Blood lad staz and fuyumi relationship with god

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blood lad staz and fuyumi relationship with god

Staz Vlad Charlie from the manga Blood Lad [link] He is a awesome Demon . Blood Lad Staz and Fuyumi Fairy Tail, Manga Anime, Anime Shows, Otaku. Blood Lad (ブラッドラッド, Buraddo Raddo) is a manga series created by Yuuki Kodama and serialized in Young Ace. The manga series has been licensed for distribution in English by Yen Press. Blood Lad follows Staz, a vampire from the surreal Demon World, who meets When they take the portal, they learn that Fuyumi needs to drink Staz's blood. Staz Charlie Blood · Cooltim52 • 17 days ago. Father Wolf · MWAsura • October Yanagi Fuyumi · Chica • July Help us grow Blood Lad Wiki!.

What was that for?! Staz caught the pillow, "Because you're acting weird. She was tightly clasping her hands, cheeks a furious shade of red. I was masturbating about you," she finished quickly, "I want to, I want you to He knew damn well what she was asking. He also knew she didn't have the courage to finish that sentence.

But, he didn't know she'd be the type to ask something so…lewd. He covered his face as if to run away from the sudden confession, "Shut up, you don't know what you're saying," he looked at her then. Red eyes meeting brown. Fuyumi's gaze silenced him. Her eyes held so much lust and longing in them, that Staz was actually becoming nervous. For just how long had Fuyumi been keeping all of that in? Her brief nod was all that was needed to give him the go. It was the first time that Fuyumi had ever declared how she felt, so he had to make sure.

Fuyumi hesitantly reached out and snuggled her hand in his. Her hands were quite warm for a ghost, Staz noted. He couldn't lie to himself anymore; he was in love with Fuyumi.

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He looked at her then, finally giving into his desires "I won't hold back," he said lowly. He hovered over her, seizing her arms above her head, placing one leg between her thighs, and one resting on the carpet. His eyes were a mixed pool of endearment and desire. He then kissed her slowly on the lips.

They were softer than he'd expected. More sweet the deeper he kissed her. Licking the bottom of her lip, Staz gently pushed his tongue in her mouth. Over, and over their tongues danced to the hypnotizing rhythm of pleasure.

Fuyumi slipped out of Staz's grasp and pressed his head closer to hers. Staz pulled away instantly, "What's wrong?

One bead of blood trickled from the slit. Staz grazed over his pointed teeth with his tongue suddenly becoming stupid with want.

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He licked her lip where the blood formulated and began to kiss her more and more hungrily. Staz wanted all of Fuyumi, every last molecule of her existence and he'd take it all. He'd no longer restrict himself from these pleasures. He'd indulge and feel no regrets…As long as Fuyumi felt the same way of course. And of course she did, as he found himself being stripped by Fuyumi's surprisingly quick hands. He in turn ripped her shirt off and threw it to the carpet.

Both semi-naked they took a moment to admire each other's bodies. His eyes devoured every inch of Fuyumi, taking in her plump lips to her pink rose hardened nipples. He took one peak in his mouth and began sucking, massaging the other with his free hand. She could feel a stiffness poking at her thigh. Staz moved slowly licking his way up to Fuyumi's ear.

blood lad staz and fuyumi relationship with god

He nibbled on it softly. Staz reveled in the sound.

blood lad staz and fuyumi relationship with god

Fuyumi couldn't even think straight anymore. She was becoming intoxicated by the exotic elixir that was Staz. He was only kissing her, but it felt so terribly good. It was this exact moment that she had always fantasized about, and now it was reality. Her hand slipped down Staz's abdominals and into the opening of his boxers. Staz gasped and grunted.

Her hand was so soft yet firm in her grip as she massaged his tip. Staz lightly thrusted into it, reaching down to reclaim her lips. He could already feel his warm juice spilling out, coating Fuyumi's hand in his sticky pre-cum.

Breaking away from the kiss Fuyumi panted, "Staz. He should be the one pleasing her, not the other way around. He eased up off of her sitting up, holding her gaze, whilst roughly pulling her closer to him by the hips so that her thighs lay on either side of him.

