Bianca and lucentio relationship

bianca and lucentio relationship

In contrast, there is another romantically linked couple who seemingly possess an ideal relationship. These young lovers, Bianca and Lucentio, share a love that . The relationships between servants and masters closely reflect the gender Lucentio's relationship with Bianca reflects his role with Tranio: Bianca shows. Lucentio glimpses Bianca, the young daughter of a merchant, and Lucentio sends for Bianca. .. important roles in the relationship between a couple, right up.

It is used because, around the time that this play takes place; the men had more power over the women. Good Lord, how bright and goodly shines the moon! It is not moonlight now.

I say it is the moon that shines so bright.

bianca and lucentio relationship

Basically, Petruchio is telling Katherina that it is what he says it is, and is technically telling her what to think. Therefore, this is showing how Petruchio uses power over Katherina.

bianca and lucentio relationship

Within the relationship of Bianca and Lucentio, power is abused. This is because Lucentio, being the male and the husband, should have power over Bianca, the female and wife; however, Bianca abuses this. Power is being abused because Bianca is refusing to do as she is told to do by Lucentio, her husband, even though he has power over Bianca.

bianca and lucentio relationship

Therefore power is being abused in The Taming of the Shrew. The relationship of Bianca and Katherina shows how the theme of power is subverted. Katherina undermines the power and authority of Baptista. One example of this is while Katherina and Bianca are fighting.

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Lucentio and Tranio's relationship as master and servant is an ideal of the Renaissance era according to "An Homily on the State of Matrimony. Though they are not involved romantically, Lucentio and Tranio fulfill these ideals better than any marriage in The Taming of the Shrew. Lucentio's relationship with Bianca reflects his role with Tranio: Bianca shows respect for Lucentio as he cherishes her and treats her with kindness, however Bianca fails to complete her role as an ideal wife by obeying her husband.

Petruchio and his servant, Grumio, have a much different relationship, however. Grumio often disobeys his master, while Petruchio insults and even beats him. These roles are echoed in Petruchio's relationship with Katherine.

Shakespeare uses Lucentio and Tranio's relationship in the play as an ideal for both the master and servant relationship as well as gender relationships.

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Though Lucentio is the master, he always treats Tranio with respect and kind words. When the pair arrives in Padua, Lucentio tells Tranio that he his happy that he is with him: In return Tranio refers to Lucentio as "gentle master mine" and "good master. Though Tranio takes great risk in putting on the apparel of his master, he takes it in order to please Lucentio: Because so well I love Lucentio. It could be that Tranio is just taking on this disguise in order to have the chance to play the part of a master and noble.

However, Shakespeare constantly reminds the audience that Tranio's intentions are pure and all for the love of his master. When Biondello exclaims how he wish he could play the master, Lucentio replies: But, sirrah, not for my sake but your master's, I advise you use your manners discreetly in all kind of companies. When I am alone, why, then I am Tranio; but in all places else your master Lucentio.

He does not abuse his temporary power as master with the other servants and continues to treat them as his equals except when he must keep up his pretense around the public.

bianca and lucentio relationship

Tranio even goes as far to have Vicentio imprisoned in order to do as Lucentio told him. Tranio's obedience goes first and foremost to Lucentio even above his higher master.