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You learn compassion, you learn intimacy, you learn confidence, you learn truth-telling. That pays dividends in life. But it also pays dividends in the sibling relationship. Swiftly breaking up every spat - or keeping kids sequestered in separate activities to avoid spats in the first place - won't foster much of a bond. We turned to the experts for advice on cultivating sibling bonds that will withstand the wear and tear of time.

It's no more acceptable to throw things at your siblings than it is to throw things at your parents. It's where you learn about conflict resolution, where you learn when to stand up for yourself and when it's smarter to stand down. Jeffrey Kluger Williams says some families opt for regular family meetings to air grievances, share news and otherwise stay connected on what's working and what isn't.

That can be a useful time to model active listening, taking turns and not interrupting - skills that will benefit every relationship your children have, including the one they share with each other. That modelling should be accompanied by a willingness to let your children work through most of their disputes, experts say.

For starters, there are often too many to stay on top of. Beyond that, children need to learn to resolve conflicts peacefully and effectively. What better place to hone that skill than at home, surrounded by people who are prone to give you second, third and fourth chances? It's important, Williams says, to understand each child's capabilities within the family dynamic.

Stepping in with a reminder to follow the golden rule and a quick "I trust you to solve this one together" can keep bad habits from cementing and can, hopefully, stave off lifelong resentments. From the time Knippen's children were toddlers, she and her husband chose toys their children could play with together.

And of course there would be spats, but they resolved them and became closer because they knew they could work through stuff. I never went to school with my brother and sister.

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They were mainstreamed into a school some distance away and I felt like that affected our ability to relate to each other. Michael would like to have a pet in the family, but it is not a necessity. Overall, he would thrive in a family who is willing and able to demonstrate to him what it means to be a kid with age appropriate responsibilities. Well would you look at that, his masterpieces are complete. Just remember, if you are looking for quality buildings, Michael is your guy. Do you want to hear a story?

This is your friendly neighborhood salamander here, and I will be your narrator today. This story tells of my journey to find a forever family. Wait, did I say my journey?

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Chris is not your typical young man who spends more time on electronics than outside. In fact, he is outside more than I can count and I only have four toes. He is often found hanging out in the backyard, hiking through woodsy trails, or playing soccer. Can you see an image forming? He would like a family with two parents with a good amount of experience around children. This family would provide Chris with a lot of structure and stability in the home.

He would benefit tremendously from a routine based home life. The routine will help him develop trust with those around him, and help him adjust to the change. Chris responds well to positive reinforcement, such as earning stickers to get a prize.

The reinforcement will help him learn acceptable behaviors, and allow him to mature as an individual. Chris is still learning about himself. Therefore, a family who has patience and is willing to guide him into becoming the person he wants to be would be a huge plus. Maybe he could have something fluffy or even a salamander cough, cough, just saying.

Chris also wants to live with his siblings. He too, would like to have is own room. Overall, Chris deserves a family who will give him the time and environment to allow him to grow into the person he is meant to be. Until next time, have fun out there. Allow me to tell you a story. There once was a stuffed animal named Amy hint: Amy is described as a sweet, talkative, and happy stuffed animal.

She enjoys jumping on trampolines, playing make believe with Barbie dolls, and telling captivating tales of adventure and fun.