Deadpool and siryn relationship goals

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deadpool and siryn relationship goals

Siryn (Theresa Rourke Cassidy) was one of my past lovers, associated with the She promised me that she would consider progressing their relationship if I. Cable and Deadpool, who star in their own eponymous comic book series, are best Siryn: This isn't what Nathan would want, Wade. whom are uncomfortable trying to define what type of relationship Cable and Deadpool have. About TVTropes · TVTropes Goals · Troping Code · TVTropes Customs · Tropes of Legend. Deadpool leaps clear of the incoming Juggernaut, dragging Siryn out of harm's way, as well. Juggernaut reveals his ultimate goal is not to get revenge for past slights, but to collect Which is important in any relationship.

Jonah Jameson and tries to attack by launching a powerful sonic scream at her but due to Ballistique's close proximity to Jameson, the police think Theresa is attempting to attack Jameson. The police attempt to stop Theresa by attacking her with their nightsticks but not before she can warn Monet of Ballistique. Monet takes him to the hospital where Theresa attempts to console her.

After the baby is born, it attempts to attack Theresa and Madrox but not knowing it is Rahnes son, Theresa uses one of her screams to blast it away from the duo.

The two women decide to take Rahne on a road trip to Reverend John Maddox to help her. During the trip, Theresa and Lorna bond and develop a friendship. Pairing up with Havok, the two investigate the murders.

deadpool and siryn relationship goals

She requests to speak with granddaughter as the grandmother was the first to die. At first believing the little girl to be a mutant, Theresa soon realizes the girl is not when she summons a Celtic goddess by the name of the Morrigan. The girl attempts to send the Morrigan back but she ignores the girl and takes Theresa; furious that she has been using the name Banshee, one of the many names associated with the Morrigan. Taking her to a lighthouse, the Morrigan offers Theresa a choice; apologize and worship her or die.

Theresa rejects the Morrigans offer and is thrown to her death as her vocal cords had been weakened by the ordeal. Havok turns up just in time to see Theresa falling to her doom when she is rescued by a demon named Jezabel. Havok destroys the lighthouse leaving the Morrigan trapped under rubble.

Jezebel advises them the apocalypse is coming and Theresa will have to make a tough choice sometime within the near future; to become part of a race of new gods or perish with the rest of humanity. Working with Layla, the duo attempt to summon the Morrigan but instead Theresa is teleported to Ireland. During the confrontation, Theresa asks if the Morrigan can heal Lorna but the Morrigan advises her she cannot as Lorna does not believe in her. The Morrigan reveals she is tired of being a goddess and misses her own father; if she wishes to truly help Lorna, she will need to become the Morrigan.

Theresa agrees and then hurls a sonic lance through the Morrigan, killing her. In that moment, Lorna is completely healed of her insanity. Theresa teleports back to headquarters, appearing before Madrox as the Morrigan and telling him goodbye.

deadpool and siryn relationship goals

Theresa lets him know she never stopped loving him and if he needs her, all he has to do is pray before departing. She then asks the now-married Madrox and Layla if they want to reform the team but, they decline saying that since Layla is pregnant they have a farm to start up and a baby on the way. Like her father, she has the ability to emit high-decibel "sonic screams" to create various sonic effects with her vocal cords.

She can vary the pitch to deflect projectilesand she even used it to deflect lasers once. While screaming, Siryn is able to fly at the speed of sound. Siryn has especially potent sonic attacks.

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She has shown a degree of resistance to what would be harmful and painful sounds and vibrations to normal humans or mutants without sonic-based powers. She is vulnerable to losing the ability to use her power effectively by overstraining and overusing her sonic screams or injury to her throat and vocal cords. Siryn can cause the intended person to fall in love with her without regard to gender or sexual orientation and carry out her wishes and commands, like mythical Sirens.

Her known powers include the ability to teleport by her own free will or to people who summon her using the correct ritual; heal her followers and people with a personal bond to her; some form of immortality or longevity as the previous Morrigan mentioned she was over two millennia old.

At this point, Theresa was still under the guardianship of her uncle, Black Tomand unaware of her father's existence and death, but after learning the facts from Beast, she named herself Banshee in her father's honor.

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After foiling Nefaria although he ultimately escapes and settling her affairs with her uncle, she joins the newly formed X-Men team. She is a companion to Nate Greyand fights alongside him and Sauron against Mr.

deadpool and siryn relationship goals

She is seen as one of William Stryker, Jr. She takes Lazarus to Father Boschelli and the Church she was raised in for sanctuary, although unbeknown to her, Beatrice subsequently abducts Lazarus from there. BridgeHammer, SoloAnacondaand Constrictorshe attacked Cable at his community Providence, but she quickly defected to his side after the Six Pack was defeated by Cable and Deadpool.

