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Carla Connor, during her and Peter Barlow's marriage (briefly). All Girls Want Fiz going into premature labour and giving birth to baby Hope. This was on . Tyrone and Molly named their son Jack in honour of Jack Duckworth, Tyrone's father figure. Shame .. Many of his outbursts became memes on Harry Hill's TV Burp. It's a happy new year for Fiz and Ty as the hospital confirm that the chemotherapy has had conclusion and to my mind, the more interesting part of it has been Tyrone's reactions. Not so much new year new you for Carla as plus ça change , plus c'est la même chose. . The institution of marriage is dead. Memes, 🤖, and Tyrone: When Tyrone is messing up, get you a. You may . Memes, 🤖, and Unwanted: All relationships have one rule Never. Memes, 🤖, and.

The man is pitiful. Gail does have awful taste in men! Luke told the staff that Mr. Tony showed up and asked what was happening.

Luke said he had a new rota. What a poisonous work environment. Luke suggested they discuss in private, but Tony told him that no decisions would be made without his input.

What does that mean then?

Tony asks Luke if this is a joke. Tony was left stunned. Friday March 20,8: Tony snarled at Luke that he was trying to entertain the staff. Luke tells him he bought Carla out. Tony called him a liar. The factory girls were silent after Tony slammed the door to the office and stormed out. Uncle Umed tries unsuccessfully to hit on Poppy at the bar. He asked for her number and if there was a Mr.

Poppy jokes with him and tells him that Mr. Poppy is a bodybuilder that wants to get his bicep big enough to tattoo her head on it. Umed got the point.

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Poppy snapped on her rubber gloves with a smirk. Gail saw Joe outside the house and asked if he finished early. He made up some excuse about splitting his pants. She said they could get a new pair, but he snottily replied back that he could buy his own jeans! Gawd, Gail is desperate. They said they could not discuss it with him. He tells them that his solicitor will be writing in due course, but he wanted answers first. His request was denied.

He threw the phone down and reversed out into the street almost knocking down Natasha as she left the Kabin. He apologized to her. She tells him that he owes her a drink at least for almost running her over. She took out a business card from his organizer and told him she knew he was married but she was talking about an innocent drink to settle her nerves.

Sally told Sophie they should go shopping for new shoes for her Sunday. Sophie reminded her she had church. Sally snorted that she could miss it. Sophie stamped out of the store.

Picking up champagne glasses from the Rovers, Dev told Poppy she was an angel and he hoped someone told her that every day. She said that with her imagination every date was worthy of a wag. Poppy admits to Lloyd that her boyfriend was made-up. They keep it a secret. She just glared at him. Dev arrived with the champagne glasses and thrust them at someone he thought was a hired waiter.

She ordered him a glass of champagne. Umed was around pretending to know about art and just confusing everyone! Liz asked Poppy if she had this much trouble with her fella, and Lloyd and Poppy just look at each other and smiled. Liz suspected something was up and stomped angrily upstairs.

She is about 5 years old! Is this Freaky Friday? Did Liz turn into Amy and vice versa? Apparently Tony recommended this solicitor to Carla. She reluctantly agreed to update Tony on the situation. But the solicitor told her it was Luke who wanted time to think that all Carla wanted to do was sell. Sophie admitted she thought it was for old fogeys, no offence. Emily assured her that everyone has their doubts at times, but she should congratulate herself for being committed to trying to believe.

Luke offered to buy the factory girls a drink. The voiced their concerns about him and Tony. Natasha was listening in with interest. Tony poured himself a large scotch and picked up a photo of he and his wife. He grabbed a cardigan that Carla had left and breathed in her scent then headed to the bedroom with a look on his face that looked like trouble.

Audrey arrived and saw the nice dinner Gail had prepped. Audrey agrees with David and thinks Gail is making a fool out of herself again. I second that motion. Oh god, I had an aweful vision of Joe getting his legs broke and Gail having to nurse him back to health only for him to be a jerk the whole time and leave her for someone else after his full recovery. Lloyd pleaded with Liz to come down and say goodbye, but she was acting like a spoiled child and stayed upstairs.

Liz is just terrible! Rosie asks if he wants her to bin them or take them to a charity shop. Tony just told her he wanted rid of them. Natasha wanted to send Tony a text. She said, if he hits back, offer the shoulder. Poppy apologized for the drama about her imaginary boyfriend with Lloyd, and Liz replied she already knew about it. There were no secrets between her and Lloyd. Poppy said that was good and asked her what she was going to do with herself for the next few weeks.

Coronation Street spoilers: Fiz Brown strikes Tyrone with major blow amid affair bombshell

Natasha sent her text to Tony. Tony picked up his phone and read the text message and looked in disbelief and he suddenly began gasping for air. So why didn't Dev say anything?! Was that a Judas "kiss" when he hugged Karl? It took far too long at the police station to get someone to take statements while Dev stalked around the edges of the party observing and waiting.

Poor Beth feels terrible and her hackles are up now. I don't think Dev should have warned Karl but he did. Why didn't Jason text Dev to get the name of the detective right from the start? Come to that, Dev should have told them when they left the shop. Loved Dev creeping up silently behind Karl and cornering him in the pub. Jimmi Harkishin played it spot on. He laid it all out, Karl knew he couldn't hide and he confessed. There were no excuses that made any difference.

Trash talking about Sunita was a big mistake. Why did he think Dev would take that lying down? Dev was going to out Karl to Stella so he can feel what it's like to lose what he loves but Dev ended up bleeding on the pub floor instead. Oh i loved it that Stella caught Karl trying to leg it with the cash.

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He lost his rag when she tried to help Dev while we waited on tenterhooks for the police to untangle all the infernal red tape. She threw his ring away, annullment in the offing while he fought with her. Couldn't you tell how creeped out she was when she tried to placate him, stalling, and keeping him calm while he was holding her and stroking her.

Making him think she was on his side, biding time until help comes. She went a bit too far and he could see through her. Dev came to and dialed his phone Karl dragged Stella back into the cellar, back to the scene of the crime.

If i was her, i'd be chucking bottles at him like a mad thing. For heaven's sake, he's not armed! Just go get him! Frantic to remove all trace of Karl and his fingerprints, Stella is blaming herself as you do. Dev is going through all the grief all over again.

Craig is a gibbering wreck. Everyone else is feeling steeped in guilt and as usual, someone always thinks Stella must have known what Karl was up to. Fiz knows how men can fool you, that's for sure.

Coronation Street spoilers: Character death confirmed in tragic blow for Tyrone Dobbs

Jason is kind to Eva who is worried. He was also a good friend to Dev, bringing the whiskey to him to cheer him up. Dev acknowledged Jason's responsibility in catching Karl. Karl's actions really shocked Jason to the core, too. Hayley's home and back in her nest and nobody really knows how to talk to her, walking on eggshells. She is determined to go-go-go but her body is going to tell her otherwise, I think, at least at times.

Roy is waiting on Hayley hand and foot. Roy behind the wheel of a car. Frightening thought isn't it? He'd certainly have the road rules memorized, that won't be a problem. Oh Sally, can't you tell he's not that into you?