Danna garcia and mario cimarro relationship

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danna garcia and mario cimarro relationship

Mario Cimarro, Danna García, Lorena Rojas - Telenovelas Magazine Cover [ Bulgaria] (December ). Like · like_pink 1 Relationship Type, On-Screen. Everyone is abandoning ship on Mario Cimarro! First, he was let go from the novela he was a part of and just recently Ninel Conde said she. Is there any romantic relationship between telenovela artist Mario cimarro and. Did Mario cimarro and danna garcia are love? Who Is Danna.

She fell in love with Juan for and they got married, they also have a little son named Juan David. Sara Elizondo- the sister of Norma and Jimena. She was very shy and conservative at the beginning but after some time she met Franco and she changed, she fell in love with Franco and at the end they got married and they lived happily on the Reyes' property.

Jimena Elizondo- the youngest sister of all three.

danna garcia and mario cimarro relationship

She fell in love with Oscar. She is different from her sisters. She is young and cheerful, she is also eager for fun. She got married to Oscar after just a month of relationship.

She moved with him after they got married. They also lived happily on Reyes' property.

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They hooked up first. She was married with Fernando but she wasn't happy. When she met Juan she found her real love. She dated him secretly and she got pregnant.

danna garcia and mario cimarro relationship

She was so happy, she really loved Juan. Juan was very happy too. Her sisters, Jimena and Sara, weren't really happy because of her relationship with Juan, especially Sarita, but with time they accepted their relationship and they were very happy because of them. The only problem was Norma's mom, she hated Juan and his brothers.

danna garcia and mario cimarro relationship

Juan and Norma got married, and they lived happily with their son Juan David on Reyes' property. Jimena and Oscar They got married after just a month of their relationship. They are young and eager for fun.

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Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. If you like the story line ninasua 11 February If you like the comment that Venus said about this show. You can watch it again. You can watch Pasion DE Gavilanes at 1: This show is great and you should watch it even is you don't speak Spanish fluently. I love this story very much. And I hope you all will like it because it has touched my heart and I know it is going to touch yours.

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This story is about three brothers who lost their beloved sister when was treat badly my her lover's family. They become angry and seek revenge. However, they did not find it but they found love.

This soap opera is a remake of a soap opera called Las Aguas mansas. I have not watched that soap but hopefully it is as good as this soap. The background setup is beautiful and so are the characters It has its heated and humorous moments. I consider this telenovela to be one of the best ones I've seen. It definitely grabbed the prize for best pictures to me, not to mention best kisses.

Even the part before the commercials are attention grabbers. If only hey sold the CD here i'd buy it!!! The story line pretty much revolves around three drop-dead gorgeous brothers and their relationships in a close-knit community.

Lots of horses and horsing around. I think they fall for the three stunning sisters a coincidence too obvious to ignore.