Staz traced a hand over the length of Fuyumi's leg and stopped at her crevice. Staz had pressed and was now rubbing his middle finger against her clit. She writhed under him, and Staz loved every second of it. He rubbed faster feeling a silky wetness soak through her panties. Fuyumi's response came in a series of breathy moans and quick nods. Her eyes were glazed over and to Staz; it looked like she'd cave in any second.

He gave her pleasure button one last press before ripping her panties in half. Staz brought Fuyumi closer to him pacifying her with kisses in an attempt to soothe her pain. He gently pushed into the warm honey that was Fuyumi- the two of them moaning against each other's lips.

Soon after, they became lost in their own rhythm of bliss. Staz could feel Fuyumi's inner walls pulsate around the length of him each time she bounced off his lap. Tighter and hotter each push. It felt so good he thought he was going to die.

If that was the case then he'd die happy. Staz clutched her plump rear and bucked into her faster. Panting and moaning, the intensity at which they rocked caused the couch to squeak. He was nearing his limit and Fuyumi was too as she twitched here and there around him, embracing his shaft the faster they rocked.

With her legs wrapped around his waist, Staz quickened the pace.


She tensed even more around his cock, a sure sign she was ready to release that sweet warm milk that would send him over the edge. He rolled deeper into her, faster and faster until- "Aaaaahn! Breathless, Staz smirked smugly leering down at Fuyumi. There she lay, panting and sweating with an arm thrown about her face.

Staz felt as if he had been in a similar situation, only this time it was less awkward. It seemed she was off in another world again. He admitted to loving her, albeit in his head, but that didn't mean they had to change. We'll just be the same way we were before," "Oh," Fuyumi's tone gushed with disappointment. A hollow pain tugged at Staz's heart. Oh shit, he thought. Judging by the look on her face, Staz knew he said something stupid.

Plot Edit When he meets Yanagi Fuyumi after she is brought to his room, he falls in love with the bloodlust at first sight and changes his life goal to befriend her. But as you know it, she is eaten by a carnivorous plant and becomes a ghost, making her no longer human.

Staz realizes that she is no longer drawn to her the way he was when she was flesh and blood, so he promises to protect her and retrieve her. To retrieve it, he will do anything, even becoming her vampire bodyguard and letting her drink his blood. Through this, he goes through many attempts to find a way to retrieve it. When he was younger, his complete demonic power was sealed by his older brother, Braz.

Because Braz forced his powers to awaken at a very young age, Staz's young body was not able to deal with such strong powers. This resulted in Braz having to put a magic bullet in his heart. When Staz will question his older brother about how to resuscitate a human, they make a deal that if he fights with Pantomime, he will explain the process to him.

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However, Pantomime is too strong to be defeated with Staz's powers in his current state. Therefore, Braz launches the sealed spell, and Staz again regains his full magical abilities, allowing him to win the Pantomime.

Later in the story, after several different tests, Staz is ordered by Hydra Chiefs to make a vow to help Fuyumi recover her life, but to do so, he must follow her every whim. From a young age, Staz had demonstrated a frighteningly powerful ability, which was then sealed away by his brother. Even with his sealed powers, Staz was a rather powerful demon easily able to maintain his territory without issue. After having his power unmarked by his brother, Staz becomes much more powerful. He is now able to manifest his power in a physical form, taking the form of a hand with open circles in the joints and in the middle of the palm.

Staz has shown using this hand as an attack, hitting or catching an enemy, and a mode of transport, using it as a platform to stay ahead while traveling.

Staz is expert in using his demonic power to attack from a distance. He does this by extending his magical energy from his body to affect his opponent directly or the environment around him, such as using it to strike with powerful blows or create huge eruptions of energy from the ground.

The manifestation of Staz' magic Special Moves: ZIP - Staz extends his magical energy from his body and concentrates it on his opponent's vital organs usually the heart. He then clenches his hand into a fist as if he is physically crushing an object, causing his opponent's heart to burst. Chew-Chew Drain - Staz first locks the person in a full-body hold and bites into their neck or shoulder.

He breaks off one of his fangs and leaves it embedded in his opponent's skin. After that, the tooth acts as a remote transceiver that draws out the demonic energy of his opponent and transfers it to Staz, allowing him to replenish his own magic or life energy.

After the seal on his power is broken, he is capable of directly draining other demons of their energy without this strategy, as demonstrated in his battle with Team Fearless. Playback Payback - First, Staz performs a powerful uppercut that sends his opponent soaring into the air.