Fire emblem awakening robin and lucina ending a relationship

fire emblem awakening robin and lucina ending a relationship

For Fire Emblem: Awakening on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board marries the Avatar kinda don't get to do anything for their endings?. Lucina deals with the aftermath of Robin's sacrifice after defeating Grima, including a secret love Post-Awakening. just come back and their descendants will have to fight him and potentially lead to the end of the world. For Fire Emblem: Awakening on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board of my head thinking of Lucina ending the day in my best friends bed.

Ever since the two confessed their love for each other, they have been trying to see each other secretly.

fire emblem awakening robin and lucina ending a relationship

It was not easy, with Robin being gone most of the time planning for upcoming battles. They only really saw each other during dinnertime, and even then, all they could do was maybe mutter a few words and exchange a few glances lest it becomes too suspicious. I wanted to see you. I missed you so much, Robin. And I am pretty sure you saw me like an hour ago at the victory party.

They were stuck like this for only around 30 seconds, but to Robin, it seemed like an eternity. Robin could only stare at Lucina in astonishment. He didn't move a muscle. It seemed like he was paralyzed, and Robin looked like he was trying to remember what his name was. Robin blushed, and then invited Lucina to join him in the room. This is our chance! I'm going to finish it! He knew that if he did not personally defeat Grima, he will eventually just come back and their descendants will have to fight him and potentially lead to the end of the world.

Chrom and all of the Shepherds urged him to reconsider, not to sacrifice himself, and tell him there will probably be a better solution in the future. Although nobody in the camp knew of their secret love relationship, Lucina was super insistent, telling Robin that she never had a normal day in life and just wanted to experience a normal life.

She promised him that because the war will be over, they can work out all the nuances of the relationship such as getting Chrom to accept the relationship and other details. Robin vaguely promised Lucina he will do all he can to make sure they can live together peacefully after the war ends, but never specified on whether or not he was going to sacrifice himself.

In his mind, he already he made his decision. He was going to seal away Grima and hope, through whatever gods or goddesses of luck that exists, that he will survive and make it back. Ignoring Chrom's statement, Robin tranquilly walked forward to face off against his doppelganger.

Now I can give my life to protect those I care for The evils you would visit on this world are unthinkable In some way, I—we share the blame. It's only right we meet our end together! A wave of magical electricity came out of Robin's hands, striking Grima.

He looked back at Chrom. He was starting to lose his vision and hearing. He could see Lucina in the back, falling to the ground with tears in her eyes, trying to yell something. He could hear nothing. Robin looked at himself to see he himself was dissipating, become a ghost.

In a desperate last attempt, he opened his mouth and muttered out: May we meet again, in a better life Lucina looked on in horror as she saw Robin disappear in the mist.

fire emblem awakening robin and lucina ending a relationship

Even though they hid their relationship from the Shepherds for months ever since they met before going to fight Valm, she could not control herself. Tears began to fall uncontrollably from her eyes as she ran to grab Robin, hoping to touch him one last time before he disappeared.

You can't just die Robin. You promised we were going to live a happy life together after Grima was defeated. Robin simply disappeared like mist into the sky.

fire emblem awakening robin and lucina ending a relationship

During navigation, the player can encounter other players and interact via StreetPass. The player can do battle with a party of up to ten characters from another player's world. Whichever player wins the battle gains access to the party.

The basic mechanics of the battle system are all displayed. Awakening uses a turn-based tactical role-playing battle system. The terrain is displayed on the top screen of the 3DS, while unit information is displayed on the bottom screen.

Before each battle, the player selects a limited number of characters from their roster for use in battle. The player can either control each unit manually or activate an auto-battle option. Character movement is dictated by a tile-based movement system.

fire emblem awakening robin and lucina ending a relationship

During combat, player-controlled sprite characters and enemy units controlled by the game's artificial intelligence AI each get one turn where they position their units.

An additional turn is added when unaffiliated AI-controlled units are in the field. Playable characters positioned next to each other in the field will support one-another, granting buffs, and performing actions such as blocking attacks.

Two characters can also pair up as a single mobile unit, enabling both units to attack at once. As the relationship between characters strengthens, they gain greater bonuses to their strength and effectiveness when paired up in battle.

Optional camera angles, including a first-person view through the eyes of playable characters, can be activated using the 3DS stylus. When the character has reached XP, their level is raised by one, increasing various stats including health and attack power.

