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The following is a list of characters in the A&E drama series Breakout Kings. . Julianne and Lloyd share a very friendly relationship since Lloyd willfully His ultimate goals are to kidnap Princess Peach, defeat Mario, and conquer the. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Julianne is more than reluctant to join Breakout Kings when offered, but ultimately accepts. It seems that she has a father/daughter relationship with Ray for.

Black Dude Dies First: Lloyd, when in the second season Damien takes him hostage and forces him to play a game of cards to save a girl's life. Lloyd does, and he wins Right in front of him. It gets even worse in the season finale. Damien holds Ray's daughter hostage to force the team, particularly Lloyd, through a scavenger hunt intended to screw with his mind. This includes forcing them to dig through Charlie's ashes, and making Lloyd confront the parents of the girl who OD'ed from one of his bad prescriptions.

Lloyd points out to Ray that he accepted 25 years for a simple manslaughter charge because he couldn't bear to face them in court. Topping off the twisted game, for the last step in the scavenger hunt, Damien demands that Lloyd kill an escaped convict in cold blood. Lloyd offers to do it, saying that Damien wanted to break him, and it worked. Fortunately the team finds Damien before Lloyd actually goes through with it. Julianne is a mix of this and Shrinking Violet.

The Broken Bird part comes from an incident as a child when she witnessed her cousin being kidnapped, presumably to be murdered. T-Bag claims to be the product of this brother-sister rape actually in "The Bag Man". This appears to be how Lloyd views his profiling; he doesn't understand why Shea gets pissed when he rattles off statistics about black crime rates or why Erica is enraged to the point of attacking him when he realizes that she's got a daughter who she's been separated from.

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The fact he uses them to insult them may have part to do with it. Of course as the series goes on we see that Lloyd despite his intelligence suffers from self esteem issues and used his insults and intelligence to prove himself.

Come season two when he feels more comfortable with the group he drops the insults and attitude. In the third episode of the first season T-Bag breaks out from Fox River, yet again. An unprecedented case of a character crossing over to a show on a completely different network. The show was originally owned by Fox. Not to mention, it was unadvertised; only people who had seen Prison Break would know about the crossover.

Xavier Price Conveyor Belt o' Doom: In the pilot episode, Gunderson is dismissed from the team and sent back to prison after he attempts to steal a knife from a diner when the team stop for lunch.

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Cut His Heart Out with a Spoon: In "Queen of Hearts", Erica gets a little annoyed at Lloyd for jeopardizing everyone's position on the team due to his gambling problem: If you ever get in debt again I will harvest one of your organs with my thumbnail. Ray's daughter, in a positive example. Erica used to be one. As it was when I first wrote this story, fans of Breakout Kings, if you're still out there This fic is for you.

It's Erica that breaks first.

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She doesn't know if that's what the marshals expect - Lloyd's a weasel and Shea's out for himself, or that's what they think, and she wonders how they only see a woman so desperate to get her daughter back she'll do anything. But she guesses the marshals don't know dick about how loyal she is, how loyal she's been to this team, to Ray, to the job.

How loyal they've all been. Then again, Ray wouldn't be in this position if the other marshals knew dick about loyalty of any kind. All they know about is climbing the ladder, advancing their own careers on a good man's broken back.

Thing is, the thing the marshals don't know about aside from how tight this team has become, any of the three of them could be a criminal mastermind.

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Their incarceration has only made them sharper, more focused. You might say they were goal oriented. And with outside distractions taken away, well, planning their way out of this one is almost fun.

It's Lloyd that insists she get her name on paper first, and Shea backs him up. Seems they've grown as people, or some shit like that, because if this goes sideways they want her life with her daughter to be iron-clad, or perhaps guaranteed in terminology that doesn't remind them of prison.

And Shea makes Lloyd turn next, because Lloyd can't handle himself in prison without protection, by which Shea does not mean oven mitts and duct tape. And frankly, it would be suspicious if Lloyd didn't roll. Shea's an entrepreneur, and that kind of guy gets so connected in the big house that sometimes they don't see any point in wanting to leave. Big fish in a little pond, all that. But eventually they turn him too. Or so they think, those rat-fuckin'-bastards. And the whole time, Ray and Jules dig up dirt, and they find plenty.

They know where all the bodies are buried, so to speak, so when the river is dealt and the hand plays out, they're holding all the cards they need. And the pot is so, so sweet. Those corrupt marshals look as shitty in prison orange as everyone else. At 20 he had set up crews in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Weapons, counterfeit merchandise, stolen product — Shea was moving it all across state lines, in and out of the country, getting a piece of every transaction that crossed his territory, which was practically everywhere.

When Erica was in her early twenties, her father, a skilled bounty hunter, captured a notorious criminal. Five thugs beat him to death.

Enraged, Erica tracked and killed each of the thugs one by one. When working with the Breakout Kings her disposition is professional and calculating, sometimes mistaken for iciness. Beneath her stoic demeanor, Erica has a volatile temper she constantly fights to keep in check, but it can, and sometimes does, violently erupt.

If she slips, her gig as a Breakout King will be cut short.