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A History Of Drake's Complicated Relationship With Women he claimed that the song was about an ex, Nebby, who “represented everything. Drake sings about how he had to end a past relationship to move on . The song is about an ex, specifically Nebby, who Drake dated in And so I began to test out my hypothesis with Science. relationship (except for perhaps an on-again/off-again thing with Zineb “Nebby” Samir, the alleged dedicatee of “Best I When I posted the poll “Has Drake ever been in a relationship?.

This is another relationship song that grapples with feelings, commitments, and careers. The beat is amazing and includes a line for a great drink recipe: The hook of this song is centered around a woman who is busy working on her career and herself.

This track boasts about the rise Drake has made and all of the accomplishments in his life. He goes on to say that he attained all this on his own and makes sure the ones close to him are also doing well. Feelsy Drake is back at it again, this time full on falling hard for his lady.

This is about being in a relationship and putting your all into it, as he so dramatically puts: This track has a fun, danceable vibe. He also gives a shoutout to Cheesecake Factory and greatly inspires me to fight with a loved one there. Drake dropped out of school and was able to make it to where he is today without an education although he went back to school and graduated on October 17th, Drake and Rihanna make nothing but magic together.

Each of their collaborations have centered around relationships with this one telling the story of a couple who feels that the other person in the relationship is undeserving of their love.


Each person claims that they are too good to the other. The beat is smooth and the song is nothing but beautiful. It shows that even though the summers in Toronto are gorgeous, the winters can be just as cold as those words are.

He sings about how he dedicates everything to her, as said in the beginning and ending of the song. This woman is with another man, which leads people to think certain lines in this song may be about Nicki Minaj, who Drake used to have a very flirtatious friendship with.

Is anyone else really happy for the girl Drake is singing about in Hotline Bling? : funny

Drake and Nicki no longer speak due to beef between Drake and Meek Mill. The song is extremely smooth and lovely to listen to. I had huge expectations for the song that the album was named after.

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