New skills are also learned by each character. When a unit reaches Level 10, they can either upgrade or change their classes using special items called Master Seals and Second Seals. A Master Seal promotes the character's class, improving character stats and giving access to new ability sets or weapons.

A Second Seal allows a character to change class, or "reclass", when they are either at Level 10 or have reached their current Advanced Class. Upon reclassing, a character's experience level is reset to Level 1 while their stats and abilities are retained.

The classes that most characters can reclass into are limited. The exception to this is the Avatar, who is able to reclass into any class available to their gender. Regardless of future changes, characters retain learned skills from earlier classes. The normal rankings of relationships are C to A, with A standing for a close friendship. For characters of opposing genders, an additional S ranking is available, in which the characters fall in love, marry and have children.

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Relationships also have a direct impact during battles, with certain character pairings granting positive effects such as increased mobility or an automatic guarding action. A couple's children can be found and recruited in optional chapters made available by the parent characters' marriage, with their appearance and in-game abilities varying depending on who their parents were.

Most characters have a specific list of units which they can have Support conversations with; the Avatar can build a relationship with all characters, and depending on their chosen gender marry any unit from any generation as long as they are not a direct descendant.

Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light.

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Falchion, a sword with the power to slay dragons; and the Fire Emblem, a magical shield. Using these, the Exalt struck down Grima, sending it into a long slumber. By the present time, the land of Ylisse is divided between Halidom of Ylisse, which continues to worship Naga, and is ruled by Exalt Emmeryn voiced by Erin Fitzgerald and defended by the Shepherds, her brother Chrom's voiced by Matthew Mercer militia force; the kingdom of Plegia, which worships Grima; and Regna Ferox, a country whose rulers periodically compete for dominance.

Fifteen years prior to Awakening, the last Exalt of Ylisse, Emmeryn's father, waged a religious war against Plegia, which greatly damaged both countries and left bitterness on both sides. Ylisse has slowly recovered from the war thanks to Emmeryn's peaceful actions. After a confrontation between Plegia and the Shepherds, Emmeryn is almost killed by Validar and his minions.

The assassination plot is foiled with aid from "Marth", who has prior knowledge of the event, and is also revealed to be a woman. Gangrel demands the Fire Emblem in exchange for Emmeryn's life. Though Chrom almost accepts Gangrel's terms, Emmeryn stops him by throwing herself over a cliff, becoming a martyr to both Ylisse and Plegia.

During the campaign, "Marth" returns, and reveals that she is a Lucina from an alternate timeline from more than 10 years in the future where Grima has been resurrected, and used a time traveling spell devised by Naga to return to the past in order to prevent the events leading to her future. To combat Grima, Chrom must perform the "Awakening", a ritual that grants him Naga's power, by combining the Fire Emblem with five magical gems divided among the nations.

During and after the war in Valm, the Shepherds manage to retrieve four of the gemstones. They are then ambushed by Validar, the new king of Plegia and the Avatar's father, after he offers them the last gemstone. Validar takes control of the Avatar and steals the Fire Emblem from Chrom. He also reveals that the Avatar was born as the ideal vessel for Grima. Lucina realizes that Grima used the Avatar to kill Chrom in her timeline, and attempts to execute them; Chrom forces her to stand down, remaining confident the Avatar can overcome Grima's control.

Alternatively, if the Avatar is Lucina's husband or mother, Lucina is unable to go through with it and stands down on her own. The Shepherds manage to track down Validar, who uses the Avatar to attack Chrom, mirroring the events of their nightmare.

However, the Avatar uses their foreknowledge to prevent Chrom's death, allowing the Shepherds to kill Validar and recover the Fire Emblem. The future Avatar then uses the power gathered for Grima's resurrection to restore its dragon form. In a race against time, Chrom performs the Awakening and summons Naga.

fire emblem awakening robin and lucina ending a relationship

Although Chrom now has the power to stop Grima, Naga reveals that she only has enough power to put Grima to sleep for another thousand years. Naga explains that the only way to truly destroy Grima is to have him destroy himself through the Avatar, which could come at cost of the Avatar's life. Naga tells them that the Avatar will only survive if their bonds with Chrom and the Shepherds are strong enough.

Chrom, already set against the sacrifice of the Avatar, offers to deliver the final blow to the fell dragon. Depending on the player's final choice, the game will reach one of two different endings. If the player lets Chrom deal the final blow, Grima is put back to sleep for another thousand years, though the Avatar is left with regrets.