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flirt with sans undertake question

Undertale(comic dub)-Ruins questions part 1. Undertale, Sans, Papyrus. Undertale, Sans, Papyrus Underfell Comic, Funny Undertale, Underswap, Free Android,. Open .. Telling a friend about undertake: Oh ha the talking flower is just a goat child. Terry Johnson . Can I fight frisk just so they flirt with me? Tamaki Suoh. I behave to him only as a woman W, likes flirting; my conduct was I am convinced your Majesty must be sans? fied that it must have been far distant from . Sans:WTFUDGE. but you can download it. sans, frisk, and undertale image .. Oh gee frisk nice flirt wonder what sans and grillbs are going to do know! Sara.

I have, however, used my 'feminine wiles' to my advantage on a few occasions. I once ended up with three guys stopping to try and help me. Normally at least one guy feels like being a hero that day.

Up to a point, yes. I ignore much workplace flirtatiousness as a fairly minor side-effect of living in a sexist world. I'd rather the women in question didn't feel obliged to do it, but I certainly don't judge them. However, I have seen it cross a line to be so overt that it's vicariously embarrassing to me. It was pretty harmless, like complimenting a tie or the item they purchased. I cringe writing that, but hey, I was in college. Bills had to get paid and 3 credit card apps a day could get me lunch at Taco Bell in the food court.

flirt with sans undertake question

To get a tip from women I usually had to either winkingly charge them for a smaller box or be VERY fast. Once I got into jobs that weren't as single-transaction-oriented, I didn't flirt at all because of long-term implications of being seen as wanting a relationship or not being smart enough to do the job on my own.

I also have people constantly tell me to smile or ask me where my smile went and then think I was making a pass if I so much laughed at a joke or said please and thank you. Not being perceived as a creep can be hard if you misinterpret these cues consistently. Women do have to be nicer to get along in many environments, which can be seen as flirtatious. But there are also women who do flirt to skate along a little faster than the rest of us on purpose.

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I work with a woman who does it and it is madly annoying. She even has a special laugh she uses on men which is tooth-grindingly obvious. I don't care for her at all, but the people I have a special contempt for is the men on whom her little charade works. If you do things to get along in a bad environment that makes us all look bad, well I don't have all that much respect for you but life is hard and we all have to get along the best we can.

But the men who eat it up? If your friend lets people manipulate him based on his glands, he's weak and he is the one who should work on that. I am an AFAB person who lived much of their life as a visibly queer, non-beautiful woman.

flirt with sans undertake question

In short, "flirt to get what you want" was never an option for me. It was frustrating enough to know that I would always be passed over for promotions on one occasion I wasn't hired into a temp-to-perm issue because, I kid you not, I was told that I was good at the job but wasn't the type of face that the CEO wanted at the front desk - this when I had long hair and wore skirts and make-up every day! It was frustrating enough to know that men routinely decided to withhold opportunities because they were awarding them on the basis of "if I could fuck any co-worker, who would it be".

I felt that even the very slim chance that my skills would be valued was being taken away by women doing something that I categorically could not do.

Flirting with sans undertake question

I experienced it as one more way that homophobia and gender bias played out among women. Now, I recognize that working the system when you're marginalized is a normal thing to do, and I recognize that the men are the real villains, but know that when you get into the "look at my toothsome neck, let me sit next to you" stuff, other people notice and have feelings about it. It's also pretty visible when someone brings reports and does favors for men only.

TBH, if I knew you well, I would probably say to myself, "this is just something that she's doing to work the system, it doesn't mean she's a selfish or oblivious person" but if I observed it from the outside and didn't know you, it would leave a negative impression. Women need to walk an awful tightrope.

Everyone tells you to be yourself, but the truth is that you are judged and managed differently than a man would be. The aggression and condescension are both closer to the surface.

I have worked very hard to be likeable, always. This is because I am really terribly square and very interested in content.

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When I was younger, this gregariousness was often interpreted as flirting although it wasn't and now that I'm nearly 50, I'm drifting into nice old lady territory but at least the young execs have stopped thinking I'm trying to hit on them. I don't judge women for anything remotely related to flirting.

Too much room for misinterpretation, too much competition for scarce resources. And I think that's the big reason why you're not understanding it - it isn't. Women - AND men - sometimes will try, in the words of one of my old bosses, "make nice-nice" to facilitate a negotiation.

