Diefenbaker and kennedy relationship

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diefenbaker and kennedy relationship

John Diefenbaker had a famously toxic relationship with John F. Kennedy. John Boyko, author of the upcoming book Kennedy and the. Much to Kennedy's annoyance, Diefenbaker recommended that independent United Nations Their relationship would never fully recover from this incident. U.S. President John F. Kennedy and wife Jacqueline were treated like royalty when they visited Canada in to help form a stronger.

Kennedy in Ottawa in John Boyko, author of the upcoming book Kennedy and the Canadians, explains why: Diefenbaker was an anti-establishment populist.

diefenbaker and kennedy relationship

As a lawyer and a politician, he devoted himself to defending the powerless against those whose family, wealth and connections afforded unearned advantages. Kennedy represented everything Diefenbaker despised.

diefenbaker and kennedy relationship

Before they even met, Diefenbaker dismissed him as shallow and over-privileged. With the razor-close presidential election decided, Diefenbaker sent Kennedy a congratulatory letter.

He then waited for a response—and waited. He eventually had his ambassador in Washington ask whether the letter had been received.

diefenbaker and kennedy relationship

Only then did Kennedy reply. Diefenbaker believed he and Canada had been slighted.

JFK’s war with Diefenbaker

He remained sensitive to slurs regarding it, so he was insulted when, at their first meeting, Kennedy called him Diefen-bawker. The crowd loved it, exploding in laughter.

diefenbaker and kennedy relationship

Diefenbaker, perhaps the most thin-skinned leader Canada had ever known, felt humiliated, falling into a black mood aided and abetted by earlier moments in which Kennedy twice mispronounced his name. But the shoe was most painfully on the other foot a short while later, when Kennedy was led to the grounds of Rideau Hall for the ceremonial planting of a red oak.

JFK, playing up his image of vigour for the cameras, seized the shovel and dug heartily into a mound of dirt — instantly reawakening an old back injury that would haunt him for his remaining days. Kennedy was the friendly aggressor on continental defence while Diefenbaker was the coy deflector, pleading for time so that he could better prepare Canadians for the unpopular idea of nuclear weapons north of the border. A staunch nationalist and a true believer in the fading Commonwealth, Dief saw advantage in continued close trade with the U.

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Yet the world was changing. Britain was actively looking to enter the European Common Market, a move that would almost certainly strip Canada and the rest of the Commonwealth of trade preferences.

Inside the relationship between John F. Kennedy and gay friend Lem Billings

But the issues were exacerbated by personal dissonance. Dief, the wily if mercurial prairie populist, was Old School: They were 22 years apart — Dief, 65; Kennedy 43 — yet more than a generation separated them. One looked at the other and saw brassy impetuousness; the other looked back and saw a musty bore.

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JFK ended with what every contemporary press account seized upon as the great aspirational message of the trip. Economics has made us partners. And necessity has made us allies.

Those whom nature hath so joined together, let no man put asunder.

diefenbaker and kennedy relationship

Rostow, a war hawk who would go on to shape American policy in Vietnam, contained bullet points of U. Was it discovered elsewhere in Ottawa and forwarded to the PM? However he acquired it, the Rostow Memo excited Diefenbaker greatly.