Deadshot and harley relationship help

15 Times That Prove Harley Quinn's Relationship With The Joker Is Messed up AF

deadshot and harley relationship help

Relationship with Harley Quinn. You had an attraction to him, because Deadshot was a very strict leader to the team- and we all know how Harley. May 11, Harley and the Joker go together like peanut butter and really messed Harley Quinn and the Joker have a pretty unconventional relationship -- heck, it's really abusive and new: namely Floyd "Deadshot" Lawyton, as played by Will Smith. FAQ/Help · Jobs · Terms of Use · Privacy Policy/Privacy Rights. Oct 27, Will Smith sheds light on 'Suicide Squad's love triangle with Deadshot, Harley, and the Joker, a complicated set of relationships that mimics the.

Wanting to settle down and be a family man, Deadshot returned to his vigilante roots, cleaning up the Star City neighborhood they lived in.

deadshot and harley relationship help

Upon leaving, Deadshot called in some favors from old associates, ensuring Zoe was accepted into a better school. Zoe is one of the only things Floyd cares about, and Amanda Waller utilizes this knowlege for leverage, frequently dangling the promise of a visit from Zoe in order to get Lawton to do her bidding. Deadshot even achieved this wish more than once, dying multiple times during the New 52 incarnation of the Suicide Squad, only to be brought back to life by Amanda Waller -- who would immediately get cussed out by a livid Floyd Lawton.

His first death was a sacrificial play to take down Regulus, the leader of the terrorist organization known as Basilisk. He was given a full funeral, only to be revived a few issues later.

His second death was at the hands of the new Squad member, the Unknown Soldier.

Harley Quinn And Deadshot. Kisses.

So Harley wants to help how she can, and wants to recruit any of her friends to the cause. Their dispute over sides leads to a series of fights across the issues, each basically trying to beat the other into seeing their side.

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Eventually Harley gets tired of fighting, though, and she gives up on Shazam, riding off on a motorcycle feeling heartbroken. Gods Among Us, Superman actually winds up killing him. So in a way, DC is making fun of their own character with Red Tool.

deadshot and harley relationship help

And since Red Tool basically has the personality of Deadpool, that means his craziness is intense even for Harley Quinn. Harley first meets Red Tool when he begins stalking her and he decides to abduct her to introduce himself. Red Tool moves extremely fast, so from there he quickly moves on to wanting to marry Harley, even surprising her with a fully set up wedding.

Initially Harley just views Red Tool as a nuisance, but she does eventually get used to him enough to view him as a friend. So to her going on a date with Bruce is like going on a date with an entirely different person.

deadshot and harley relationship help

And in this story Harley definitely wanted that date, even to the point of being willing to pay over a million dollars for it. Bruce is auctioning off a date with himself for charity, and a lot of women turn out for it. Having heard of the event in advance, Harley decides she wants that date and proceeds to get the necessary funds through robbery. Image Credit The comics make this absolutely clear. Even from the start of their relationship there was a clear power struggle and a dominance upheld by The Joker.

From The DC Database: Realizing his intention, she had struggled, but he shoved her into one of the chemical vats and watched her sink to the bottom.

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Afterwards, he drained it and found her inside, alive, but changed. She had lost touch with reality, which meant that she could do whatever she liked.

He dubbed her Harley Quinn, and the two of them were together — until he tired of her.

deadshot and harley relationship help

From the time they met in Arkham Asylum until she broke him out, he had emotionally manipulated her and had ignored her personal wishes. Although the relationship is difficult, it has its good moments- up until The Joker leaves her. In the meantime, Harley heard a rumor that The Joker was dead and escaped prison to find out if it was true.