Categorizing this interaction as "flirting" is entirely within your colleague's head and interpretation. Which then leads to the perfect answer to your colleague - him getting irritated that women will "turn on the charm" and he gets flustered becuase he doesn't want to be a creep can be solved by him stopping to see it as flirting, because it isn't. I tend to behave, in public social settings, in a way that is culturally normative for my family - somewhat performatively feminine, allowing 'men to feel important' - letting them tell jokes I've already heard a million times, or explain to me something I already know, or what have you.

Laughing in a feminine way, downcast eyes, up-tones or husky tones in voice. And in a culturally appropriate setting, it is very effective, but also doesn't read as 'flirting', exactly - men tend to approach it as a general rather than specific thing.

An opportunity for gallantry, rather than a specific attempt to get a date. I have noticed that doing this to kind of WASPy men, especially while white-passing, tends to cause them to immediately interpret it as romantic interest.

I think there's an enormous cultural difference there, and it largely has to do with a different cultural stereotype - that of women being unobtrusive. So anything outside that norm is interpreted as specific intention, and I've definitely had men who feel like they were 'led on'. But also, I feel like that's their problem? They are the ones misinterpreting my actions in a way they believe is likely to cause them gain - and they're the ones who by their statements, wouldn't help women if they didn't think it would help their penis.

And that's kind of shitty, so I don't feel any obligation to tone it down when around them, because they are the ones who are wrong for not being kind to every woman. I don't judge other women for this, though sometimes I am envious if they are better at it than I am. Dave is a great example of the general adage that "patriarchy hurts everyone. To your actual question I am in a long-term committed relationship and I'm pretty careful about behavior that I would consider flirting so that I am not giving people the wrong impression.

At the same time, I am usually pretty open and friendly and people often mistake that for flirting. I also know a lot of people who are in long term committed relationships where even a fair amount of flirting is seen as totally AOK and the line is drawn somewhere differently. Or interpersonal flirting is OK but "manipulative" flirting isn't. I find people who aggressively flirt with me confusing, to be honest.

I think you need to be contextually aware of where you're coming from and what you're after, and I think you need to be aware of the relative status of the people in the interactions and people in other related interactions i. I believe you can't be gender blind any more than you can be race blind in these situations.

People's sex and gender form who they are as adults and even though it would be nice if everyone had a background in critical theory to be more mindful of how that works in the larger society, realistically, the people who are aware of these sociocultural dynamics are a teeny fraction of the people who you'll deal with in an average day in an average place.

Everyone chooses a different tack but trying to create a more level playing field for women while not resenting women for doing the best they can in their circumstances is the access move here, to my way of thinking. But it's complicated and also acknowledging that is a useful move forward. You mention your own work experiences, but it isn't clear whether or not he is talking about this happening within the workplace, or in the world in general. Are the women subjected to these behaviors less taken advantage of?

Also, since it sounds like he believes in the friendzone, you might ask him what he thinks about the tendency of men to relegate so many women to the fuckzone, with no option to tap out or request a transfer to the friendship she actually wanted. There is way too much internalized misogyny for me to ever feel comfortable that I'm truly judging an attractive woman for flirting to manipulate, when there are way too many layers of assumptions about attractive women that tend to push us there.

I'm super uncomfortable with putting the lion's share of judgment onto the woman's actions if a man gives her a work assignment or whatever because she giggled and played with her hair. Mostly because I find the idea fairly gross for myself, see below for my thoughts on others but also, to be fair, because my flirtation skills are clumsy at best. I have zero illusions that any manipulative flirting I might undertake would be successful, or possibly even understood as flirting.

Bopping my first serious boyfriend on the head with a teddy bear to express my interest worked surprisingly well at 17, but probably is less effective at almost That said, no, it doesn't piss me off when another woman does it, and I don't think anything in particular of her for it.

There may be cultural or background differences at play or a need to self-protect or what I'm reading as flirting may be her default friendly mode; god knows I am a cranky little hedgehog and my behavior should not set the standard.

Or, hell, she may just be making a trade-off to get through her day; she's got forty other things weighing her down and if an extra smile or compliment will get her through this interaction and on to something else, so be it.

I make my own trade-offs that one could consider less than super-feminist in other areas of my life, and I tend to try to give people the benefit of the doubt that they are doing the best they can in their own lives, and sometimes I am not seeing them in the moment when they are behaving exactly as they would like to in a perfect world.

To the extent that I have a problem, it's with a man who would let his work choices be swayed by one woman's personal grooming if there's another more competent woman standing nearby being ignored, not with the women themselves for whatever choices they're making to keep afloat playing a game that they didn't ask for or design.

