Gordon brown and obama special relationship that is true

Special relationship as strong as ever, Barack Obama tells Gordon Brown | Politics | The Guardian

gordon brown and obama special relationship that is true

Gordon Brown and Barack Obama during their meeting at Downing for a true marriage (and, at its best, that's what the special relationship is. If there is a real version of "American Foreign Policy " it would have a It began with former Prime Minister Gordon Brown's visit and the better than the special relationship between Britain and the United States. Obama reaffirms special relationship with UK and America following talks with Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the White House. He added: "We have a shared world view that it is important for us to be true to our values.

Every country is learning. Every country is taking action.

gordon brown and obama special relationship that is true

Although the two men did not seem to show the same sort of warmth for each other that Tony Blair and George Bush did when their relationship was at its strongest, Obama did make a reference to Brown's "wonderful family" and Brown joked about not being able to beat the president at basketball, but perhaps being better than him at tennis. Downing Street had been expecting a full press conference, but the White House scaled down its plans, blaming the heavy snowfalls that have hit Washington for its decision not to go ahead with a news conference in the Rose Garden.

The change of plan took some of the shine off Brown's achievement in becoming the first European leader to visit Obama since his inauguration in January. The president set aside nearly two hours for Brown today, first in a meeting and then over a working lunch. Tomorrow, in a significant coup, Brown will deliver an address to both houses of Congress. He will be only the fifth prime minister to be according this honour, following Winston Churchill who addressed Congress three timesClement Attlee, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair.

As chairman of the G20 group of countries, Brown is hosting a summit in London in April of world leaders and is using his visit to the US to drum up support for his plans for an overhaul of the global financial system.

gordon brown and obama special relationship that is true

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  • Special relationship as strong as ever, Obama tells Brown

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Just how special will the relationship between Barack Obama and Gordon Brown be?

The Prime Minister wants tax cuts to boost spending and the Conservatives say no, we've spent enough. It's all a gamble but Mr Brown is on a roll with his popularity rising. Will he risk calling an election next year? Some people think he will. And will his strategy save Britain from a slump?

gordon brown and obama special relationship that is true

But there is another Blair joke that suggests the drawbacks of sucking up. The former PM was fond of calling himself a bridge between Washington and Brussels. But as one mandarin remarked: The Ministry of Defence has enshrined in formal doctrine that the UK will never again fight a major war without the US.

The British nuclear deterrent relies for technology and servicing on the US.

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MI5 has even partially outsourced the surveillance and penetration of British terrorist suspects to the CIA. The run on the pound inwhen Eden defied Eisenhower over Suez, was proof that the UK can no longer pursue adventures on the world stage without at least the tacit support of the president.

Pursuing the special relationship is about embracing this fact, not fighting it; about making it work for Britain. For other countries, good relations with America are a means to an end; for the UK they are an end in themselves, a central plank of foreign policy.

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Simply put, it matters more to the British than to most other nations to be on good terms with the White House. But, in the same way, his decision to return a loaned bust of Winston Churchill, which Mr Bush had in pride of place in the White House, was diplomatically tone deaf.

Mr Obama will have had the words "special relationship" drummed into his skull by the time he joins Mr Brown for their joint press conference.