Eren and mikasa relationship test

eren and mikasa relationship test

It is also my take on how Eren and Mikasa finally admit that they are . For the past six years they lived and acted as siblings but now they can. Mikasa's bond with Eren is undoubtedly her most important relationship and the They manage to pass the qualifying tests, Mikasa quickly proving her skills. Here is my attempt to analyze the relationship and friendship between Eren and Mikasa as depicted an.

However, to Mikasa, Eren seemed fine: The idea that you should spend the rest of your life with someone, just because that person has saved you when you were kids is childish, and Mikasa was a child when she thought like that. That kind of thinking slowly changed as Mikasa grew older, and developed as a person. After Carla died, Mikasa became overly-protective towards Eren, especially since the last thing Carla said to her, was to help Eren if he gets into trouble: As long as they live.

She also said during the CoT arc that all she wants is to be close to Eren. However, even though she spoke how Eren is everything to her, that she just wants to protect him, and be together with him, her actions sometimes spoke otherwise. Levi was beating Eren, and Mikasa was about to interfere, only to be stopped by Armin. Even though her interfering and attacking Levi, would put Eren in an even worse position, and could end up very bad for him, she still wanted to hurt Levi.

In the FT arc, we learned more about this. Levi told her to give up on killing the Female titan, and just prioritize on getting Eren back. During the fight, she thought she had an opening for a kill, and she went for it: Instead of just focusing on saving Eren, she prioritized killing the female titan.

Afterwards, Levi scolded her for that himself: She convinced herself that Eren is everything to her, and that she would do anything for him, but instead, she tried to satisfy her own desires, and kill the female titan.

In other words, the mission should simply be to get Eren back from them, and not try to kill them, but Mikasa was making the same mistake she did when her and Levi were fighting the FT. She wanted to kill them. Erwin specifically said that the mission is to take Eren back and retreat immediately: Still, once more, Mikasa went for a kill against Bertolt, instead of just focusing on cutting the rope that tied Eren to Bertolt like Erwin did later on: There are many things that could have gone wrong for Eren if she actually cut Bertolt in this situation, cause Eren would still be tied to him.

But luckily, before things got worse, Jean intervened, and helped her. It is Armin and Erwin who managed to free Eren from Bertolt, Armin by distracting him, and Erwin by cutting the rope that tied Eren to him, something that Mikasa should have done when she had the chance.

Because of her blunders, there were some drastic changes in her behavior after chapter 50, and she never made another blunder like that again.

In the Uprising arc, Mikasa allowed Levi to give Eren to the Reeves company, and even after Eren was captured by the Reiss family, she still proceeded to trust Levi, and continued to follow him: Eren relied on Armin to protect him, instead of Mikasa, when the stationary troops surrounded them, and Armin did. She failed to protect him when fighting against the FT, and it was thanks to Levi that Eren was saved. She failed to save Eren when he was kidnapped by Bertolt and Reiner.

It was only thanks to Armin and Erwin that Eren was released granted, Mikasa caught him afterwards. And she failed to protect him from the smiling titan, so Hannes-san intervened, and protected them.

Attack On Titan

At this point, Mikasa slowly started to understand, that she may not be the right person to entrust Eren to. When they finally found Historia and Eren in the cave, Mikasa actually attended to Historia first: And she gave the keys to Levi, entrusting him and others in saving Eren from the rubble. After Eren closed the hole in the wall in Shiganshina, Mikasa said to him something that surprised Eren: For the first time Mikasa actually said to Eren to trust himself.

He already saved people in the walls many times over, and he saved everyone in the cave from heat and rocks. In ch75, Erwin decided to use Eren as a bait in order to protect the horses, and Mikasa reacted fairly well: She was even worried that Reiner would still go for the horses. This time, she actually trusted Eren in fighting Reiner. In ch81, Armin came up with a plan to defeat the CT.

eren and mikasa relationship test

But this time, Mikasa had full trust in Armin, and entrusted Eren to him. Isayama made sure to focus on that part: Slowly, during the course of the manga, Mikasa has been realizing who she really is. Part 3 will cover her thoughts on Armin, and his bond with Eren from her pov. When the wall broke, Mikasa was searching for Eren. But, when she tried to find him on the battlefield, she only found Armin, whose tears were waiting for her: Mikasa tried to parallel Franz and Hannah, only to witness how Eren and Armin paralleled them.

Franz calmed Hannah down before the battlefield, assuring her that things will be all right, and eventually died protecting her.

Relationship Analysis- Eren and Mikasa | Attack On Titan Amino

She gave up on life for a moment, only to find a new reason to live: Did Armin do the same? No…Armin wanted to die. But, he wanted Mikasa and Connie to leave him behind: For someone who just lost the most important person in her life, Mikasa was dealing with it quite well. Armin, on the other hand…was a mess. On his way back, he fell in the middle of the city and started crying, than cried again in front of Mikasa, wishing that he died together with Eren.

It turned out that Eren was the rampaging titan, and that he was still alive. Mikasa huged him, and cried in happiness. But, other people Eren as a monster and were afraid of him, so Eren needed protection. Eren was of course, furious with Mikasa. Eventually, Eren entrusted his life to Armin, and Armin saved him with his speech. During the mission to close the Trost gate, things went wrong. Armin needed to convince Mikasa to let him try, and that she can save some lives if she entrusted Eren to him: Mikasa went on to fight against the titans, trying to save as many lives as possible, and Armin returned with the news that Eren is now in control of his titan: She was extremely happy that Eren won, but also confused, and was probably wondering how the hell did Armin managed to bring Eren back.

