Grey and shepherd relationship memes

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grey and shepherd relationship memes

Grey's Anatomy quotes literally my favorite moment in this entire series Whether he likes it or not, Derek Shepherd is in a relationship with Meredith. Find this. Find and save Derek Shepherd Memes | from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter Here's the Grey's Anatomy relationship chart as of season 10, if you can . Nov 27, nickjerrys: “ “ get to know me meme | [6/10] favorite relationships: Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd (Grey's Anatomy) “ I want to marry you.

grey and shepherd relationship memes

You have to be prepared to wrench your gut in order to watch the series so faithfully. Derek Shepherd Patrick Dempsey was killed off, people took to social media to express their displeasure.

grey and shepherd relationship memes

Most of us were completely in love with him. Shepherd was often referred to as McDreamy. Shepherd definitely lived up to the name that the women in the hospital gave to him.

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This meme points out how boyfriends had to deal with the fallout after his character was killed off. Who would we fantasize about now? McDreamy had been taken from us without any warning! Deciding between doing homework or watching the show is a total no brainer, though.

You just needed to grab your snacks and your favorite beverages, settle into your favorite chair and get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride. People have broken off other engagements just to watch the show. Choosing to become a doctor because of a TV show will definitely put you in for a huge surprise, though.

grey and shepherd relationship memes

Real life is never so neat and tidy. And dealing with the ins and outs of a real hospital will wear on your emotions in a much different way from what you would ever see on a medical drama. Maybe there will be McDreamies at your hospital.


Maybe there will be some interesting gossip. You have to deal with disease and death. There are sick people in the hospital, and it can be very traumatic. And sleeping with him. Jeffrey Dean Morgan were extremely hot and got our TV screens all steamy with their hotness.

In fact, I may never be over it, because it's the death on the show that hit me the hardest After all the lives he's saved? After what a crucial character he's been on the show? I will never be able to forget Derek's internal monologue when he arrived at that stupid emergency room with the stupid doctors who never should have been practicing medicine. I'm not even a doctor and I know that they should have done a CT.

grey and shepherd relationship memes

How am I more qualified than they are?! I remember when I first started watching this show. I was so young and full of hope, and absolutely adored the relatively light first season.

grey and shepherd relationship memes

Then, things went to shit. Before I knew it, I was staying up all night to see Meredith almost drown, to see Derek get shot, and everything in between. Since then, that addiction has never ended We are the true survivors. I started with Meredith, and said, "Well, her mom had Alzheimers, she's working under the man who had an affair with her, then she finds out her boyfriend is actually still married, and he chooses his ex over her, but they get back together Basically, it's impossible to explain everything to someone who's never seen the show, and if you did, you'd have to create a board like that one.

My mom encouraged me to watch the show, and I did Because who wouldn't love George?! To my mom's credit, she said nothing to me about the total heartache that was coming my way. And then, I got to experience this from the other side when my one of my BFFs got into the show last summer and loved George as much as I did.