Or with the man who decides to go out of his way to do a thing for the friend who asked nicely, but then feels taken advantage of later as if he's owed something further in trade, when he absolutely was not. The nice guys of the world need to cut that shit out; women wouldn't feel the need to use that sort of tactic as a survival mechanism if it didn't work, and the Daves of the world should own up to and address their part of the dynamic if they want to see it end.

Why on earth does charm have to mean sexual availability?

flirt with sans undertake question

What about the men who kiss their male boss' ass--which they all do--is that manipulative flirting? What about the fact that in professional and most other spaces, women basically HAVE to be friendly and nonthreatening to get anything?

He should not be going about the world resenting the women who don't want him, because that's almost all women. I don't get mad that my male assistant acts nicer and jokes around when he's asking for a day off and I certainly don't construe it as flirting. Do you really move closer to your bosses and change your hair for them?

That makes me a little sad. I will share a story. I worked with a drop-dead gorgeous woman who clearly used that beauty to position herself in marketing. She was very smart, but her skills at being beautiful kind of led the charge in the room. The nerdy grunt workers used to make faces a bit about her, me included. I am a nerdy woman. She experienced a horrific incident where she was very, very badly burned. After almost a year of treatment and rehab, she rejoined the office and was assigned back-office work.

We trained her and like I said, she was very smart. However she didn't have a lot of soft skills of working together in the back office, and didn't have all the hard skills yet. One day I found her crying at her desk. She said, very bluntly, "I have no idea how to get this work done! I don't have the tools to be ugly. I'm pretty sure she had a good life because she was really capable. But because she had been brought on board in part for her beauty and charm, which would have had a shelf life anyway, she was missing both a skillset and a set of colleagues who believed in her mind and abilities.

As a woman now closer to 50 than 40, I have to say I think she learned early what most of us have to learn anyway. If you are trading on your feminine charm, be careful you're not cutting your career off at the point at which charm does not cut it any more. Flirting is one thing. Casting yourself as less capable than you are in order to butter up some male ego in the hope it will help you get a better assignment or evaluation I've no right to ask you not to do this; I don't know your work situation and the environment in which you have to deal with people and you have outlined the pressures that impinge on your ability to be yourself and to play a role.

But I'd say the same thing to anybody: As a man, I think Dave's wrong, and you're OK to feel outraged.

flirt with sans undertake question

Look, I'll be the first to admit that the patriarchy fucks with everyone. I was socialized to be a "macho" dude, and it's taken me a lot of work to break that socialization. What was really waiting for you there? If you fall down, the pathway through the leaves below is the same pathway that will lead you across the tiles. Should you do anything but "cheer" or "flirt" for "Dapperblook," they resent it. What made you wake up? To avoid blue attacks, simply stay still as they pass over you.


It jarred you more than the couch. Or rather, you knew what love felt like but by the time you had come to the Dreemurr family it was too late for love to penetrate your cold heart. Saying "No" just does nothing. As a result, a player looking for a thorough walkthrough will find this useful, but so will a player just seeking help with just one boss or a puzzle. You waved to Sans who, like Papyrus said, was on the couch.

Talk to Sans and he'll invite you to Grillby's, though oddly he takes you in the opposite direction. At Grillby's, Sans will order you two some food, and then tell you about some odd, talking flower that has been following his brother.

Flirting with sans undertake stronger. Stats undertale wiki fandom powered by wikia. It stands for "Level of Violence. Toriel can be spared immediately, and the colored name and everything else shows if the total AT is or higher though the game softlocks after doing so. Chat, flirt, communicate and make new acquaintances at Polish dating site. Naming the Fallen Child "Napsta" or "Blooky" prompts the message " They're powerless to stop you. Napstablook and the Dummy are the only enemies in Hard Mode that do not change in difficulty.

Supporting this, " Dummy! Because of this, it does not cause a True Pacifist Route to end and is a hint early in the game that experience points are not the same as EXP. Sparing Napstablook does not abort a Genocide Route. Toby Fox's friends seemed to like the character, so he ended up making Napstablook real.

There are a few exceptions, however [13] [14]. As for punctuation, Napstablook frequently uses ellipses, often with more than three dots sometimes many moreeven at the beginning of some sentences.

They also tend to omit most question marks and some periods, while using commas and most periods correctly.

Napstablook, PapyrusAaronand Tsunderplane are the only four monsters who reply to the text shown when they are checked. In the Undertale art book, Napstablook used to be referred to with male pronouns. So unless you're a ghost or can burrow under the door, forget about it.