Cl and dara relationship questions

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cl and dara relationship questions

Soooo, are BIGBANG's G-Dragon and 2NE1's Dara dating or not? By. SBS PopAsia HQ Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. 2NE1's Dara and CL write heartfelt letters to their fans. Earlier this month after a Big Bang concert in Seoul, Korea, G-Dragon was seen escorting Sandara Park from the concert hall. He had his arm. 2EN1 CL in a dating scandal with a graphic designer? Recently, some of formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. ㄴ CL's Ideal Type ; It was drawn by Dara. According to.

For full contents of the chat you can see them at the group screencaps Everyone knows GD and Se7en are best friends too. Guess who took their picture? Dara once bought GD a gift when she just got back from Philippines, which is broken white t-shirt designed with a kind of batik pattern. GD was seen wearing it several times, even for one of his music video, Breathe. GD is the one who supports Dara the most by encouraging Dara to try the YG audition once again after Dara failed her first one.

GD once helped Dara by replacing her to eat chilies when she lost a game made by Se7en. In Korea only few people has a name with three syllables, outside their family name. He called Dara with Noona several times, but it always makes him bumbling by scratching his nose or ruffling his hair.

cl and dara relationship questions

It might make GD feels more capable to protect Dara. Dara also once said that she considers GD as someone she could rely on, like an older brother. It has the same meaning with oppa, right? The one she could always rely on: As a matter of fact, she uploaded her picture with Gaho to prove herself. GD and Gaho sleep well Dara and Gaho Lots of Applers caught GD and Dara repeatedly steal a glance at each other.

Even in a video, Dara looked so panicked and embarrassed when she found GD out was suddenly standing behind her. In the same video, GD was seen staring at Dara unconsciously.

All of these scenes were caught by the camera. But their relationship came back to the media spotlight in Januarywhen Dara told the story about GD helping her to carry her ski board at the YG family vacation. GD then told the media that when he saw Dara carrying her ski board, it looked like Dara was carrying a man because the board was as tall as her.

That was the time when Dara said that GD is her ideal type. Dara stood at the left with pink jacket and a big ski board: D GD stood at the right with his favorite yellow jacket.

People at the location wondered to whom GD wants to meet because he already saw Minzy, CL, and Bom but still kept looking around. Then, people deduced that he came just to bring the food for Dara.

Are you still very close with him despite your busy schedule? My dad lives in Paris right now and he's busy all the time but we always talk to each other. He had a book for children out; he used to draw me pictures when I was young and tell me stories so he made that as a book and that was really special.

I always thank him because he was always supportive. I was giving the book to everybody and I was really happy. There was a picture of me when I was young, there's some drawings I gave him as a Father's Day gift. We have a dorm. We actually moved just now. All the members family live in Korea but my family live all around the world. They get to go back to their home when they want to but I can't so I got my own place so I'm living by myself.

What other girl groups do 2NE1 feel keep you on your toes? Not jealousy but just some healthy competition?

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Since all four of us are different, we inspire and push each other. Let's talk about your 2NE1 girls; who do you go to when you're having a hard time of it? I actually don't go to anyone, cos I'm the leader I kind of have to suck it in.

I don't want to show them that kind of struggle, so that they can rely on me. Who do you go to for career advice? I definitely go to Teddy Park. He writes all our songs and is our producer and he's the only one I share what's on my mind.

cl and dara relationship questions

If I was going through a hard time, I would share that with him. He's like the guiding light for me. He's much older than me and he gives me good advice and takes care of me and makes sure I'm good. As a girl and a performer! You've been called a fashionista, the Baddest Female, but what do all these titles mean, if anything?

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Those are things I love but I don't do it for that name, I don't do it for people to call me fashionista or a leader but I love fashion and art and I'm enjoying what I do. I love being called being Baddest Female.

On stage I'm a bad ass so they can call me that. Could you see yourself working in design or would you prefer to be a muse?

cl and dara relationship questions

I'm more of a muse type. Even when it comes to music, I wanna be the muse. Would you start a CL fashion range?

I'm waiting, maybe one day but for now I want to be a muse for somebody. I love Jeremy Scott, it's hard It's hard to put one. Can you put three? Stylistically 2NE1 are icons and unafraid of pushing boundaries but lately all four of you have been doing magazine shoots and experimenting with a more low-key, womanly image The magazines that we shot separately were for fun. We dress how we feel — every day.

With regards to the future it will depend on what kind of music we put out because the look should coincide with the theme of the music.

You often call yourself a workaholic but where does that ethos comes from?