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is Re-L Mayer. The most complicated relationship you could have in a anime. x Re-l Mayer. Vincent Law x Re-l Mayer Ergo Proxy Re L, Manga Art, Manga. Ergo Proxy's Re-L (Real) and Vincent. One of the best is-a-couple-is-not-a- couple pairings out there. This is a community for well-written stories for the. Ergo Proxy is the story of an amnesiac immigrant named Vincent Law and the All of the Other Reindeer: Vincent and Re-l both have feelings like this. .. and has this personality to a T, and delivers exposition in the form of quiz questions.

But to admit failure, the creators had to acknowledge that the true failure was theirs. These "creators" seem to be the Proxy's, but then, who wrote "the Origin of Species"? Unless the Proxy's did before embarking on their task. And what is this "plan" and "Awakening? The name of the planet would one day be "Earth. Many strange things happened over the next few hundred million years. Later on dry land dinosaurs appeared. Thus began the law of the law of the jungle: Soon we came to the age of mammals.

Here, our ancestors were born. In order to catch his prey, one of the ancestors by chance raises the bone he is holding. Yes, this is the moment when the first tool came into existence. The image of the bone is a reference to A Space Odyssey Way to go humans! So these are humans. And they evolved naturally and are earthlings. So then, This universe takes place here and presumably our history is this history. But then how did the Proxies and current WombSys humans come around to existence and why is this an interference in "the plan" and furthermore what is "the plan"?

It's a big one. Not everyone could use it so it was a bit useless. It fostered widespread resentment. Someone used it to try to get away from earth. This is "mankind's last best hope" the images and words here are a reference to my favorite TV show, Babylon5 of escape from a world that's heading for destruction. Humanity's very own trump card. Science had finally made interplanetary emigration possible.

This would be the last tool manufactured here on earth. Completed through the fusion of ultimate wisdom, it was a spaceship built in geosynchronous orbit and referred to as the Evacuation Ship.

The correct answer was the Boomerang Star. An interplanetary immigration ship built by humans long ago. Things are coming together. Humans left earth, but not all of them.

Maybe Proxies are the descendants of humans and made dome cities to replace what they lost. What percentage of living creatures on planet earth were wiped out.

The letters were what? PP Proxy Project What would the human race no longer need once their numbers had been restored on the planet? Proxy As a result of the double P plan or Proxy Project the number of Proxies that were released across the planet was? Mary breaks her ankle upon reaching the ground, but stumbles away. Iggy stares down, wondering what happened, and Re-L orders him to contact the Disposal Facility and to have them go after her. Re-L goes back to the window to investigate and finds a large crater left by the creature's hand.

Vincent examines the infected AutoReiv he was sent to investigate, but finds no sign of an infection. The AutoReiv, called Pino looks like a small girl, more human-like than the other AutoReivs, with proper facial features.

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The woman standing beside the window claims that to be impossible on the grounds that Pino was acting strangely yesterday. Vincent begins to explain that the tests are highly reliable when he notices a baby carriage in the corner. The woman notices this and says proudly that the Welfare and Human Affairs Department gave her and her husband the child they've always wanted and points out that an AutoReiv that would serve as a housekeeper would be more beneficial to the child's development.

Vincent agrees that citizens are encouraged to consume and dispose of products more, but reminds her that for him to take the AutoReiv back when it isn't infected would be against regulations. She finds it incredulous that a lowly immigrant is not listening to the request of a Citizen and starts to mention that her husband is the Chief of the Security Bureau, but is unable to finish her threat when Pino is reactivated.

Pino calls her "Mother" and recalls that she was taught not to speak ill of immigrants, and reminds her that she has not completed the housework today and that it would made "Father" unhappy while Vincent packs up in the background.

Raul and Kristeva arrive before the Collective and the Regent. Lacan notes how it is unfortunate that this situation arose right after he took office as Chief. Derrida calls him fortunate instead, since the Proxy has awakened, calling the creature by name for the first time.

