Dia mirza and sahil sangha relationship advice

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dia mirza and sahil sangha relationship advice

the corner. Dia Mirza surprises Filmfare with her candid confessions. And it's all about longtime beau and fiancé Sahil Sangha. Talk about him and From being good friends it was only natural that our relationship progressed. From the word But I guess she got the right advice at the right time. Sadly. Former beauty queen Dia Mirza is finally Mrs Sahil Sangha! She married The couple opted for an intimate Arya Samaj wedding. Advertising. The Love Story Of Dia Mirza And Sahil Sangha That Turned Into A Fairytale And when it came to wedding, the couple chose to opt for the.

She credits him for bringing stability in her life. Winning critical acclaim for her Bengali film Paanch Adhyay was not only a milestone but also her eye-opener to regional cinema. Here, she reveals how Sahil rocked her world and more… How did Cupid strike? I was desperate and lonely. And had been single for too long. And he was the first cute boy that I met with half a brain and half the charm On a serious note… Sahil came to narrate a script to me.

The script was a reflection of what he stood for.

You need to lust after your partner- Dia Mirza | posavski-obzor.info

I was moved by his sensitivity towards the characters. We had a lot of things in common. From being good friends it was only natural that our relationship progressed. So has he gone down on his knees? He wants to do it his way when the moment he believes is right. Is marriage on the cards? An ultimatum has been given to him. Not too many people are comfortable working with their partners?

We want the same things out of life. I marvel about his respect for what he wants and the will to fight for his desires to come true.

Dia Mirza's gets married to Sahil Sangha in Avadhi style

What a man truly needs, is character. But more or less, we have a calm relationship.

dia mirza and sahil sangha relationship advice

So who makes up post a fight? What are your hang-out spots?

dia mirza and sahil sangha relationship advice

We hang out a lot in the kitchen. We both love to cook.

Marriage not on Dia Mirza’s mind. Only love and breakups

I swap between Hyderabadi and Punjabi cooking. But predominantly Hyderabadi, so a lot of biryani, nihari, khatti daal, kheema… the works!

  • You need to lust after your partner- Dia Mirza
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  • Dia Mirza gets captured in a candid moment with her husband Sahil Sangha

It has been a fantastic ride, one where simply so much happiness, emotion and hard work has been involved. In your life there are big shifts at various points where your life takes a whole new course. It has been a journey of self-discovery and learning. How nervous are you ahead of the release? We have pulled off what we set out to do. What makes me anxious is the marketing.

There are so many people trying to push their product at the same time. Marketing is a blood drier. The post processes are the most difficult part of filmmaking. Any worries about how it will be received? Anythingis only as complicated as you make it in your head. You do any job with in the world with integrity and honesty, you will want it show it off without worrying much.

Our music is doing well, which is very reassuring. The buzz is great and the creatives are being appreciated… hope it all goes well smiles Tell us something about your role in LBZ. She is a reflective of a lot of young women, focused on career or career and relationships. How similar are you and Naina in real life?

You have acted in more than 30 films. Do you regret the choices you made in films? How has the experience been when it comes to choosing film projects?