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Afraid that someone might find out about their unorthodox relationship, Lightning and Serah enter into an arrangement with Fang and Vanille in. GamesFinal Fantasy XIII. Follow/ Trust me, it gets much more interesting after chapter 5. Serah: Thanks sis but now I'm worried about Fang and the baby. Fang: Vanille have you ever thought about our relationship?. A page for describing Characters: Final Fantasy XIII Main Party. This page contains information pertaining to the main cast introduced in Final Fantasy XIII .

They go into hiding in Hope's home and take refuge with his father, Bartholomew Estheim. The party is led onto the Lindblum where they learn Vanille and Sazh were captured in Nautilus and are being held captive aboard the Palamecia to be brought to Eden for a public execution. Fang is reunited with Vanille. With the Cavalry's help, the group infiltrates the Sanctum airship to rescue the prisoners and Fang and Vanille are reunited.

Fang checks the progression of Vanille's brand and is relieved she still has time left. After defeating him they learn their Focus: While the rest of the party is coming to terms with the gravity of their task, Fang is troubled by Barthandelus taunting her for forgetting her Focus.

The party escapes using an airship Dysley left behind and crash into the Fifth Ark hidden beneath Eden. Fang's confused rage summons Bahamut. In the Ark the party's l'Cie powers are fully awakened. They meet Cid Raines, revealed to have been a Sanctum l'Cie branded by Barthandelus all along, with the Focus to help them destroy Cocoon.

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Raines explains the Cocoon fal'Cie want Cocoon's destruction to call back the Maker and remake the world. To defy his fal'Cie master Cid attacks the group intent on killing them to stop the fal'Cie's plan. The party defeats Raines and he unexpectedly turns to crystal. While the rest are inspired by Raines's sacrifice and vow to fight their Focus as well, Fang turns on the party, willing to "smash Cocoon out of the sky" if it means saving her friends from turning Cie'th. Her Eidolon, Bahamutmanifests, and after taming it, Fang relents and agrees to help search for a way to defy their Focus and wipe their brands clean.

A path to the Ark's lowest level is revealed and they board an old Pulsian airship and fly through a gate to Gran Pulse. After emerging in Pulse's atmosphere a wyvern attacks the airship. With Lightning's help, Fang summons Bahamut and saves the others.

With the Vallis Media as their base camp, the party spends days searching Pulse for answers but comes up empty-handed. Hope's brand advances and he falls unconscious. Vanille suggests returning to Oerba and after Hope comes to, he urges the others to go without him. To be honest, she hadn't even thought Fang and Vanille had noticed; they had been too wrapped up in each other as of late, going on dates every weekend and being so nauseatingly romantic towards one another that it made Lightning want to punch a hole in the wall, as it had been so damn long since she had even seen Serah just smile, let alone be able to express anything romantically inclined towards her.

Everything was such a mess now, and it was all her own doing; because honestly, how else was she going to feel when she was stuck watching others have everything she so desperately desired?

She should have just moved out when Serah did. It was nothing short of masochistic for her to stay here after what had happened. For now though, she just needed to be alone.

She also probably needed to sober up, as getting into a fight with Fang while drunk was, admittedly, one of the stupider decisions she had made as of late. If it had actually come to blows, Fang would have wiped the floor with her. Not that she would ever admit that out loud, of course. But as soon as Lightning disappeared from the living room and grabbed a towel from the hall closet, Vanille came out from around the corner.

A fresh wave of guilt hit Lightning as she turned around to face her. It was one thing to be a confrontational bitch to Fang, as the other woman could take as well as she could give it, but there was just something about Vanille that made Lightning feel awful for doing all of this in front of her. An innocence of sorts, maybe; even though Lightning knew the girl was far from it.

Maybe it was just that she reminded her of Serah.

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Regardless, in the very same way as her sister, Vanille was able to guilt her without saying a word. Vanille looked concerned, but she tried to make it fall away as she allowed a small smile of reassurance to form across her face. And then suddenly those lips were on Lightning's; just a brief press that wasn't really anymore more than chaste, but it still startled the hell out of the other woman as she immediately tensed.