Kristeva reports that they have been searching all the residential areas continuously since last night, but they have found nothing yet. Derrida says that the Proxy must have moved to the immigrant districts on the city's perimeter, and Raul agrees there is nothing to suggest otherwise.

Lacan notes how the immigrants living there are masterless and wonders if someone amongst them is helping. Berkely denies that; they don't even know that the Proxy exists. Raul asks whether capturing the Proxy is their only option, and Kristeva confirms that forty-one citizens have lost their lives so far. She also reminds them of the numerous infected AutoReivs throughout the years, noting how there is always an increase in victims during those times.

This might lead to panic and unrest, even with controlled information. In light of this, Raul asks permission to kill the Proxy to prevent such a thing happening, and this request is enough to make Donov Mayer pause and the Collective to draw back with a gasp. They remind him that he has to capture it and not take pre-emptive action, and Husserl assures him that he doesn't have to worry about the loss of a few citizens and Berekely agrees that they can increase production if they run low.

His mission is to bring the Proxy back, but Raul asks to know what this Proxy even is. Iggy finds Re-L and reports that he's found four dead bodies, believing the Security Bureau to have attempted to cover it up.

Re-L says she's discovered that the killer is not a Cogito-infected AutoReiv, but as she is about to touch a hand imprint of the Proxy in the ground, Iggy orders her, through the Security Bureau, not to. Cautious, she says she knows, but there were never any orders not to look around, and Iggy says that's true, already back to normal.

Re-L suggests they leave before Raul arrives and that she'd get in trouble with her grandfather if she persisted. Iggy is puzzled, having no memory of the sudden intervention, but follows her back home.

Back with Vincent, he apologises to the woman as he is leaving, but she shuts the door in his face. He leaves, but picks up his ringing cellphone, surprised to hear Dorothy on the other end. He leaves immediately, and Pino glances at him from the window while she plays the piano.

Back at the destroyed laboratory, Daedalus is explaining to Raul how the Proxy's superhuman abilities exclude it being an AutoReiv. Raul asks what the purpose behind conducting top-secret research is, and Daedalus expresses surprise that the Regent didn't tell him. But he admits that he doesn't know either, his assignment only being to watch over the Proxy as it slept. Daedalus thinks that obtaining that sort of power would have significant implications. Raul repeats the name and Daedalus seems to recognise the name.

Iggy drops Re-L off at home, and she reminds him to organise all the case files. He drives off and she enters, removing her jacket and belt and sitting down for a moment to collect her thoughts. She muses over her grandfather requesting to see her, the Security Bureau trying to cover up their tracks, and wonders what that thing that fled was. Exhausted, she gets up and begins to disrobe. While Iggy is driving, he notices an AutoReiv Disposal Facility-issues scooter pass by him, but doesn't give it much thought.

But he spots that Re-L forgot her notebook in the back seat and turns back to drop it off. In the meantime, Vincent parks outside of Re-L's house and begins searching around in alleyways, stumbling upon Mary in bad condition, slumped in a corner. Just as Re-L prepares to get into the shower, she notices something in the mirror. She turns around and is shocked to see the word "awakening" written out in the mirror's fog.

Then, without warning, a large creature bursts through her ceiling, forcing her against the wall.

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Pino's rabbit costume, and she being the one who lead Vincent through the gates to the outside world looks a lot like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. In episode 8, Pino describes Halos' soldiers as the club soldiers, lampshaded by a victorian book illustration of them. In Episode 11, Vincent visits a bookstore called "City Lights". To an extent, Vincent is one. Sliding Scale of Shiny Versus Gritty: So gritty that you can't even see the picture half of the time.

In the game show episode, Vincent and co. Happens twice; the first time with the Gameshow episode, and the second with the Who Framed Roger Rabbit -esque episode.

Spell My Name with an "S": Re-l vs Real, Romdo vs Romdeau, and countless others. She gets better eventually. Both Iggy's red eyes and Vincent turning into a Proxy when the camera zooms out. A majority of the series is set around the wind machine the Rabbits. In the episode "Ophelia" Re-l was able to tell the real Vincent from the imposter Vincent because it didn't leave a reflection on the water.