Bruce jenner and linda thompson relationship

Linda Thompson Poses with Ex Caitlyn Jenner, Compliments Her Outfit |

bruce jenner and linda thompson relationship

Linda Diane Thompson (born May 23, ) is an American songwriter/lyricist, former actress She appeared as Linda Jenner in a workout video by then- husband Bruce Jenner (now In , Thompson began a relationship with former Olympic Gold Medal decathlete Bruce Jenner (now known as Caitlyn Jenner). It looks like Caitlyn Jenner and Linda Thompson have mended their relationship, and all it took was a major transition! The former couple have. ET sat down for a candid interview with Linda Thompson, who talked about her complex relationship with her ex, Caitlyn Jenner.

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When it comes to Linda Thompson's relationship with her ex, Caitlyn Jennerit's complicated. Jenner married Kris inwhich was after she had told Thompson that she was transgender, ultimately leading to their own split. I thought he had found his forever and he pretty much had. Although she had nothing but good will towards the union, she admits that Jenner being transgender did cause her to have doubts about her own identity.

I questioned my own femininity, my own sexuality, my own intelligence, where I was going to go in the future with my life, and what would happen to my children. It was a crazy time. They have two children together -- year-old Brandon and year-old Brody. Getty Images "I had this normal, wonderful, athletic, down to earth, free and easygoing guy, that I fell in love with, and who fathered two children, two sons with me," Thompson says about her initial relationship with Jenner.

The two went to therapy, where Thompson educated herself on transgender issues. Though nothing could prepare Thompson for the devastation she felt when she saw Jenner dressed as a woman for the first time. I thought maybe we can get past this.

Brandon, 33, is now in a music duo with his wife, Leah Felder, the daughter of Eagles guitarist Don Felder. Hide Caption 9 of 14 Photos: The Kardashian clan Brody Jenner, 31, has practically grown up in front of the cameras.

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He's the younger son of Bruce Jenner and Linda Thompson. Hide Caption 10 of 14 Photos: The Kardashian clan The family patriarch was Robert Kardashian, a Los Angeles attorney who first became famous to the rest of the country as one of O. Kardashian, who's the father of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob, married Kris in and divorced her 13 years later.

Robert Kardashian died in Hide Caption 11 of 14 Photos: The Kardashian clan Hip-hop star Kanye West was taken into the family orbit after he started seeing Kim Kardashian in The couple had a daughter, North, the next year and married in May Hide Caption 12 of 14 Photos: The two have three children.

Disick has struggled in the glare of the Kardashian spotlight, admitting to anger issues and getting into tiffs with other members of the family.

InDisick and Kardashian announced their breakup. Hide Caption 13 of 14 Photos: Khloe filed for divorce in Hide Caption 14 of 14 Story highlights Bruce Jenner's second wife Linda Thompson says she learned of his "gender issues" during their marriage She says she can breathe easier now that he can be "who he authentically is" CNN Actress Linda Thompson, Bruce Jenner's second wife, says she can "breathe a little easier" knowing her ex-husband has found the strength to publicly declare he is transgender.

In a two-hour special that aired Friday, the Olympic gold medalist and "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star said he has the "soul of a female" even though he was born with male body parts. Thompson, who had two sons with Jenner during their five-year marriage, was one of many relatives to cheer Jenner for publicly sharing what she had known for decades.

Linda Thompson Poses with Ex Caitlyn Jenner: 'I Never Could Have Imagined' Coveting Her Outfit

That takes tremendous courage. For that I commend him. Read More Thompson wrote that she would not have married Jenner if she had known about his "gender issue" when they first met. But she's glad she didn't know because she would have missed the chance to share a life with him, including their two sons. The two met in at a celebrity tennis tournament at the Playboy Mansion, while Jenner was in the process of separating from his first wife. The two married on January 5,and made Hawaii their home.

Their first son, Brandon, was born infollowed by son Brody in I was extremely happy to have found such a remarkable partner with whom to share my life.

bruce jenner and linda thompson relationship

I found him to be honorable and, well, just too good to be true. Just too good to be true indeed," she wrote.

bruce jenner and linda thompson relationship

They were a celebrity "glamour couple" of the time, appearing regularly on red carpets, hosting charitable fundraisers and traveling the world together for their careers. Jenner's star grew, and was a man that other men aspired to be, and someone women wanted to be with.