She entrusted him to Armin, who managed to get him back to his senses. Armin apologized because he realized that those memories are painful for Mikasa to remember. In the Uprising arc, Eren learned about what his father did to the Reiss family, and that he ate him. While Mikasa agreed with what Eren said, Armin thought that Eren should focus on something else instead of vengeance, and changed the topic to their dream.

During their way back to Shiganshina, Eren started to shake. Both Mikasa and Armin noticed it, and Mikasa was the first who tried to talk to Eren, but was quickly cut off by Armin: Now, the roles were reversed, and it is Armin who was calming Eren down. Mikasa was listening to how Eren jumped into titans mouth to save Armin, and sacrificed himself for him. How Eren was just spending his days looking at the clouds, until Armin came to him with that book, and he saw the look in his eyes.

It took all of Mikasa's willpower not to scream at Annie to get the hell off of Eren since she knew such an outburst would create an awkward situation with so many members of their squad watching. She also felt that something wasn't right since this must be the hundredth time Eren lost to Annie and it wasn't like him to fall for the same trick twice, let alone a hundred times.

It was almost as if Eren was deliberately holding back and letting the blonde girl win. Mikasa wondered as she tried to keep her temper in check. I know he can fight better than this. Does he find being dominated by a woman some kind of turn-on? Now that she thought about it, Eren almost always lost to the girls whenever training in hand-to-hand combat while he almost always beat the guys and easily too; it couldn't be coincidence as far as Mikasa was concerned.

Perhaps Eren was capable of beating practically anyone in their squad, herself included, but purposely loses to anyone he chooses to and the fact that he did not think to balance his victories and losses between male and female opponents was a dead-giveaway to Mikasa, even if no one else in their squad appears to notice.

Not just from pinning him down, but also with every time she touched him as well, no matter how slight; the eyes of jealousy were very sharp, after all.

eren and mikasa relationship test

No one could see the desire in Annie's eyes whenever she looked upon Eren but Mikasa alone. And while she used to dismiss the blonde girl's feelings for her foster brother as one-sided, Mikasa was now starting to have doubts since he was proud of his combat skills yet uttered not a word of complaint even after being beaten by Annie for the hundredth time. Mikasa watched as Eren simply smiled in gracious acknowledgement of his defeat and said "Thank you, Annie.

And as much as I'd love to stick around, it looks like I'll have to be retiring earlier than usual since you've left me quite sore. Would you like me to help you relieve some tension?

I will take care of Eren" she said, more harshly then she intended as she shot her foster brother a look that told him she wasn't really giving him a choice in the matter and not wanting to create an awkward scene, he gave in.

"Eren! Wake up!"

When they were finally alone, Eren looked like he wanted to say something to Mikasa, probably question her actions regarding Annie, but his foster sister did not give him a chance. Before he could say a word, she roughly grabbed him by the arm and half-led, half-dragged him to a dark corner outside the female barracks.

I've watched you and Annie train God knows how many times and she always manages to get the best of you which looks very suspicious to me because I know you can fight better than that! Either Eren was playing the fool or he really was dense because she didn't know what else to say that wouldn't give her true feelings away. Later that night, Mikasa left the female barracks in her white nightdress to go for a walk around the camp when she finally realized that sleep wasn't going to come easy, especially after everything that happened that day.

Thankfully, it was summer and the evenings were warm enough to walk outside without a sweater or coat. Looking further out, Mikasa noticed that a small campfire was lit outside and that there was someone tending to it. As she approached the fire, she noticed that it was none other than Eren sitting on a log before it, poking at the flames with a stick.

Like her, he was also out of uniform and clad in a light tan shirt and brown pants, possibly his sleepwear. Upon hearing her approaching footsteps, he turned and was surprised to see the very person whose displeasure he was on the receiving end of earlier that evening.

What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be sleeping? Eren regarded his foster sister curiously.

Mikasa's character development - "Eren! Wake up!"

Part of him was relieved that she seem no longer upset but part of him also wanted to demand an explanation for her outburst towards him earlier.

Unfortunately, he wasn't sure how to go about it in a way that wouldn't make her explode again which was the last thing he wanted since that would surely wake their sleeping comrades. So in the end, he decided it was better not to bring it up at all and instead said "I couldn't sleep. I suppose I'm still a bit sore from training today but I guess it can't be helped. If it's not too much to ask, Mikasa, could you please squeeze my shoulders a bit?

It would make me feel a lot better. To his relief, his foster sister silently granted his request as she took a seat beside him on the log and made a gesture for him to face her.

After Eren complied, Mikasa gently placed her hands on the side of his arms and started to squeeze them, using her fingers to feel for the knots in his muscles.

So he wasn't lying about being sore at least which was good. He also had to admit that Mikasa could be incredibly gentle when she wasn't busy roughing him up. What she said was true; he was a better fighter than he let on but knew that wasn't what she was really upset about. Contrary to what Mikasa thought, Eren was aware of Annie's attraction to him even though his own interest in her did not go beyond appreciating her abilities and respecting her as a fellow soldier.

Still, he had to see if his suspicions about his foster sister was correct… "You're right, I'm not" he confessed "I simply didn't want to hurt her or any other girls of our squad.