Employer and employee relationship building

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employer and employee relationship building

Tips for Employer Relationship Building: A Guide for IPS Supported Employment Specialists. Developed by: Sarah Swanson, Dartmouth PRC; Jerry Wood. The employer-employee relationship is crucial to every workplace. Here are the five essential building blocks of these relationships. You sorted through the. There are things an employer can do to maintain, motivate and develop a healthy employer-employee relationship with its human capital. Right this way!.

employer and employee relationship building

But the underlining factor behind all of this, the thing that makes all of this possible, is employer-employee relationships. Because a company is only as good as its workforce.

There are things an employer can do in order to maintain, motivate and develop a healthy relationship with its human capital.

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Here are a few of them: This can be anything from protecting the welfare of employees, to treating them respectfully, providing good working conditions and not abusing their power or discriminating against them. Of course loyalty goes both ways.

Employees should practice professionalism as well, whether it be using their work time effectively, giving notice before leaving or respecting confidentiality agreements. Healthy relationships are a two way street. Uncovering strengths I always say the first step is knowing!

In essence, they will be happier in what they are doing, and ultimately more successful. Not only are you creating awareness but also an appreciation for how that person is built. How to Conduct a Motivation Assessment The age-old question: You are motivated by numbers, ranking and being measured in your work, but your employee is more concerned with maintaining a pleasant work environment, just wants to implicate others in the processes and will even go as far as putting his own work aside to help colleagues.

employer and employee relationship building

Have an open door policy. If employees feel comfortable coming to you with new ideas, concerns, or, in the worst-case scenario, complaints, then it's easier to establish the natural give-and-take that comes with strong relationships.

How to Develop a Healthy Employer-Employee Relationship

Email, instant messaging and webcams may make communicating with your employees more convenient, but it's no substitute for the real thing -- namely, you. Don't become so busy that you neglect to be visible to your employees. Spend quality time with your employees.

It's not enough just to be present for meetings and other essential tasks.

employer and employee relationship building

If you want to have a real relationship with your employees, you have to be there for the ups and downs. Volunteer your assistance on a difficult project, provide a lunch for everyone during a hectic time -- and eat it with them -- and make the monthly employee birthday party special.

Nothing creates discontent in the workplace faster than obvious favoritism toward certain employees, or worse yet, a relative. You're not going to like everyone equally, of course, but the important thing is to treat all employees equally.

employer and employee relationship building

Enforce rules uniformly, reward hard work and exceeded expectations the same way for every employee, and try hard to have a positive attitude, even toward employees that are difficult to get along with.