Ghost hunt mai and naru relationship quiz

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ghost hunt mai and naru relationship quiz

Naru always acts like he doesn't care or Mai's annoying but I she's ever in Ghost Hunt Photo: Naru and Mai Kazuya Shibuya and Mai Taniyama anime; So. Ghost Hunt images Mai x Naru wallpaper and background photos .. love funny cute Black and White sad anime food relationships comedy romance manga. Author has written 8 stories for Ghost Hunt, Inuyasha, and Walking Dead. PenName: Little Quiz: 1. .. Read as Naru and Mai relationship takes to new levels.

While the food was in the pan, he stired and called the team. He's currently taking finals in college and can't get away right now. But I guess it didn't dawn on me that you would really be cooking. Cooking just doesn't seem like something you would do. When supper was over, Naru washed the dishes and I rinsed them before leaving them to dry on a towel on the counter.

ghost hunt mai and naru relationship quiz

As I picked up one of the crystal cups we were drinking out of, the light from the ceiling glinted off the cup as well as the emerald on my hand. I stared at the ring in awe for a second then continued to rinse the cup.

After all the dishes were washed, we curled up on the couch together. I had noticed that it had begun to rain and I stared at it for a while. Naru had turned on one of those artificial fires that heated the room earlier and its faux flames made the emerald have a firey tint to it.

Even in the dark he blush was evident. Naru had only said he loved me once before this. He had called me on the phone a week ago when I was late for work and at the end of the call, he had told me he loved me absent-mindedly. When he realized his mistake, he hung up before I could say anything. Hearing him say it again and knowing he wanted to say it Instead, I whispered it back to his shirt collar.

ghost hunt mai and naru relationship quiz

He ran his fingers through my hair and kissed the top of my head. We have to be at the airport by six in the morning. He took my hand and we left the house and got in his car. He turned on the radio and an english song started playing. It's from a mix cd my mother sent me for my birthday. I understand most of it. He leaned over and kissed my lips softly.

Tell Ayako and Houshou I said hi.

ghost hunt mai and naru relationship quiz

I wonder how they'll react to the little gift on my left hand ring finger. When I turned from the window I was watching out of, I saw Ayako leaning on the doorframe of the kitchen.

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I sighed and laughed. Now I have to have a sense of propriety. I don't want you coming home pregnant one day, exspecially since we get regular visits from Mr. Naru and me are good kids. Her eyes widened and she rushed to me, taking my hand. It's a promise ring! Bou, get in here! There's Ayako, a full-grown woman. Ayako is a shrine maiden, but her exorcisms nearly never work unless she's completely confident in her abilities.

Monk doesn't help with that.

Mai Taniyama

How could I forget him? He has another identity as the lead guitar player in a rock band. It's really quite funny XD. Anyway, his exorcisms work pretty well but they aren't the best of his abilities. Then there is Naru.

ghost hunt mai and naru relationship quiz

Oh god where do I start: And you gotta love his attitude. He's almost always grumpy. There's also John Brown, a prehistoric. John is a priest, and he uses Holy Water for his exorcisms.

John is pretty calm, and I love that Australian accent: It's near perfection Cx. There's also the famous, TV-star spirit medium Masako. She always acts calm, and her powers are pretty cool.

But one thing that annoys me the most is every time there's a lot of spirits in one place, she faints. Lin is also seen as very protective of Naru; he scolds Naru for using qigong, as well as for not informing Lin of any dangerous circumstances. Trivia Edit Despite having the alias, "Kazuya", this name isn't said again after Mai dubbed him as "Naru".

In the series, Mai was the only one who was not afraid to argue with him and challenge his authority in some cases; it is something he finds rather amusing.

She also managed to provoke him during the Cursed House Case, which led him to use Qigong and ended up in the hospital. However, she did not want to write that kind of story as it held no interest to her as a writer, and she did not intend to write a romance series. It is usually Naru who ends up coming to various SPR members rescue, especially Mai who is prone to accidents. During the case, the After School Hexer, in the manga when Naru and Mai fall into the well he uses his PK to move a pile of rubble, hence his falling ill and landing himself in the hospital.