Gin ichimaru and rangiku relationship problems

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gin ichimaru and rangiku relationship problems

I had a serious love-hate relationship with you until I found out why you did Gin Ichimaru and Rangiku Matsumoto's first meeting. So boy problem again. Gin also encountered Aizen while he and Rangiku still lived in Rukongai. noted that the captain left without permission, remarking that this could mean trouble. Its obvious Ichigo will eventually win ^^ And Ulquira is surely not my and today Toshiro have his ouw problems, Gin is bad and rangiku is.

gin ichimaru and rangiku relationship problems

In my opinion, Gin saved Rangiku because she was an akin soul, someone like him, with powers. Then they become friends and sort of a family. I would have found harder to believe Gin was a loner, even if antagonizing people, Gin loves to interact with others.

gin ichimaru and rangiku relationship problems

For example, he goes and disturbs Rukia or claims Aizen manipulated Tosen to cut off Grimmjow arm, and by Rukia word, Gin liked to talk with Byakuya. Anyway, he has this friend, and someone takes something for her.

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Next, he founds out the person guilty of Rangiku suffering, and yep, as a shining knigh decides to kill Aizen. He wants vengance, he is so consumed by that desire that he abandons Rangiku and goes ahead.

So, we have that Gin does care about Rangiku.

gin ichimaru and rangiku relationship problems

Why Gin wants to act as a creepy person? A man gotta pass the time. Why cut Hiyori in half? Because she was an enemy, he wanted her death. Why did he looked somber when he killed Aizen? And she still was a parasite, her company reduced his chance of survival. He likes to observe and cause hard emotions to analyze them and seek for patterns. After all he left Rangiku when they were little so many times to be alone. Annndd his dissaperance probably hurted her more.

And Gin is not so stupid or emotional to act knight in shining armor. And killing someone for I guess this metaphor will be good? Just people shipping this ship forget that. I really like Ginny. Gin would be SO. He hurted and killed many people for Aizen.

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Join Aizen, stab him in the back, take the Hogyaku that has part of Rangiku souland perhaps expend all his life as a runaway. If Aizen were more efficient, then there would not be enough man power to search for him.

He likes people, and mess up with people. The same reason Tousen was after SS and not only the killer of his friend. Aizen was the root of Rangiku suffering, he had to paid.

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Why not tell anyone else? In chapter 80 of the manga, when Rangiku is first introduced, she arrives rather nonchalant to the emergency vice captains meeting. She holds her head and complains about not being able to find her captain and Renji subsequently asking who her captain was. In the anime it happens almost identically with the subtle differences being that Rangiku holds her head and the doorway and then walks in normally and Renji appears less concerned about the state of his fellow officer, than he does in the manga.

Chapter 80 Bleach 24 vostfr episode 24 start at 6: The fact that she also seems to have a habit of falling asleep in Captain Hitsugaya's office may also indicate the state and nature of her drinking habits.

What do you think is her relationship w/ Gin?

More blatantly, in chapters page 17 which was drastically toned down to Rangiku being a little "buzzed" and page 5 a scene that was omitted from the anime, which simply cut to the results of the group's hard drinking this scene was omitted from the anime and chapter page 5 was toned down immensely in the anime. Also in chapters andshow Rangiku in a rather unnatural position. That being said, in both chapters, Rangiku is bruised, emaciated, and quite clearly vulnerable, suggesting some sort of assault.

Before we move on, I would like to stress once again all of this is theory based on evidence presented in the story, not anything officially endorsed by Tite Kubo or the rest of Bleach Wiki.

Note the similarities of both the location and position of Rangiku in both chapters. This implied event ties into her connection to a real-world figure: In addition to having similar features to Rangiku curvaceous, well-endowed figure, beauty mark near the mouthMarilyn was sexually abused as a child, something which tragically affected her life and was not recognized by those around her and many people today, i.

Rangiku displays some of the traits associated with being sexually abused as a child: Gin could be simplified into one word…creepy, but its much more complicated than that.

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Yes, Gin did care deeply for Rangiku, but we don't know if it was a neediness and his love of Rangiku was more of an ideal than actually affection, or if it was actual love. Regardless, Gin had severe mental issues perhaps doing with his street rat childhoodand to be honest we don't think Gin had the mental capacity to differentiate between good and evil.

He wasn't good but he wasn't really evil either, he was just Gin.

gin ichimaru and rangiku relationship problems

The only time Gin ever showed remorse or any real emotions at all was when he was interacting with Rangiku. According to the Mayo Clinic, ASPD can be defined as individuals that, "… tend to antagonize, manipulate or treat others either harshly or with callous indifference. They may often violate the law, landing in frequent trouble, yet they show no guilt or remorse.