Flirt with a shy guy

Flirting Tips to Bring a Shy Guy Out of His Shell

flirt with a shy guy

Showing your feminine side, being mysterious, yet outgoing, are some of the best ways to catch a shy guy's attention. Given in this article are tips that will come in handy if you plan to flirt with that shy guy in your class. For instance, if a shy guy likes a girl, he will be all. Shy guys are hard to flirt with aren't they, especially if you don't know a lot of ways to flirt with a shy guy. If you find that you're crushing on a guy that's shy, don't. Is he flirting with me? Do I even know how to flirt? It can feel like the shy guys in our lives have an emotional equivalent of a poker face.

He will bond more quickly with you when you use his name. Also, choose a complimentary nickname based on one of his qualities that you admire.

And this will lead to him feeling known and being comfortable with you.

9 Great Ways to Flirt with a Shy Guy Love

Ask for help with something. Men love to help women. They are biologically wired that way! Ask him to fix your computer, your car, your bike, your door—you name it. He will enjoy coming through for you and feel much more connected to you. Ask him questions about what he is doing—this will get him talking more. Ask what he likes to eat or what sports, hobbies, or movies he likes.

Shy guys can be very interested in you, but petrified to make the first move. It is very easy to open the door to a common interest by asking about food, hobbies or other fun activities. When you hit on something you both love, you will instantly become more bonded. It is easy, then to make the first move and ask about doing the activity together.

This is a good litmus test that will show if he is interested or not. When you are opening the door that much, if he does not respond and make the date, chances are he is not into you. This is an easy, non-threatening way to show that you are interested in him. At that point, make sure he has your contact information! Make Physical Contact With Him. Smile and Talk Smile at the guy every time you lock eyes with him.

flirt with a shy guy

Although, there is a great possibility that he might look away when you look at him, yet whenever your eyes meet, give him a big, warm smile. Say 'hi' and make some small talk.

How To Get The Shy Guy

If you are in the same class, you can talk about some assignment. If you are in the same office, talk about work or ask him how his day is going. Simply find a common topic and talk. Shy guys generally have a problem starting a conversation but if you initiate it, they can carry on really well. Be Kind and Girly Most guys are sensitive by nature.

So, in order to make him feel comfortable around you, be friendly and nice to him. Show him your caring side by being kind to people around you.

8 Best Flirting Tips to Bring a Shy Guy Out of His Shell

For instance, if there is a pet around, pat his back and say things like "good boy" or "so cute". If there are small children around, touch their cheeks and be friendly with them.

By being all girly, you will make the guy feel masculine and confident.

flirt with a shy guy

He will like it a lot and in due course of time, he may pluck up the courage to ask you out. Look and Smell Great Guys are visual creatures so to get him to like you, dress up well. Wear a perfume and smell good.

How to Flirt With a Shy Guy: Approach Him Subtly and Modestly

More than anything else, at least initially, it is a woman's looks that attract a man. So, look your best every time you are around him. Give Compliments Compliments work with all kinds of guys, whether shy or confident.

So, tell him how the shirt he is wearing is looking great on him or tell him that you like his voice. Be genuine when you give compliments. He will love all the attention that you give him. Be Intelligent A smart, intelligent, and good-looking woman is a big turn on for any guy. So, always be level-headed around him. Do not overdo it though! Don't brag about your intelligence, nether act silly and stupid. Take the middle path and he will like you more. Act Mysterious and Outgoing As opposites attract so act outgoing once in a while.

At the same time, be reserved and mysterious sometimes.