Vanille didn't seem to notice though, or either chose not to care as she bounced back on the balls of her feet. Lightning couldn't really process it herself though, to be fair. So whenever you're ready to talk, we'll be right there. An emotion Lightning couldn't even hope to name resonated deep in her chest, and she pursed her lips as she nodded her understanding. A part of her ached to tell them, to just have someone else understand why it felt like her entire world was falling apart, but she was afraid.

She didn't want them viewing her how she viewed herself. She felt like she had done everything wrong, and she hated that because she had worked so hard to finally get everything right again. And so Lightning turned without a word, retreating into the bathroom and away from the chance to finally vocalize what was wrong, because the simple fact of it was, she just wasn't ready to. She had kept so much of herself and her life private for so long, that revealing anything at all about herself was hard, let alone something like this.

In the end though, it didn't matter whether or not she was ready, because Fang had the patience of a toddler.

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Cursing under her breath, the soldier ran it under the water to wash away the small amount of blood as her other hand firmly closed the small gap between the shower curtain and the wall, making extra certain that Fang wouldn't be able to see her naked. Lightning was loathed to admit that it was working. You never talk about anything; at least not anything that matters. Well, unless you're backed into a corner, anyway. You see what I'm getting at here? Out," Lightning growled, not having the patience for this right now.

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She was still fairly drunk; this was really the last thing she wanted to do right now. Lightning could practically hear the smirk on her face, and she was starting to regret ever coming into this bathroom in the first place.

We both know that you won't get out of the shower so long as I'm in here; you'd be too embarrassed. So unless you want to stay in there for the rest of your young life, I suggest you start talking. She despised that Fang was right about that; her towel was currently hanging on the door, and without it, Lightning wasn't going to be opening that shower curtain any time soon.

It wasn't that she was self-conscious per se, but there were just some things that friends weren't meant to see. Not that Fang subscribed to the same ideal, as indicated earlier in the evening, but regardless.

Lightning was a relatively modest person, and right now she was hating that, because it was doing nothing but biting her in the ass. Leaning against the sink, the woman crossed her arms and continued, "Figures. I mean, if there's anything in the world that would fuck you up this much, it'd probably be that girl. Hazard of loving someone, I guess. It didn't help much though, as it neither drowned out Fang's voice nor her own thoughts.

Running her hands over her face, Lightning had to remind herself to breathe. When she received no answer however, Fang's voice fell flat and she continued, "Is this just about her bein' away at school? Cause I gotta tell ya, Light; there's such a thing as being too attached to someone. If there was anything in this world she could handle, it was that.

But instead of telling Fang that, Lightning just allowed her words to fade away into a sound of clear frustration as her palm hit the wall. Her brow etched in annoyance as she wiped the wet hair from her forehead. Lightning hated pet names, platonic or not, and Fang had an irritating habit of using a wide variety of them during the worst of moments; most likely on purpose.

Her hand went to the lever on the toilet then, pushing it down as she finished, "So let's get this over with, yeah? She had to place a hand on the wall to steady herself, as she almost fell out of the damned shower in the process. Her teeth ground together as she shot the woman's outline a glare through the fabric of the curtain. I'm trying to help, so why don't you do both of us a favor and just tell me what the hell you and Serah are fighting about so maybe we can fix this and get your head back on straight, yeah?

Oh yeah, I'm fine Well you don't seem fine Don't worry Vanille I'm fine, ok? Fang, don't lie to me! I know your faking it! So what is it? Don't act all innocent to me.

Vanille, I'm not sure if Vanille, how long do you take we're gonna keep this relationship? No, I mean, do you want us to get married and stuff?

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You want us to get married? Vanille, the truth is I want to start a family Well we could adopt- Fang: No Vanille, I want my own. Well Fang, that's going to be an issue, that fact that we're both girls and- Fang: Vanille, I trying telling you that I don't want a wife. I want a husband Well I could always get surgery.

Well what do you want to do? I think we should start seeing other people You're breaking up with me? I thought that you were I always treated you as a younger sister