various relationships with celebrity men, with the.

The show focuses on our individual careers. This show was truly a God send. What are your thoughts on the magazine business currently? Of course, you know my partner Dave and I started The Source magazine back in It was a different time and era.

I think we were on the forefront of covering Hip-Hop before social media. If you had to get your information about Hip-Hop, you had to go to The Source. We had The Source Awards, which was a major event. We accomplished a lot when we were with The Source.

benzino and althea relationship advice

Everything was different back then. Now with the influx of social media and everything happening so fast, people are getting their news and information fast. To have a magazine that comes out every 30 days is just a little bit too late. With that, Hip-Hop Weekly is published every two weeks. There is a lot of short reading, more pictures, but it covers the whole spectrum of Hip-Hop, TV, and movies.

We do not get into the politics of Hip-Hop like we did with The Source Magazine because again that was a different era where you could get into politics.

Now, we just focus on the entertainment side. Hip-Hop Weekly is doing really well and we are just trying to grow it. Where do you see that things have gone wrong as far as Hip-Hop is concerned since you were heavy in the industry?

Lawsuit Drama: Joseline Puts Althea and Benzino on Blast

What do you think is missing? I think how corporations have taken over and social media are to blame. Social media is a gift and a curse.

More and more people are following what the trends are as opposed to trying to bring new music and artists. How is the relationship with your family after the shooting incident and have you been able to move on? I never really got to see my mother go as I should have. It did affect me. Every day is a new day and every sun is a new life.

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Benzino, on the other hand, feels that Althea refuses to acknowledge that she has flaws and refuses to grow grow-up maybe. Jim and David, the directors, separate and do one-on-ones with the couple.

It's a he said, she said scenario. At breakfast the next morning Catherine is upset that Ink doesn't give her enough compliments for making the big breakfast and Ink gives unsolicited advice to Althea regarding Benzino.

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Everyone seems to feel that Ink has too many opinions on everyone else. The rift between Althea and Benzino has everyone fighting and deflecting their own anger onto each other.

benzino and althea relationship advice

Sundy off-handedly discloses that she knew Benzino before arriving to the house, sending Cedrik into a tizzy. Sundy is adamant that they never had sex but later tells Cedrik during a heated argument that they slept in the same bed, but were not intimate. The directors feel Sundy is lying. Their exercise for the day is talking about sex The purpose is to learn that a deep connection using touch can be unbreakable. What's happening in the bedroom is representative of what's happening in the relationship.