Grojband corey and laney relationship

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grojband corey and laney relationship

If you watch Grojband you will know the main characters Corey and Laney. In this story read how Corey and Laney's relationship goes and what big steps the. Read Meeting The Parents from the story Grojband Character Shorts by Laney and Corey were sitting beside each other, doing what any normal couple would meetings the meeting which could make or break is relationship with Laney. This article focuses on the relationship between Corey Riffin and Laney Penn. In addition to being bandmates, Corey and Laney are also childhood best friends.

At other times, she is a full blown girly girl who enjoys anything and everything frilly and girly as seen in episodes such as A Knight to Remember.

It seems as though she is more open about her masculine side and very secretive about her feminine side.

Corey and Laney

Her room is all pink and covered in all things girly from streamers, to stuffed animals, to tea sets, to basically anything that's entirely pink. She sometimes goes into her room to daydream about being treated like a princess. She seems to be very embarrassed about this as she never lets anyone into her room to know about this. This was briefly acknowledged in Grin Reaper where there was a picture of herself dressed as a unicorn, running around. Trina was seen at her window, taking a picture of her, and Laney was very embarrassed and was shielding herself from the photo.

A drawback to her tomboyish side would be that everyone in her band calls her names such as "dude," "bro," "man," "fella," etc. This really annoys her and is possibly one of the reasons for her dreams of getting treated like a real princess. It is unknown if other people know that she's really a girl, but it is known for sure that the members of her band and Mayor Mellow are aware of this. The members of the band only address her by these names because she is a member of the band and a part of their group of best friends so they consider her to be "one of the guys.

CJ is the leader of The Blades who plays the guitar like his dad, Lacy plays bass like her mother, Kaylee plays keyboard and Matthew plays the drums. Lacy has a crush on Matthew who has dark brown hair with brown eyes.

grojband corey and laney relationship

Corey and Laney are happy the way everything is going with CJ's, but sometimes Corey and Laney helps them write lyrics instead of getting them from Gracie's diary. They have been married for over 30 years and their relationship is very strong and healthy. Not even for a minute," She smiled as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. It was the end of their love story where they were best friends, both formed a band, boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, and grew old together with no problems in their relationship.

It was Corey and Laney's Love Story.

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And that's the epilogue. When I put the ages in brackets it means how old Corey and Laney is. Corey agrees and states they don't need Trina anymore, shortly before belching in Laney's face and he passes it off as gas, much to her annoyance. Edit When Corey has a wish war against Trina, Laney goes up to him and tries convincing him that revenge would accomplish nothing. When she explains this to him, romantic music played. She, along with Kin and Kon, successfully convince Corey to end the wish war.

Edit Corey is going to lie to Cake Barney about being in love so they can play at his daughters wedding.

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When Corey is unsure who to say he is in love with to Barney, Laney sees this as a perfect opportunity and tells Barney that Corey was in love with her. Corey is very shocked to hear her say this but then when he sees Kin and Kon motioning to him that if he plays along with this, they'll get to play at the wedding and eat cake, he quickly acts very excited about being in love with Laney and they both pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Barney tells them that they have to prove that they're in love, so Corey and Laney both go on a picnic together to prove to Barney that they knew what love felt like. When Corey asks about why they chose a picnic, Laney flutters her eyes and has hearts over her head. After Kin and Kon spray water in her eye, thinking they would wash a bug out, Laney yells "Beat it, so Corey can love me", but quickly follows up by saying "so we can fool Barney and cake can happen.

grojband corey and laney relationship

They ordered a chocolate smoothie and drink from the same smoothie. Laney lovingly looks at Corey, who seems completely unaware.

grojband corey and laney relationship

Laney proclaims that sharing a milkshake is super cute, Corey complains that he wanted banana. Laney replies that "Chocolate is cuter". When Kin and Kon blow bubbles in their smoothie, making it explode, Laney gets angry, but it makes Corey laugh. Corey and Laney then go for a walk on the beach.

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