Ezreal and lux relationship poems

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ezreal and lux relationship poems

One day in the deep mines of the crystal scar. Ezreal is out with Lux to find new treasure. That new treasure is their romantic relationship. I sincerely hope Riot Games are not sinking the Lux x Ezreal beautiful, reasonable and deep relationship to pursue the Ezreal x Taric one. Lux's Pov: I was on a vacation and have no motel to go -_- what a tiring day! The boy said shouting So I just Ignore him and go to my room Ezreal's Pov: . Will Ezreal and Lux ever spark a love connection or will there relationship crumble?.

The Fanon added up with Pantheon's baker joke and Leona's protective philosophy that Leona is a fan of Pantheon's cakes, and when they were children, Leona protected Pantheon from bullies that ridiculed his hobby before he became known as the paragon of the Rakkor warriors.

ezreal and lux relationship poems

Seeing as how the Rakkor are a Proud Warrior Raceit makes sense that that kind of bullying could happen. Unlike most examples, Riot responded by stating that they're both mutual rivals. Since when does that stop anyone? Riven and Yasuo, ever since Yasuo's conception and his interactions with Riven, half of which are sympathetic, and the other half hint that it was most likely Riven who killed his elder.

Despite this, they're a popular couple, or at least on the way.


Their legendary skins certainly are at least a nod to their popularity as a pair. Not only are they counterparts to each otherbut they share many quotes and are fixated on the other to the point of ignoring everyone else. They both recite lines from Byron's bittersweet poem "When We Two Parted" and generally come across as a pair of Star-Crossed Lovers — who really, really want to kill each other.

Riot pushed this ship a bit closer to launch with "Confessions of a Broken Blade," where the two canonically meet and the slaying of Elder Souma turns out to be an accident caused when he helped her break her sword.

She ends up in Ionia with a loving older couple who are like family to her, and there's room for Riven and Yas to get together if he can ever shake off his guilt and self loathing. It's also loaded with Alternate Character Interpretation. Even Riot eventually list both of them as Friends. Ezreal gets paired with Varus, Zed, or especially Taric.

Riot themselves threw some Ship Tease in for that last one, putting Ezreal in the corner of Taric's Armor of the Fifth Age splash art Taric's Longing Look seems to be going straight to the back of his head. He was semi-canonically involved with Lux, but her voiceover update seems to have sunk that ship.

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Are we supposed to be dating or something? We've never even talked. Ezreal's voiceover update in made it clear that he's interested in Lux and gets practically Adorkable when trying to talk to her. He's not at all interested in Zoe but does seem intrigued with Xayah. Along with Foe YayMiss Fortune and Gangplank are often paired together regardless that Gangplank is a pirate that Miss Fortune disliked, he can totally resist her charms, they bicker each other over the course of Bilgewater's future direction.

Before the League Judgment was discontinued, after all, Miss Fortune's past implied that after seeing her mother killed, she was rescued from drowning by a young pirate implied to be the young Gangplank before he dialled up his brutality he's kind of a rowdy boy.

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Thoroughly sunk along with Gangplank's actual ship by the Bilgewater event, which retconned the backstories of both champions; not only is Gangplank now definitely MUCH older than MF in fact it's doubtful whether the boy from Miss Fortune's judgement is even still canon he's now the one who murdered Miss Fortune's parents, shot her and left her for dead. MF now hates Gangplank more than anyone in existence and would do anything to see him deadand the feeling is presumably mutual after what she cost him in her first attempt.

There isn't even a slim trace of Foe Yay left. In fact, it seems that Riot designated another champion to fill in 'Gangplank's girlfriend' with that: Had an item together with GP before his death, and much like GP and his oranges that's K, she ate mangoes. However, the fans love to ship her more with MF herself, as Illaoi lore-wise dumped Gangplank when it comes between choosing her God or another man.

Several video makers seem to like pairing both Renekton and Cassiopeiaprobably because they're both the only champions based on reptiles.

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After the Shurima arc, the pairing seems to be more plausible as Renekton and Cassiopeia are listed as mutual allies and Cassiopeia did play a part in Renekton's release. Thanks to their interactions in the A New Dawn cinematic video, a lot of the fanbase have started shipping Ahri and Leona.

The subtext on this one is so thick fans would not be the least bit surprised if Riot just flat out admitted the pair were a couple. Even across their skins, there are hints about them being together. Lamb and Wolf, the two persons who make up Kindred, are often depicted as a couple. This art ranges from cute and cuddly to He was often left in the care of his uncle, the esteemed Professor Lymere. The professor did not enjoy having to wrangle such a rash and unruly child, and assigned the strictest tutors to teach him subjects including advanced cartography, hextech mechanics, and the ancient histories of Runeterra.

But the boy had a knack for simply absorbing information, and found studying a waste of time.

ezreal and lux relationship poems

He passed assessments easily, with little or no preparation, infuriating his uncle and giving himself more time to roam the university grounds. Ezreal took great pleasure in evading the campus wardens, navigating the tunnels beneath the lecture halls as easily as the library rooftops. Professor Lymere tearfully admitted that they had most likely perished, somewhere out in the desert. But Ezreal could not accept that. They had been too careful in their preparations. They must still be out there, somewhere… Abandoning his reluctant studies, the budding explorer would strike out on his own.

He spent weeks secretly gathering supplies from the university—celestial diagrams, translations of runic sigils, guides on the burial rites of Shurima, and a pair of protective goggles. Leaving a note of farewell for his uncle, he snuck onto a supply ship bound for Nashramae. For many months, he delved into cavernous ruins beneath the shifting sands, relishing the freedom of the unknown, facing unspeakable horrors that guarded hidden chambers.

Finally, he managed what they evidently had not. The great sarcophagus lay empty, save for a gleaming bronze gauntlet, with a bright, crystalline matrix at its center.