Domino followed Deadpool to Rumekistan, where she assassinated the country's dictator, Flag-Smasheronly to find out it was part of a plan to install Cable as leader of that nation. After a conversation with Citizen Vshe then attempted to kill Cable, believing that he would lead them to ruin. When a fake Punisher started targeting civilians, she was the only team member to believe in Castle's innocence.

After a brief fight, she wounds Chimera and the women escape with the body, [24] but Domino manages to replace Jean Grey 's body before the Red Queen could take it as a host.

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When the group arrives, they find her in a bar with the members of X-Force. She fights with them during the war against the Avengers. X-Men " storyline, Domino left Utopia like all the mutants who lived there. When they arrive to help Deadpool when it comes to freeing Negasonic Teenage Warhead from Umbral Dynamics, Domino stated to Deadpool that they arrived to help and that she is calling the shots on the Mercs for Money.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. October Learn how and when to remove this template message Domino is a mutant with the ability to subconsciously and psionically initiate random telekinetic acts that affect probability in her favor by making improbable but not impossible things occur within her line of sight, thus causing her to have "good luck" and her opponents to have "bad luck.

The full extent of her powers is still unknown. This effect constantly emanates from her body at all times and is completely subconscious. However, it is also largely participatory—in order for the luck to take effect, Domino herself must engage in an action whose chance she can affect.

She has extensive training in various armed combat techniques and the martial arts, with Olympic-gold level athletic and acrobatic ability. She also seems to be fluent in multiple languages. She has also used a staff that fires unspecified ammunition, which can be used for balance when jumping and is equipped with sensors. During her time as an X-Corporation operative, Domino wore contact lenses designed by Forgecapable of night vision or, with a triple blink, firing a high-intensity laser beam.

Domino was summoned by the Dark Lord to hunt down Nate Grey. Even though Domino's powers gave her the advantage, she was killed by Nate, who destroyed her mind by exposing her to all the suffering she had caused.

Her Earth designation is Earth Once the universe reverted back, Cable began to age at an accelerated rate until he was a grownup again. One such piece of equipment is actually housed by his cybernetic arm.

deadpool and siryn relationship goals

Her name is Belle and she is a sentient Artificial Intelligence. She appears as an anthropomorphic pinup tattoo. Belle is relatively new, first appearing in Uncanny Avengers vol 3 2. In the yeara mysterious contagion had wiped out everyone on Earth, with the exception of a few Inhumans. Belle aided Cable in figuring out what caused the mass destruction and finding a solution to the problem. However, he ultimately felt that because he was already returning several aspects of the character that had been gone for a while, that it would be best if he could incorporate some newer elements as well.

The scribe had quite a long run on Deadpool as well. Cable is no exception. When Cable finally gains a measure of mastery over his awesome abilities, he uses them to attempt to create his own Utopia - like many a misguided, super powerful comic book character has done. This battle culminated in Cable fighting the Silver Surfer, who is one of the most powerful characters in the entire Marvel universe. Not only was Cable keeping up with the Surfer, but while fighting him, he was also repairing the massive damage incurred by the city as a result of their battle.

The Silver Surfer triumphed eventually, but not before Cable busted his surfboard! In the end, the only solution Cable could find was to have Deadpool partially lobotomize him in order to keep him from burning out completely. Although some readers tend to complain about all the retcons, nonexistent continuity and the impermanence of lives lost, many of us enjoy the X-Men too much to care. Suspension of disbelief goes hand in hand with loving comics, after all.

deadpool and siryn relationship goals

Like his fellow mutants, Cable has had his fair share of experience with alternate realities. They protected the cosmos together. The Storm miniseries pointed to an attraction between the characters, but perhaps Warren Ellis was the only one who actually wanted to see that happen, because after the book ended, it was never revisited. A brief glimpse of their marriage in a one-shot is likely all that readers will ever see. When a new mutant was eventually born, she was as feared as she was revered.

Luckily, she had a valiant protector and pretty great father figure in Cable.

He took in the young mutant, naming her Hope and protecting her by continuously jumping through time. Once she was around sixteen, Cable decided to return her to her proper time. The problem was that everything was pretty much a giant mess. Although many would worship Hope as the mutant messiah, others would rather see her destroyed and homo superior snuffed out along with her.